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Brandon Medical Co Ltd

Mediclean ® uses a unique air curtain technology to constrain the fl ow of clean air within the clean zone and to separate it from entrainment by the surrounding “dirty air” in the rest of the room.

The diffuser surface is completely flush with the suspended ceiling, without any protrusion from the UCV unit into the room. The air curtain eliminates the requirement for side screens and coanda effect air flow deflectors that would normally protrude below the ceiling.

Mediclean® can be configured for virtually any application: 

  • Complanate or side screen systems
  • Integral fan or remote fan systems
  • Rectangular or square units are available with sizes from 1.4m to 3.5m
  • With or without CPM

Geo Disc 400 Luminaire

Marshalls plc

400 mm wide aluminium luminaire suitable for use with CDM-T metal halide lamp, high purity aluminium reflector and glass protector.

Eclatec Moana

Marshalls plc

Moana succeeds in combining opposites: the fluidity of its lines constitutes the force of its intentions; yet the form is expressed with restraint and its structural design integrity has an elegant strength.

This design equilibrium opens up the applicative possibilities for Moana, ranging from functional uses to decorative applications, in particular in combination with cast aluminium brackets and arms.

Moana can be specified with three new reflectors, Optitec® 19, Optitec® 23 and Optitec® 24, enabling it to meet contemporary architectural requirements. With optimized solutions for multiple configurations, Moana can suit wide roads, high set-backs and many more project opportunities.


  • IP 66 and IK 09 ratings.
  • Thermally toughened flat glass.
  • Injection die cast aluminium body.
  • Reflectors in polished, anodized aluminium: Optitec® 19, 23 and 24.
  • Control gear integrated on a tool-less removable tray.
  • Flexible fixing system that allows side mounting.
  • Luminaire opens without tools.
  • Polyester powder coating, any RAL colour available.

Geo Disc 750 Luminaire

Marshalls plc

750 mm wide aluminium luminaire suitable for use with ceramic metal halide lamp, high purity aluminium reflector and glass protector.

Showing 1-36 of 716

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