Capral-CW116 Brochure_May2020

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Capral-CW116 Brochure_May2020

by Capral Aluminium

CW116 Curtain Wall System Tested to the requirements of AS4284, this system is ideally positioned in the market for use in small to mid-sized projects. Reaching up to 10 stories high in standard applications, it may be capable of even greater heights depending on project design and wind load pressures. A key feature of the CW116 Curtain Wall is the inclusion of tested building and mullion brackets, allowing the CW116 to be installed as a fully tested system without having to independently engineer brackets for each project. Another key feature is the ability to integrate sun-shading directly into the frame without sacrifi cing structural or water performance. Coupled with both double and single glazed capabilities this curtain wall is the ideal for your next project.

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