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Discovery Carbon Monoxide Detector

Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd

The Discovery Carbon Monoxide Detector is good at detecting deep-seated fires. Please note that CO detectors do not detect smoke particles or heat and are not universal replacements for smoke detectors.

  • Enhanced detection capability
  • ideal for smouldering fires
  • Less susceptible to false alarms caused by steam than smoke detectors
  • Five response modes
  • Remote test feature

For more information, visit the CO Detector page.

tSENSE EFA – Senseair CO2, Temperature Wall Mounted Monitor

Duomo (UK) Ltd

The Senseair tSENSE EFA is an advanced and versatile 3-in-1 transmitter. It accurately measures Carbon Dioxide, temperature, and humidity in the ambient air. Industry-standard output signals and communication protocols transmit conditions to building management systems.

Senseair sensors are manfactured in Sweden and widely installed, throughout the world, in schools, commercial office buildings, hospitals, and hotels, indeed any public internal space where good air quality is essential. Undoubtedly, using CO2-monitoring for demand control ventilation (DCV) reduces energy costs and improves internal environments for the occupants.

The Senseair tSENSE EFA CO2 sensor is specially designed to meet the requirements of ventilation within educational establishments. When alarm thresholds are reached the LED screen changes colour. Furthermore, the instrument in addition can datalog measured values.

Discovery Ionisation Detector

Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd

The Discovery Ionisation Smoke Detector uses a low activity radioactive foil to detect fires by irradiating the air in the smoke chambers and causing a current flow. If smoke enters the chamber, the current flow is reduced leading to an alarm.

  • Responds well to fast-burning, flaming fires
  • Designed to operate in a variety of environments
  • Resilient to dust
  • Five response modes
  • Remote test feature

TLD1 – Carbon Dioxide & Temperature Monitor

Duomo (UK) Ltd

The TLD1 is a cost effective 24V carbon dioxide sensor with RS485 Modbus capabilities. The unit has a 3-colour LED screen to give you a great visual indication of the current CO2 level as well as analogue outputs for both CO2 and temperature. Wall mountable, it is perfect for a variety of applications. Suitable for airports, train stations, shopping centres, offices, classrooms etc.

aSENSE – Senseair CO2 and Temperature Transmitters

Duomo (UK) Ltd

aSENSE® is an all-digital, low-cost transmitter for installation in the climate zone. It measures both CO2 concentration and temperature in the ambient air, transforms the data into output signals and sends these values to a comprehensive system. The aSENSE® is a key component for climate control of buildings and other processes. It is also a cost-efficient gas alarm sensor for spaces where carbon dioxide gas is a potential danger.

eSENSE TR – Senseair CO2 Sensor

Duomo (UK) Ltd

eSENSE is a CO2 transmitter for climate control that fits directly on top of European electrical junction box standards. The unit is available both with and without display for fixed installation in the climate zone and helps you save money by decreasing your energy consumption while creating a healthier indoor air climate.

CO2 Alarm – Carbon Dioxide Alarm

Duomo (UK) Ltd

The CO2 Alarm is a wall mounted, stand alone carbon dioxide alarm. It has two thresholds which can be pre-configured to switch the two on board alarm relays at any required level of carbon dioxide up to 10,000 ppm. Control and alarm threshold levels may vary. At Duomo we can configure the switching points to suit your personal preference. The CO2 Alarm has an onboard digital display, alarm status indicator lights and optional audible alarm.

SGF104 – Oxygen Sensor

Duomo (UK) Ltd

The SGF104 has been introduced by Duomo at the request of architects and consultants to provide a more architecturally discrete enclosure without compromising the sensitivity of detection. The SGF 104 Oxygen sensor measures oxygen depletion and excess oxygen.

CO2MC – Carbon Dioxide, Temp & RH Monitor

Duomo (UK) Ltd

The Duomo CO2MC has been developed to monitor levels of Carbon Dioxide in offices, schools, kitchens or labs. The monitor has a backlit traffic light display. As CO2 levels increase the backlight will change from green to Yellow. If the levels continue to rise the backlight will change to red.

LuxIntelligent Panel - Emergency lighting control system

Advanced Electronics Ltd

The Advanced LuxIntelligent addressable Emergency Lighting Control System is designed provide a simple yet powerful, reliable and cost effective maintenance solution for testing your emergency lights and maintaining results data for inspection and audit purposes.

The provision for emergency lighting is a requirement for non-domestic buildings and is embodied in British and European legislation. Employers, building owners and occupiers have a legal responsibility to test and maintain their emergency systems to the standards required by the code of practice for emergency Lighting of Premises BS 5266-1 and also EN50172, Emergency Escape Lighting Systems.

It supports both maintained, non-maintained and slave luminaires in either self-contained, central battery or static inverter systems. It supports all of the Advanced LuxIntelligent range of fittings. On top of this, LuxIntelligent modules can be added to almost any luminaires to allow them to fully function on the LuxIntelligent system.

The control panel has a dynamic event log of 1000 events as well as a separate log for recording of test results. Records of all automatic (and manual) tests are generated and can be downloaded by connecting to a computer and using the appropriate LuxIntelligent Logger tool. The data is then transferred to a database on a PC for subsequent analysis listing and printing. Once the data is there, there is also the opportunity of transferring this information up to the LuxIntelligent cloud using the Lux Intelligent sync tool. Through the LuxIntelligent app it becomes very easy to share and use this information.


  • Each panel can support 996 luminaires.
  • Advanced graphical LCD user interface.
  • Loop powered communications.
  • Dedicated RS232 port supporting various modes of access.
  • 5 Amp power supply and charger to EN54-4.
  • Fit and forget panel, using your 'My LuxIntelligent' account to manage your emergency lighting.
  • 32 characters for zone text and 26 for each luminaire.
  • Networks can contain up to 200 panels.
  • 400 Individual tests can be spread across up to 50 test groups.
  • Up to 200 Zones available across each panel.
  • 1000 event and diagnostic log.
  • 24/7 monitoring, including cloud service and mobile app.

Adhesion Tests

Radmat Building Products Ltd

Use this clause to determine if the substrate has been properly cleaned by applying a test patch of the Permaquik 6100 system to the surface and checking its adhesion. If a sound bond is achieved, the general application can proceed. Frequent bond checks should be made during the application of the Permaquik 6100 system to ensure the integrity of the installation.

Fire Tested Solutions

Ayrshire Metals Ltd

A range of advanced construction solutions for a variety of applications, encompassing the structural support of Ayrshire steel framing systems (SFS) and high performance boarding and insulation.

Showing 1-36 of 3015