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Ascent Step Units

Safety Fabrications Limited

Step units providing simple access solutions to complex access issues, including how to get over ducting, pipe work, cable trays, gutters and parapet walls without compromising the health and safety of the worker in line with the Work at Height Regulations (2005).

Investment in both design and manufacturing technology has enabled the creation of a step system designed in accordance with BS 4122-3:2016 Safety of Machinery- Permanent Means of Access to Machinery: Part 3 Stairs, Stepladders and guardrails and manufactured to BS EN ISO 3834-2 and BS EN 1090-1 and CE marked. This has produced a product which is both easy to specify and install.

Can be manufactured from either galvanized carbon steel or aluminium with freestanding feet. The step units are based on 800 mm wide treads and include handrails on both sides.

Features and benefits:

  • Offer the on-site adjustment required whilst giving the safety and finished appearance of a bespoke product.
  • Available as either 'Up and Onto' or 'Up and Over' and are complemented with a range of platforms to clear obstructions.
  • Supplied with freestanding feet enabling a safe and secure fit without roof penetration.
  • All Ascent™ products have been approved through the necessary safety and structural calculations and are supplied in compliance with BS EN ISO 3834-2 and BS EN 1090-1 and CE marked.


For use over ducting, pipe work, cable trays, gutters and parapet walls.

Ultratop Industrial

Mapei (UK) Ltd

Self-levelling industrial floor screed based on hydraulic binders, for use on abrasion resistant flooring.

Features and benefits:

  • Can be left as a finished floor.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • Resistant to abrasion.
  • Versatile.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Quick setting; further finishing coats may be applied after a short time.
  • High level of compressive and flexural strength.
  • Bonds well to the substrate.
  • CE marked and manufactured in accordance with EN 13813, 'Screeds and materials for screeds – Materials for screeds – Properties and requirements', and classified as CT-C40-F10-A9-A2fl-s1 – consult manufacturer for information.


For professional use. Can be spread by hand or with a pump in a single layer of 5 to 40 mm. A smoother can be used for a natural finish. Used for levelling or smoothing new or existing concrete and screed substrates, to make them suitable for industrial use. Application examples include:

  • New floors in workshops, factories, store rooms, plant rooms, garages and warehouses.
  • Abrasion resistant floors on concrete and screed.
  • Industrial floors that must be protected with epoxy coatings and paints in chemical and food processing plants, textile mills and tanneries.
  • Areas where rubber wheeled vehicles are in use.

Floors made using Ultratop Industrial must be protected and then made non-absorbent using a Mapei finishing system – consult manufacturer for further information.

Consult manufacturer's literature for information on recommended substrate preparation and conditions not suitable for the application of this product.

Genesis Industrial


Industrial handrails and balustrade is designed for endurance in the most demanding environments, from the atmospheric conditions of factories, chemical plants and water treatment works to the harsh exposure of lighthouses and rooftops.

Genesis balustrade features environmentally friendly design with modular construction that minimises noise, waste and energy consumption. Along with being a third of the weight of steel for easy installation and manoeuvring, the aluminium is DDA compliant, corrosion-free and fully recyclable with a high residual value.

Balustrades and handrails are available mill finished and with powder coated handrail options for visual contrast. Components are designed for ease of assembly utilizing mechanical fasteners with smooth top handrail connections to provide tactile comfort. Optional kicking plates and fixings are available.

Features and benefits:

  • Fully recyclable with high residual value.
  • Corrosion-free.
  • DDA compliant.
  • Available as mill finished or powder coated.
  • 38 mm diameter top rail.
  • An easy-to-assemble and cost-effective solution.
  • Up to 1.7 m stanchion centres.
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 4122-3.
  • Includes a lifetime guarantee.


Ideal for safety railing, industrial guard rails, adjustable ramp handrails, roof edge protection, standing-seam roof edge protection, access walkways, mezzanine floors and ventilation grilles.

Industrial Gully

Kent Stainless

A stainless steel industrial gully. The KV215/110 standard gully accepts 10 mm thick gratings as well as 3 mm thick covers that are made to sit in a 10 mm recess (Perforated Gratings, Sealed Gratings).

The KV215/110DS (Deep Swage) version of the gully accepts all 25 mm deep gratings (Mesh, Heelproof Mesh, Factory Ladder, Heelproof and Ladder).

In most cases a 110 mm or 160 mm outlet is required but can be substituted for a 4” or 6” SCH10 outlet pipe. It is trapped as standard with the Kent Bell Trap.

Foul air traps:

The bottom outlet gullies use a Bell Trap (also referred to a Dome or Mushroom). A 65 mm water seal is created (complies with EN 1253). This grips firmly to an upstand which is an integral part of the gully body. It is easily removable giving clear access for rodding and cleaning. Chains can be attached to traps to ensure they are not lost.

The side outlet gullies use a Weir Trap system. A 50 mm water seal is created (complies with EN 1253). This is a fully integral part of the gully body and contains a removable bung for easy rodding. In special circumstances a hinged self-sealing stainless bung can be provided.

Features and benefits:

  • Manufactured from grade 1.4301 (304) or 1.4401 (316) stainless steel to BS EN 10088.
  • Strong.
  • Meets the requirements of BS EN 1253 Loading Class L15/ R50/ M125/ N250/ P400. This gully can be subjected to very heavy loads but must have the correct heavy duty grating to achieve these loads.
  • Usable in both heavy and light duty areas.
  • Suitable for internal factory drainage and external civil drainage projects.


Suitable for use primarily in food, beverage and pharmaceutical factories. Used in both light duty and very heavy duty trafficked areas (depending on the grating chosen).

When used with Heelproof gratings it is suitable also for civil projects.

Flowscreed Industrial Top

Flowcrete UK Ltd

Flowscreed Industrial Top is a fast drying, pump applied, cementitious floor topping for fast track renovation of concrete floors in warehouses, production zones, aircraft hangers, automotive process lines and other areas where a hardwearing level floor is needed. It can be used with Flowcrete resin toppings to provide better aesthetics and improved wear and chemical resistance.


5–30 mm thickness, however, an 8 mm average thickness is a typical expectation on a reasonably level base.

Air Curtains (Industrial) - IAB

Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation

A range of industrial electric air curtains.

Features and benefits:

  • Super high power air stream.
  • Compatible with external controls.
  • Robust construction.
  • Multiple units operated as one system.
  • Auto electronic control as standard.
  • BMS/ BEMS connections.

Supplied with a two year warranty.

Industrial Double Contained Gully

Kent Stainless

This Double Contained Gully Horizontal outlet is a version of our KH215 Gully. A Dual Contained Gully for areas with the possibility of corrosive, hazardous and high temperature fluids. All flow rates and loadings can be catered for and gullies are most often tailor made to suit specific site requirements. This gully is also the gully most commonly connected to our Double Contained Channel.

Standard Versions have a 10 mm seat to accept 3 mm thick or 10 mm thick perforated grating. DS or Deep Swage versions have a 25 mm deep seat to accept mesh gratings from 2 mm or 3mm thick steel and ladder gratings from 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm or 10 mm thick steel. Flow rates shown can be increased on request.

The KVB110 Bell Trap is supplied as standard and is easily removable for rodding on all bottom outlet versions. This gully is often fully welded to the centre, end or underside of the KSBC Box150DC Channel range.

Features and benefits:

  • Grade 304 (1.4301) or 316 (1.4401) Stainless Steel to BS EN 10088.
  • Fully Dye Pen Tested Fully Pneumatic Pressure tested to 7psi.
  • Usable in both heavy and light duty areas.
  • Suitable for internal factory drainage.
  • Suitable Floor Finish: Tiled Floor, Epoxy Resin Floor or Concrete Floor.

Hinged Industrial Manhole Cover

Kent Stainless

Hinged industrial manholes can be fabricated to any dimension.

Designed to be filled with material to match the surrounding floor finish – concrete, resin or tiles. The product is supplied with a double food grade silicone sponge 'P' seal as standard.

The loading is FACTA AAA as standard, care should be taken to note the structural opening size and the clear opening size. The clear opening is reduced on one side because of the Lift Assist Struts and the Hinged Safety Grid.

Features and benefits:

  • Manufactured from grade (304L) or (316L) stainless steel.
  • Robust continuous piano hinge as standard.
  • Two lifting points with locks as standard.
  • The product includes Gas struts on the smaller sizes or Kent Lift Assist Mechanical Struts on larger sizes.
  • The product can be supplied with enclosed fire rated insulated panels.

Light Industrial Gully (Pedestrian)

Kent Stainless

The KHCR265/4"RD Gully is a Round Body, Round Top/Side Outlet Gully for Heavy Duty Areas with High Flow Rates. This is a sealed clean room gully with a strong positive seal created by machining away a 10mm groove from a 20mm top plate. A 10mm top plate with a recessed 'o-ring' creates the seal. This top plate is then removable with a heavy duty suction cup available as an accessory. They are designed for use primarily in Food/Beverage/Pharmaceutical factories. They can be used in both light duty and very heavy duty trafficked areas (sealed gullies are most often used in laboratories or clean rooms which are limited to pedestrian traffic - however the 10mm top plate makes it possible to drive heavy factory traffic over these gullies). The KHCR265/4"RD standard gully takes 10mm thick sealed gratings but 10mm slotted and perforated gratings can also be used.

Features and Benefits:

  • Grade 304 (1.4301) or 316 (1.4401) Stainless Steel to BS EN 10088
  • Strong
  • Short lead time
  • Usable in both heavy and light duty areas
  • Suitable for internal factory drainage and external civil drainage projects

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