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Spectrum Urinal 560 x 360 - Wall hung urinal

Twyford Bathrooms

A general purpose low to medium vandal risk bowl designed for use in hotels, restaurants, educational, industrial, leisure and commercial situations.

Complies To HBN 00-01C (HTM64):URH.

To be specified with Twyford Urinal Cistern, Flush Pipe, Trap and Waste.

Timber Frame Wall System HY - Hybrid System

Actis Insulation Ltd

Actis has developed solutions for ‘Hybrid’ timber frame structures which use a combination of insulation between and across timber studs, which help to create highly insulated, airtight buildings that will meet the most onerous energy performance requirements.

The timber frame wall system HY uses Hybris insulation installed between timber studs, HControl Hybrid installed internally across the face of timber studs with counter-battens and Boost’R Hybrid installed externally as follows:

  •  Plasterboard
  • Air cavity
  • HControl Hybrid multifoil blanket insulation
  • Air cavity
  • Hybris reflective insulation
  • OSB board
  • Boost’R Hybrid multifoil blanket insulation
  • Air cavity
  • Brick cladding

Hybrid products combine airtightness and vapour control properties with insulation and therefore offer a complete solution against heat loss through the building fabric: low U-values, minimised thermal bridging and excellent airtightness.

Showing 145-180 of 5481