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Supercolour Ultra

Aggregate Industries - Asphalt

A range of distinctly coloured asphalts that use a translucent penetration grade, resinous hydrocarbon binder. The special binder is readily pigmented and provides a wide range of asphalt colours. Supercolour Ultra can be provided in a range of colours: red, green, yellow, white, blue etc. The intensity of colour can be varied by altering the amount of pigmentation; subtle colours to harmonize with site surroundings can be achieved. It should be noted that similar to most decorative architectural products, the colours and finish of Supercolour Ultra will alter over time due to weathering and wear. Supercolour Ultra is available in a range of sizes: 6, 10 and 14 mm to suit a range of thicknesses dependent on scheme requirements.


  • Allows option of visual variety for road surfaces and public areas.
  • Allows clients to enhance safety through colour-coded demarcation areas.
  • With very light colours it can lead to a significant reduction in the energy required for lighting and improve visibility and safety.


  • Commercial schemes.
  • Bus lanes.
  • Domestic (driveways and garden).
  • Prestige schemes.
  • Urban and rural roads.


Aggregate Industries - Asphalt

A range of red/ rustic coloured asphalt products based around BS EN close, dense and medium graded standard mixtures. The product can be used in any application appropriate to the standard mixture but particularly where differentiation of colour is deemed an important aspect such as for private drives, cycleways, pedestrian areas and residential roads.

There are three colour grades:

  • Supercolour: Basic level of pigmentation.
  • Supercolour Advanced: Increased level of pigmentation for deeper colour saturation.
  • Supercolour Extra: Uses a complementary coloured aggregate for a longer lasting colour effect.


  • Residential roads.
  • Cycleways.
  • Car parks.
  • Pedestrian areas.

Rooftrak™ IFP-BW

Nicholson STS

Rooftrak IFP-BW integrated fixing point system for handrail and balustrade applications on warm roof constructions.

Rooftrak™ IFP-BC

Nicholson STS

Rooftrak IFP-BC integrated fixing point system for handrail and balustrade applications on cold roof constructions.

Showing 73-108 of 1062