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PPG Protective Coatings

PPG STEELGUARD 801 is a one component thin-film solvent-borne intumescent coating for fire protection of structural steelwork, providing up to 120 minutes protection from cellulosic fires.

Suitable for C1 to C4 internal and external environments (ISO 12944); for dry internal (C1) environments no topcoat is required.

Off-site or on-site application. Fast drying, providing short handling times. Up to 1000 µm (40.0 mils) DFT in a single coat.

Tested and assessed to EN 13381-8, BS 476-20/21 and Factory Mutual Class number 4970.

Fire-teK BD 917

Knauf Insulation Ltd

Fire-teK BD 917 is a rigid, Rock Mineral Wool slab, faced with a Bright Class ‘0’ reinforced aluminium foil used for the fire protection of ducts.

Fire Stop Strip


High density Rockwool stone wool fire and smoke stop for medium size linear gaps in buildings.

Discovery Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator

Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd

The Discovery Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator makes full use of the Discovery protocol and has been designed for use in indoor and open areas. When the fire system is being commissioned a 'Magnetic Wand' can be used to adjust and test each sounder locally.

  • 15 tone pairs
  • Individual control of the sounder and visual indicator
  • Volume and tone settings can be selected from the control panel
  • Tones can be used for other purposes in addition to warning of fire, making the device ideal for use in schools etc.
  • Soft start option, ideal for hospitals and nursing homes
  • Group and global control for increased response time

Showing 37-72 of 6589