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NPS - Neoprene Partition Support

Mason UK Ltd

NPS Partition Support isolates the bottom channel of steel stud walls. It is important that the walls of a space sensitive to noise or vibration transmission are isolated from the main building structure. These acoustically isolated walls can be built on a floating floor or specially designed wall support plates. If the wall requires support at the bottom, NPS anti-vibration mounts will be required. The NPS is held in place by a frame or hammer fixing. The NPS comes in two parts which sit above and below the stud to ensure vibrations are not passed between the wall stud and the fixing into the base slab. It is made from LDS (Low Dynamic Stiffness) Rubber. They were previously made from Neoprene. The load capacities range from 64kg up to 152kg for different types.



A series of fire protection boards which offer a comprehensive range of solutions for fire protection of structural steel beams.

Marathon Suspended

Prospec Ltd

Suspended variation on the fully framed Classic cubicle with load bearing head beam allowing minimal contact with the floor and a true floating appearance which also aids cleaning.

PVC Beading

Genesis Global Systems Limited

The rigid but curved design makes it robust enough to finish any installation requiring an internal bead whilst having an attractive appearance.

The product can be used on the horizontal or vertical place, around a work surface, or as a skirting on a floor or a coving around a ceiling. Mitre pieces and end caps are available for the SRP to provide the perfect finish to the installation.

Showing 109-144 of 553