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Protecto-Drain - A15 Class Drainage Channel

Wallbarn Ltd

Designed to collect surface water from paved or asphalt areas and move that water away towards an underground drainpipe or escape route. The anti-slip, hardwearing galvanized steel grate maintains structural integrity across the area, so foot traffic and very light vehicles can pass over the drain without issue.

Features and benefits:

  • Complex plumbing is not required. If the channel needs to be linked to a plumbed-in option, the 110 mm diameter vertical outlet connector allows the unit to link directly to underground drainage pipework.
  • The unique design of the drainage channel is the boltless locking clips, which keeps the steel grate securely in place but allows for easy access to the gutter section, should the area need inspecting or cleaning, for example.


The product is ideal for a wide range of domestic and light traffic applications and is CE marked and fully certified to load class A15 BS EN 1433.

  • Driveways, gardens and patios.
  • Pedestrian walkways, door thresholds, squares, recreational areas, schools, parks and playing fields.



FacadeSlot, Flat backed channel for threshold drainage and similar applications



Slotdrain suitable for use with asphalt and similar vehicular areas.



PaveSlot for use in areas with block paving.

Showing 1-36 of 975

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