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SonaPanel - Acoustic panel system

Oscar Acoustics

A range of quality fabric faced wall-mounted acoustic panel systems which are also available in cable-suspended acoustic raft form.

SonaPanels are a range of quality fabric-faced acoustic panel systems with a multitude of applications. They are available in two fabric choices and over 70 colours.

Features/ benefits:

  • Reduces overall noise levels within the room/ interior space.
  • Gives clarity to speech and music.
  • Class A acoustic absorber available.
  • Lightweight.
  • Available in a large colour choice.


Wall fixing.

Oscar Evo Panel - Acoustic panel

Oscar Acoustics

Class A acoustic panel that absorbs ball and body impact and is suitable for use in sports halls at low level.

A lightweight acoustic panel designed specifically for use in sports halls, including at low level. The acoustic absorber is a lightweight open cell acoustic foam panel, and the casing is a flexible-but-tough, acoustically transparent, PVC-coated woven fibreglass.

Once fixed, Evo-Panels can be removed and replaced in less than 20 seconds for each panel. This allows for temporary removal in multi-use halls where acoustic adjustment may be required, or for temporary movement of panels to different areas to maximise their use. Specify additional fixing track for this requirement.

Features/ Benefits:

  • Solves the issue of sports hall acoustics.
  • Acoustically efficient due to fixing at low level.
  • Low level fixing requires 65% less panels to achieve equivalent acoustic results as panels fixed at high level.
  • Reduces overall noise levels within the room.
  • Class A acoustic absorber.
  • Lightweight flexible, absorptive and strong.
  • Sports England specification-compliant.
  • Easy installation in typically 1 day.
  • Stylish in a range of customizable colours.
  • Kinder than a wall in the event of human impact.


Wall mounting.

Acoustic detector


Generic acoustic detector with parametric values for length, width, depth and 360 degree coverage area.

BASF - MasterEmaco P 5000 AP

BASF plc, Construction Chemicals

MasterEmaco P 5000 AP active primer, not only reinstates a high pH environment it also contains active corrosion inhibiting additives for the protection of reinforcement steel. It can also be used as an adhesive bonding slurry for subsequent repair mortars.

It is a ready to use material that contains Portland cement, well graded fine fillers, re-dispersible powder and special additives.

When mixed with water, it forms slurry that can be applied by brush to the clean exposed reinforcement, or directly on the dampened, prepared concrete substrate when used as a bonding coat.

Features and benefits:

  • Meets all major national and international standards for steel priming in concrete repair systems.
  • Excellent rust inhibiting properties as it reinstates a high pH environment.
  • Contains active corrosion inhibitors to further protect the steel.
  • Polymer modified for additional adhesive bond to the steel.
  • Does not affect the pull out strength of reinforcement steel.
  • Compatibility with steel reinforcing bars and concrete or repair mortars.
  • Low chromate (Cr[VI] < 2 ppm).
  • CE marked.


MasterEmaco P 5000 AP is used for the protection of reinforcement steel:

  • When steel is visible and the available depth of cover is less than 10 mm.
  • When concrete is contaminated with chlorides.
  • In critical environments when extra protection is specified.
  • With MasterEmaco N 5200 repairs when steel is visible.
  • When the timing at the jobsite does not allow for the repair mortars to be applied immediately after cleaning the steel.

It can also be used to aid bonding and application properties of hand applied repair mortars in extreme thicknesses and conditions.

Traffic | Wall® Acoustic

Inspired Surfaces

A parametric, modular, acoustic wall lining system. Comprising a removable Dimi acoustic timber based panelling and self-healing steel frame.


  • For interior cladding applications.
  • Moisture-resistant and fire-rated.
  • A simple, quick and cost-effective solution.
  • Range of performances, textures and finishes available.


  • Galvanized steel supports, with self healing properties.
  • Concealed fixing hardware.
  • Universal and panel-hanging brackets.
  • Precision-machined panels.
  • Steel vertical uprights.
  • Joining sleeves.


High traffic public areas within the commercial, educational, hospitality, infrastructure, residential and retail industry sectors.

Altro Expand Flexible Joint System


Two part, chemically resistant, polyurethane/ epoxy flexible jointing compound, specifically designed for industrial flooring. AltroExpand accommodates normal thermal and vibration movement whilst providing sufficient strength to protect joint arises from damage and erosion. Typical applications include movement joints in old and new floors, factories, warehouses, workshops, hangers, etc.

Dimi Slimline Plank

Inspired Surfaces

The acoustic plank system Dimi Slimline is an alternative to wall or ceiling coverings of object-specific pre-fabricated elements. The endless installable system is adapted to suit any room situation and offers modern, linear optics. There is a choice of perforated and slotted elements in various designs. The planks are easy to install and handle and almost intuitive.

With a width of 192 mm they are 50% wider than other systems, thus greatly shortening the assembly time. All perforation and slit patterns have outstanding sound-absorbing values.

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