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Casa Loma, Toronto


Casa Loma is a Gothic Revival castle-style mansion and garden in midtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that is now a historic house museum and landmark. It was constructed from 1911 to 1914 as a residence for financier Sir Henry Pellatt.

Part of the renovations carried out was improving the water management on the exterior terrace located at the back of the building. The requirement was for the stormwater to be collected and disposed of efficiently without creating an unsightly 3D grading of the terrace surface. Linear drainage was the natural selection.

ACO KlassikDrain KS100 was chosen for its robustness and ability to withstand Canadian weather conditions. The perforated stainless steel grate will resist corrosion and it is AODA and heelproof compliant, important requirements for this public venue.

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ACO Drain KlassikDrain - Trench Drain

ACO Drain KlassikDrain - Trench Drain

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