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Sintofoil FB Membrane

Moy Materials Ltd

TPO/ FPA (Flexible Polypropylene Alloy) membrane produced by extrusion of granules resulting from the incorporation of ethylene propylene rubber into a propylene matrix together with other additives as appropriate to the type of membrane. A synthetic polyester fleece is applied on the bottom part of the membrane, leaving a selvedge on both sides. The Sintofoil membranes are in conformity to CE marking where necessary.


  • Roofing of non-accessible roofs on various substrates: concrete, steel deck and wood.
  • Waterproofing of parking decks and garden roofs.
  • Basement tanking.
  • Lining of decorative ponds, canals, reservoirs and landfills.
  • Sintofoil FB is especially designed for horizontal adhered application, using FB-SF Solvent Free Adhesive.

Amptec Electric Flow Boiler - Standard and Underfloor

Heatrae Sadia Heating

Amptec Electric Flow Boiler provides hot water to your wet central heating system. Amptec is suitable for pressurized or open-vented systems, and with no flue or heat wasted up the chimney, Amptec is 99.8% efficient.

Compact and unobtrusive, Amptec works with standard radiators, programmers, circulating pumps, room thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves to heat water for radiator or underfloor heating systems. Amptec is available in a range of kW sizes and is ideal for extensions, loft conversions, conservatories and garages where space is at a premium.

Included in object:

  • Amptec Electric Flow Boiler C400 Standard – 4 kW. 
  • Amptec Electric Flow Boiler C600 Standard – 6 kW. 
  • Amptec Electric Flow Boiler C900 Standard – 9 kW. 
  • Amptec Electric Flow Boiler C1100 Standard – 11 kW. 
  • Amptec Electric Flow Boiler C1200 Standard – 12 kW. 
  • Amptec Electric Flow Boiler U401 Underfloor – 4 kW. 
  • Amptec Electric Flow Boiler U601 Underfloor – 6 kW. 
  • Amptec Electric Flow Boiler U901 Underfloor – 9 kW. 
  • Amptec Electric Flow Boiler U1101 Underfloor – 11 kW. 
  • Amptec Electric Flow Boiler U1201 Underfloor – 12 kW. 


Electromax Combined Electric Boiler and Hot Water Store

Heatrae Sadia Heating

Electromax is the combination of an electric flow boiler with a hot water storage cylinder and a pre-plumbed, factory-fitted circulating pump. Electromax can provide wet central heating and a hot water supply, both at the same time if required, with only a mains electrical connection and cold water supply needed.

The integral duplex stainless steel unvented cylinder has a 180 Litre capacity, delivering mains pressure showering, fast-filling baths and a balanced supply to multiple tap outlets. Electromax is designed for sealed systems and is compact in size, easily fitting into a standard domestic airing cupboard, and is available in two domestic kW sizes.

Included in object:

  • Electromax 6kW – Radiator.
  • Electromax 9kW – Radiator.
  • Electromax 6kW – Underfloor.
  • Electromax 9kW – Underfloor.

RIW Structureseal - Waterproof membrane system


A pre-applied waterproofing composite of high swelling sodium bentonite, encapsulated between a non-woven and woven geotextile, for use outside reinforced concrete structures. The product provides Type A (barrier) protection in accordance with B S8102: 2009.

Fugabella® Color


Resin-cement grout for 0–20 mm joints on ceramic, porcelain, mosaic and natural stone tiles.

Showing 145-180 of 238