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Associated Lead Mills

Lead Flexislates provide a weathertight joint where flue pipes and soil stacks penetrate a slate, tile, asphalt, felt or lead covered roof. The flexibility of the lead allows the slate base to be dressed to tiles of all profiles, avoiding wind uplift or chatter problems.

Premium Flexislate based are cut from BS EN 12588 Code 4 rolled lead sheet. The neoprene conical upstand is vulcanized at elevated temperature and pressure in contact with the base, forming a very strong rubber-metal bond.

Two conical upstand profiles are available, flat for 0–30° roof pitches and pitched for 20–40° roof pitches. Premium Flexislates are able to operate satisfactorily at temperatures between -40 to +100°C and have an expected life of greater than 20 years, if correctly installed.


  • For use on any pitched or flat roof.
  • Suits all common pipe diameters and pitch.
  • One size slate will seal pipes of diameter 25–125 mm.
  • Suitable for flue pipes at temperatures up to 100°C.
  • Also available in aluminium.

Showing 73-108 of 6024