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A steel grating for cladding and security screens with a rectangular aperture 62 mm wide available in 4m high panels suitable for covering large areas.

Classic Juliet Balcony


Renowned for their contemporary minimalist style, our Juliet balconies feature glass panels which bring the brightness and warmth of the sun into the interior.

These attractive balcony designs include 10mm thick toughened safety glass and powder coated rails for a rust-free finish, ensuring a hard-wearing application that can handle the most demanding environments.

Buckingham Balcony


This contemporary design delivers clean lines and consists of a single matching top and bottom bars and vertical spindles.

The Buckingham is designed to be installed onto projecting balconies and can be top or side fixed to the existing deck. The Buckingham can be produced in sizes to the requirements of the client.

The balcony has multiple advantages such as:

  • Available in a range of styles and finishes including milled, anodised or painted to the client’s specification.
  • Concealed fixings
  • Manufactured & assembled in the UK.
  • Manufacture from aluminium which provides numerous advantages in building and transport including ease of handling and reduced installation costs.
  • Fully bolted system which removes the requirement for any welding or hot works.
  • Simple installation.
  • Exceptional level of corrosion resistance (up to 50 years).
  • Exceeds building regulations.

Showing 109-144 of 209