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PVC Beading

Genesis Global Systems Limited

The rigid but curved design makes it robust enough to finish any installation requiring an internal bead whilst having an attractive appearance.

The product can be used on the horizontal or vertical place, around a work surface, or as a skirting on a floor or a coving around a ceiling. Mitre pieces and end caps are available for the SRP to provide the perfect finish to the installation.

Heritage Putty

Hodgson Sealants

Cartridge applied elastic and paintable Putty for glazing single glass, insulating glass units (IGUs) and reduced sightline/ slim units, gives the appearance of a traditional putty front.

weberfix WR

Saint-Gobain Weber

A ready-mixed, water-resistant, non-slip, thin bed, ceramic wall tile adhesive for use where limited wetting can be expected.

1600 Wall Guard


The 1600 wall guard provides superior impact resistance from carts, luggage, beds, and wheelchairs with continuous impact bumper mounted on continuous aluminium retainer (152 mm high).

Linseed Oil Putty

Hodgson Sealants

Genuine linseed oil putty for bedding and external fronting single glass into primed softwood frames which will subsequently be painted.

Colour Glaze Putty

Hodgson Sealants

Setting compound formulated especially for bedding and external fronting single glass into factory coated steel frames where the compound is to be left uncoated or into softwood and hardwood frames where the frames and compound are subsequently coated with microporous paint or stain.


Schlüter-Systems Ltd

An L profile, which provides a neat finishing edge and confines the bedding material at the edge of the assembly, for large format pavers, which are laid over loose gravel layers or stilted assemblies such as Schlüter®-TROBA-STELZ.

Showing 73-108 of 468