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Langley TA-25 Flat Roofing System

Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd

Langley TA-25 System is suitable for new build or refurbishment projects (where conditions allow existing systems to be overlaid, avoiding costly strip-ups).

  • Durability: extremely robust-yet-flexible roof covering with puncture resistance for maintenance traffic. Heavy duty polyester composite metal lined vapour barrier to provide a robust, watertight layer.
  • Resistance: TA-25 membranes are covered by MOAT 31 (Reinforced Homogonous coverings of SBS Elastomeric Bitumen). All Langley elastomeric membranes have been developed in accordance with the European Union of Agrément (UEAtc) and are manufactured and tested in accordance with UEAtc MOAT special directives (Methods of Assessment and Testing).
  • Lifespan: a long-term waterproofing solution with a life expectancy in excess of 40 years.
  • Installation: can only be installed by Langley-approved contractors to ensure that product quality is maintained.
  • Guarantee: the TA-25 System carries a 25-year independently insured guarantee for both materials and workmanship.

RIW Structureseal - Waterproof membrane system


A pre-applied waterproofing composite of high swelling sodium bentonite, encapsulated between a non-woven and woven geotextile, for use outside reinforced concrete structures. The product provides Type A (barrier) protection in accordance with B S8102: 2009.


Mapei (UK) Ltd

An admixture with a base of special waterproofing agents, suitable for use in waterproof renders and screeds for basements, garages and underground areas, and for canals, swimming pools etc.

751 Lankolatex

Parex Ltd

Render/ concrete/ mortar admixture for key coat preparation/ bonding/ waterproofing.

RIW Cementseal - Waterproof coating system


A two component, water based, polymer modified cementitious slurry coating for waterproofing concrete and masonry. The product provides Type A (barrier) protection in accordance with BS 8102: 2009.

RIW Cementflex - Waterproof coating system


Two component, water-based, cementitious modified, polymer-rich coating with excellent adhesion to prepared concrete and masonry substrates. 

Cold applied, flexible, cementitious waterproof coating system.

Water Isolation System

Dart Valley Systems Ltd

The Water Isolation System is designed to shut off water supply to washroom facilities when they are not occupied, preventing water wastage and possible damage from overflows. The water isolation system works by fitting the sensor above the entrance to the washroom facilities. The sensor is capable of detecting movement up to 6m from the control box. If the washroom is empty, the system will shut off the water supply, preventing wastage from leaks and overflows, avoiding flooding and damage to the washroom.

This download contains BIM objects that represent the following products:

  • AC04-001

Overflow Detection System

Dart Valley Systems Ltd

The control system can monitor up to 20 cubicles and is usually remotely sited; in the cleaner’s cupboard at the end of a toilet block for example. The digital display on the front of the control box makes it easy to identify which cistern is overflowing. There is also the facility to have an additional warning light panel outside the cleaner’s cupboard which will flash until the problem is rectified. You can also monitor the OFD control system from a BMS system if necessary.

This download contains BIM objects that represent the following products:

  • AC07-001

Showing 109-144 of 9409