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CeramX Digital

Gx Glass

CeramX Digital Ceramic Printed Glass

CeramX-Digital uses low iron extra clear glass as standard, which is practically colourless, making it the perfect glass for delivering true colour.

The available inks allow GxGlass to achieve a range of CMYK colours. Special effect inks include an etch effect, metallic inks, gold and titanium, previous metal inks, as well as custom RAL and colour matched inks which can be made to order.

The print system can be used to achieve various levels of light transmission - block colours, gradients and opacity variations can be used to great effect.

The specialist inks use specific pigments suitable for use as a ceramic ink, therefore colours can vary in intensity and shade, so where possible we will ensure a sample is approved prior to sign off.

Showing 37-72 of 1460