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Single Bed


Generic single bed object with parametric overall size controls.

Double Bed


Generic double bed object with parametric overall size controls.

Hamble Bed

Pineapple Contracts

Designed for extreme environments.

Key Features

  • 28 mm side panels for strength.
  • Solid reinforcing under rails.
  • Top rebated into sides for added strength.
  • Flush base facing floor to prevent concealment.
  • Surface durability tested to BS6250.
  • Durability tested to BS EN 1725.


Sovie Bed

Pineapple Contracts

Key Features

  • Internal support "ribs" give extreme strength and resistance to damage.
  • One-piece mattress tray is water-resistant and resistant to damage.
  • Kydex outer skin provides an extremely durable finish which is water resistant, stain resistant, anti-bacterial and flame retardant.

Bed Head Protectors

Yeoman Shield, trading name of Harrison Thompson & Co Ltd

Bed head protectors provide protection to vulnerable wall surfaces and help to prevent damage to essential hospital services. Manufactured in various lengths to suit customer requirements they can be supplied singularly or in pairs. All protectors may be fixed vertically or horizontally, and either flat back to the wall or on spacer blocks. Stop ends are injection moulded to suit the chosen protector.


  • Flat back to plasterboard: Appropriate length 5 mm machine screw, 5 mm rubber rawlnut.
  • Flat back to brickwork, breeze blockwork, concrete: Appropriate length no. 10 woodscrew, no. 10 plastic plug.
  • Flat back to lightweight blockwork: Appropriate length no 10 woodscrew, Fischer S8 plastic plug.
  • Projection from plasterboard: Appropriate length 6 mm machine screw, 6 mm rubber rawlnut.
  • Projection from brickwork, breeze blockwork, concrete: Appropriate length no. 12 woodscrew, no. 12 plastic plug.
  • Projection from lightweight blockwork: Appropriate length no 12 woodscrew, Fischer GB10 plastic plug.

King Size Bed


Generic king size bed object with parametric overall size controls.

Ryno Bed With Storage

Pineapple Contracts

Single piece polyethylene bed with storage. Cannot be dismantled or weaponised. Minimal concealment opportunities.

  • Unlike conventional furniture, Ryno® products’ single piece construction cannot be dismantled and weaponised, and their resilient design distributes impact evenly throughout the product
  • Minimal concealment opportunities reduce risk to staff
  • The flame-retardant polymer used in Ryno products is compliant with UL94 HB and upholstered products are compliant with British Standard 5852:2006 ignition source 5
  • Ryno products are anti-bacterial (even beneath the surface) thanks to our unique polymer blend. Their totally water resistant nature means they can easily be wiped clean and dry quickly, ready to be used again
  • Ryno products’ 10mm material wall thickness and resilient one-piece construction mean we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults
  • Can be floor fixed to create a safe and secure environment
  • Optional infill panels minimise concealment opportunities when the bed is positioned against a wall
  • Thanks to the recyclable nature of polyethylene, Ryno products can be milled back into polyetylene powder and re-moulded to create new products

Showing 1-36 of 728