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Aluminium Click-on Battens - Soffit

Aluminium Click-on Battens - Soffit


Offering a wide range of finishes to complement the durable and lightweight properties of aluminium, this system provides a fire-rated linear texture for any project.

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Exterior and interior application


The modular system uses mounting rails with clips at pre-determined spacings to fix the aluminium battens in place. The battens use a simple push-fit connection to engage with the clips, resulting in fast installation and completely concealed fixings.

Our Click-on Batten system allows you to specify a combination of our profiles, finishes and any spacing required to create a look unique to your project.

Use our online Price & Spec tool to quickly specify projects, using the simple drag and drop interface to create your design. Price and specification data is generated in real-time, then easily exported in PDF format.

General information


Colours have been reproduced as accurately as possible, we recommend that you request product samples before making your final selection.

Various colours available.


We offer both Real Timber Veneer and Wood Finish options across all our profiles of aluminium Click-on Battens. Both of these options provide a natural timber aesthetic while taking advantage of the strengths of aluminium, including Group 1 and non-combustible fire ratings.

Real timber veneer

Wood finish

Powder coated



Aluminium Alloy 6106 / T6 temper


Click-on Battens are available in various sizes in Block and Tube profiles.




Profile sizes range from 25mm to 100mm in width and height. Maximum of 6.0 meters in length.

Various sizes available.

Uniclass 2015

Ss_30_25_10_26 External ceiling systems


Ss_30_25_10_80 Soffit-lining and beam-casing systems

Specification data - External ceiling systems Enhanced data


Standard suspended ceiling system

Direct fix of frame to structure

Support fasteners

Screw fixing to suit substrate not supplied by Sculptform.


Our ceiling batten system provides a perfect opportunity to introduce acoustic performance into your space. The system does this by utilising the batten spacing for acoustic diffusion in conjunction with our proprietary acoustic backing board that is positioned above the battens. By adding any available acoustic batts above our acoustic backing board the acoustic performance will be increased.


Trims and additional supports

If your project requires a seismic rating per AS 1170.4, additional supports and struts may be required. Consult your suspended ceiling system provider or engineer to ensure compliance.


Wind loads

Additional supports and struts may be required. Consult your suspended ceiling system provider or engineer to ensure compliance.



A backing material above the battens may be required for aesthetics only, a combination of acoustics and aesthetics (as per our proprietary acoustic backing) or in the case of soffits, wire mesh for bird proofing. Any material layer can be effectively applied.



Our batten system allows several options when dealing with access requirements. These methods are similar for solid timber battens and aluminium battens. Battens are usually cut on site to ensure the required panel dimensions. Timber and aluminium battens require different cutting techniques and it is important to use the correct equipment and blades.



Sculptform - Feature Wall & Ceiling Systems

Sculptform - Feature Wall & Ceiling Systems

Scultpform - Company Brochure.

Scultpform - Company Brochure.

Click on Battens - Technical Datasheet

Click on Battens - Technical Datasheet

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