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Vista FH Cubicle System

Dunhams Washroom Systems

With minimalist lines and chic detailing providing a classy solution to any washroom.

The doors and pilasters are rebated to provide a flush frontal façade with set-back pedestals create a floating appearance.

Vista FH uses 13 mm thick solid grade laminate with high grade stainless steel fittings. Full height for added privacy.


  • Vertical edges rebated to ensure flush close doors
  • Satin stainless steel hardware
  • Sprung loaded adjustable hinges
  • Partition mounted cylinder pedestals

Included in object:

  • Vista FH 36mm HPL
  • Vista FH 13mm SGL



Challenger Panel Cubicle System

Dunhams Washroom Systems

Exceptionally durable SGL cubicles for high traffic and wet areas.

Built to withstand the toughest environment, Challenger cubicles are designed for high traffic and wet area use. Featuring solid grade laminate panels and carefully designed hardware. 

Screen Fence - Fencing system

CLD Fencing Systems

When privacy is a priority, you need a screening system that guarantees the visibility of your premises will be restricted. Screenfence™ performs this task, while giving your perimeter a modern vista that will last due to its increased durability.

Ideal for places like detention centres.


  • Height: 0.6 to 6.0 m.
  • 200 x 50 mm mesh aperture.
  • 2520 mm post centres.
  • Polyethylene (PE) weaved insert.
  • Created by fitting the durable polyethylene (PE) screens to any of the double welded wire fences from our Dulok™ range.
  • Screens are secured in place using custom made clip fixings and sturdy bolts, ensuring they’ll stand up to vandals.
  • Polyethylene is both UV stable and weatherproof, so screens will keep their colour even in varying temperatures.
  • A cost-effective material that looks great too.
  • Conforms to the British Safety Standards for open mesh steel panel fences, offering added peace of mind.

SD Ground Floor System

Senior Architectural Systems Ltd

Designed to provide a high performance commercial door and framing solution capable of being manufactured in single, double and emergency door types, utilizing low thresholds and with a variety of options such as radius anti-finger trap stiles. It is capable of accepting glazing from 6–24 mm thick depending on weight.


Constructed with square cut components, mechanically jointed using self-tapping screws into special cleats and torsion bars are used for compressive strength. A proprietary sealant is used on all metal joints.

Sopralene Optima - Bituminous warm roof system on wood (WNB1PGPSBF_001)

Soprema UK

Soprema's bituminous warm roof system on wood substrate, The system is designed using a cold applied bituminous primer with a self adhesive vapour barrier layer membrane composed of SBS bitumen and a composite polyester reinforcement with PIR Glass tissue faced insulation and self adhesive underlay membrane, finished with a SBS modified bitumen waterproofing membrane with a composite polyester reinforcement.

Features include:

  • Underlay is partially torchable or hot air weldable
  • Can be installed at low temperatures
  • Waterproofing layer has high puncture resistance
  • Waterproofing layer laps may be hot air welded
  • BROOF(t4) rated
  • 30 year system warranty

Showing 181-216 of 9409