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Ball Stop Netting - Fencing system

CLD Fencing Systems

Ball stop netting is a strong and durable netting designed for integrating with multi use games areas or for better ball containment within the pitch. The netting is weatherproof due to its nylon composition and is ideally suited for all urban and rural applications.


  • Integrates with CLD mesh systems.
  • Cost effective and weather resistant.
  • Choice of colours available.


  • Schools.
  • Urban areas.
  • Professional sports.

Triton Dual Assist Control Panel

Triton Systems

The Dual Assist Control Panel is provided with integral high level alarm and monitoring capabilities to monitor the number of activations and length of run times for each of the two main pumps. Both pumps and the high level alarm are operated by the control panel via float switches located in the sump.

The panel is designed to control two pumps with either a single float or dual floats. An optional high level alarm float may be installed, set above the highest pump float, to warn of excessive water level.

In operation the first pump will start as soon as its float is activated, while the second pump will only start once the separate alarm float is activated. The audible alarm and warning light will also be activated when the second pump starts and also if the current overload trip operates. The panel incorporates an exchange system that will alternate which of the two pumps works first.

Sports Skirting


Our hardwood skirting is designed to conceal the expansion gap around the perimeter of a sports floor. They allow for expansion and contraction of the floor and can include ventilation slots to allow air circulation into the floor void if required.The skirting’s fixed in place using screws, the holes will not be filled to allow for the easy removal of the skirting should the floor perimeter require trimming.

All of the skirting’s factory finished, varnished and ready for onsite installation.

Skirting’s are available in European Oak or Beech hardwood as standard.

Solid Sports Wall Panel


Solid sports wall panels, available in a range of colours and wood effects to provide a modern appearance to sports hall environments.

Features and benefits:

  • Durable and impact resistant and combined with Acoustic (Perforated) Wall panels can be used from floor to soffit. Provides impact resistance from balls, equipment and hall users.
  • Time and cost effective. The structural integrity of the panels enables them to be installed as an independent wall system, fixed directly onto studwork.
  • Factory finished with a low-maintenance, UV-resistant, durable surface that requires no re-finishing.
  • Supplied with secret clip fixings that provide fast and easy panel installation and eliminate unsightly surface fixings, whilst maintaining consistent 7 mm spacing between adjoining boards.
  • A black acoustic fleece is placed over the studwork to hide the gap between the panels and make the black metal brackets 'invisible'.
  • The Solid Sports Wall Panels can be used in conjunction with the Acoustic (Perforated) Sports Wall Panels to provide a continuous flush wall finish.
  • Fire rated to comply with Building Regulations, Sport England and the Department of Education.


For use in sports hall environments.

Insulation must be placed behind the panels to enhance thermal resistance and acoustic performance - consult manufacturer for details.

Montreal Sports Floor


They offer a range of area elastic sports flooring systems which are Sport England compliant and meet the European Standard.

They also offer point elastic floors and specialist flooring solutions including a highly innovative glass sports floor with integral LED line markings and high performance strength and conditioning surfaces.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Sports Floor

  • Sport specific floor or multi-sport?
  • Community use – non-sport?
  • Portable or retractable seating?
  • Sports performance requirements?
  • Equality Act compliance – wheelchair use?
  • Maintenance budget?
  • Indentation and surface protection?
  • Preference for timber or synthetic?

You will probably require our knowledge and experience to assist you in weighing up all the considerations particularly whether to choose a timber or synthetic surface.

Flexi-Beam Plus Sports Floor


An area elastic system which can be packed and levelled under the elastic beams to accommodate a variety of sport synthetic finishes including vinyl, linoleum, polyurethane and rubber.

Acoustic Sports Wall Panel


The Dynamik Acoustic (perforated) Sports Wall Panels provide a cost-effective solution for sports hall environments. They are designed to be an integral component of internal wall construction and can be fitted from floor to soffit. Can be combined with the Dynamik Solid Sports Wall Panels to achieve high acoustic performance and meet bespoke design specifications.
These panels achieve acoustic performance as a Class C sound absorbed as described in Building Bulletin 93 (Part E).

Principle features include:
• Fire-rated to comply with Building Regulations, Sport England and EFA requirements.
• Precision drilled holes to maintain an even, aesthetically attractive finish.
• Impact Resistance from balls, equipment and hall users.
• Factory finished UV resistant surface.
• Independent wall system fixed directly to vertical studwork.
• Range of colours and wood effect finishes.
• Easy panel installation.

Insulation can be placed behind the panels to achieve required thermal and acoustic values. Supplied with secret fixing clips and acoustic fleece to hide studwork and disguise fixing clips. Pre-routed edges leave appearance of a fixture free installation.



Solid wall PVC-U Below ground drainage pipes to BS EN 1401-1 or BS EN 13476-3.

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