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Air Curtains for Cadbury


JS Air Curtains has supplied a bespoke Rund air curtain for the entrance to the offices of Cadbury in Birmingham. The 2m slate grey air curtain has a round design and is held horizontally above the reception door by matching slate grey supporting posts.

The newly refurbished reception area was becoming cold from air ingress through its main doors. The air curtain was designed to tie-in with the architecture of the entrance and provides a barrier of warm air to create a pleasant and welcoming environment for staff and visitors to the office.

Paul Dennick, Implementation Project Manager at Cadbury, comments, “After a major refurbishment of this part of the building, the reception area was suffering from cold air being sucked in through the main doors. We needed an air curtain that was independently mounted, as it could not be fixed to the fascia or ceiling of the reception. Since the air curtain from JS has been installed the cold air problem has been solved.”

The Rund air curtain has many different mounting options. It can be suspended from a ceiling with cables or attached using arms to either the ceiling or wall. Alternatively it can be stood vertically at the side of a door or mounted horizontally on goal-post type legs, as it was at Cadbury. The air curtain will protect a doorway up to 3.5m high from air ingress when mounted horizontally or 7m wide when two units are stood vertically aside an entrance.

The electrically heated unit installed at Cadbury can provide up to 5,550m³/h airflow and up to 30kW of heating. The Rund is available in electric or water heated versions, and as a non-heated, air only model. Five lengths are available from 1m to 3m and they can be mounted end-to-end as one continuous unit, with up to ten air curtains being operated from a single controller. It comes with 20m plug and play RJ45 connection cable and can also be operated from a BMS system.

The centrifugal double-inlet fans provide high levels of airflow whilst being remarkably quiet in operation. The Rund air curtains can also accommodate other services such as motion detectors, CCTV, signage or emergency lighting enabling these features to be hidden or more inline with the architecture of an entrance.

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