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Engineering Brick


Category 30/ 50 engineered (frogged) concrete brick with a smooth finish.

Flexi-Beam Elite Engineered


A Class A4 area elastic sports floor system incorporating elastic beams which support a 22 mm engineered board finished with a solid hardwood wear layer. Can be packed and levelled to take out variations in the sub floor.

The structure of the Flexi-Beam Elite system incorporating elastic beams provides a stable base for the 22 mm engineered board finish and allows for underfloor heating to be incorporated between the beams.

Given it can be packed and levelled off a structural slab the requirement for a levelling screed is avoided.

Attiro Engineered Floor range

Kingspan Access Floors Ltd

With a high specification and stunning aesthetic appeal, Attiro has all the beauty of engineered oak without compromising the flexibility of raised access flooring. A new departure from the conventional bonded square panel systems of the past, with Attiro you never have to compromise on style or function again. Thanks to its pioneering magnetic base, Attiro is quick and easy to remove. Using the Attiro lifting device you can simply lift up any part of the floor in seconds for rapid access to the under-floor void, or if an individual stave needs to be repaired or replaced.

Harlequin WoodSpring - Engineered Hardwood Top

Harlequin Floors (British Harlequin plc)

Harlequin WoodSpring is a permanently installed sprung floor system. It is a modern update of the traditional 'basket weave' construction. It is a counterbatten configuration comprising at least three layers of highly flexible softwood battens, arranged at right angles.

The intermediate layer acts as a spring to the top layer, which is laid at the centre of the span formed by the intermediate layer over the bottom layer. Theoretically the more intermediate layers incorporated in a basket weave floor the more flexible it becomes.

In the Harlequin WoodSpring system, shock absorption and energy return are enhanced by pads attached to the underside of the bottom layer. Onto this structure are installed two layers of flexible panels (typically plywood), which support the Harlequin dance floor.

Different surface options to consider:

  • Hardwood surface in beech, oak or maple, for specifiers who need a hardwood surface for multi-purpose use, including traffic by the general public, full stage entertainment, ballroom dance or even for designers obliged to match existing décor.
  • Engineered board with a hardwood wear layer - in beech, oak or maple.

Showing 1-36 of 830

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