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Entrance control/ bi-folding speed gate. The sGate offers uncompromised safety, and uses a patented double drive shaft mechanism to transmit the force of the powerful engines to open and close each gate leaf, providing an optimal force distribution and ensuring very smooth and low-wear operation (maintenance friendly).

Optima Bespoke Fabrications

Sotech Ltd

Sotech-Optima manufacture an array of bespoke building protection components able to suit the detailed requirements of individual projects. These components include prefabricated pipe casings and column guards, and are available in aluminium or galvanized steel.

Ad-Lib-Worklounge: ADLWL01


Ad-Lib Work Lounge has been developed to facilitate breakout sessions and collaborative working. This fully upholstered multi-purpose chair, complete with head rest and optional rotational fold away work surface is available on glides or castors.

BIM object will include the following products:

  • ADLWL01
  • ADLWL02
  • ADLWL03
  • ADLWL04

PoroMap Rinzaffo

Mapei (UK) Ltd

Prepacked salt-resistant mortar to be applied before the dehumidifying and thermal insulating render PoroMap Intonaco.



Floor-standing, single outlet electric vehicle charger with online functionality.

Optima Flexi-Rainscreen

Sotech Ltd

A carrier and panel cladding system suitable for exterior use as rainscreen cladding or interior use as a wall covering.

Showing 145-180 of 209