Lessons from Leaky Homes - Designing Weatherproof Facades

White paper

Lessons from Leaky Homes - Designing Weatherproof Facades

by Fairview Architectural

Waterproofing has become the most common defect in Australia with waterproofing failures present in approximately 30% of apartment buildings. This should give property owners and industry professionals some pause as waterproofing issues often do not manifest until well into a building’s life and can be extremely difficult and costly to remediate. In this whitepaper, we discuss several factors designers and specifiers need to consider when designing weatherproof and compliant façade systems. Fairview supply cladding products that demonstrate proven performance, energy efficiency and minimal maintenance – products that are built for the future. Importantly, Fairview cladding products meet the requirements of AS/NZs 4284:2008 with test results demonstrating industry-leading performance.

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