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Flush Casement Windows

TRC Windows

With smooth lines, our traditional flush timber casement windows sit beautifully in the frame. But they offer more than sleek aesthetics they are Secured By Design (SBD) certified too. Our flush casement timber windows open outwards and can be top or side hung. They can also be supplied fully reversible to enable external glass to be cleaned safely from inside the building: perfect for high-rise developments. We offer four glass options mounted in hardwood of softwood frames. Double and triple glazing is available, and the Uw rates for thermal containment will impress. With double gasketing, weather containment is assured; and beading is mounted internally to enhance security.

Heritage Sash Windows

TRC Windows

Our heritage sash windows are made to match box sash windows crafted more than a century ago. These premium sash windows, with the classic weight-and-pulley mechanism, are the perfect choice for replacement windows in listing buildings, while also suiting high-end architect-led new developments. We use traditional putty externally to secure high-performance Slimlite glass. Single or double glazed, this authentic-looking slim glass satisfies the modern demands for acoustic and thermal performance. Solid glazing bars come as standard, so each window comprises a number of individual glass panels, giving these heritage sash windows genuine character.

Heritage Casement Windows

TRC Windows

Our heritage casement windows perfectly echo the smooth, traditional styling of historic windows. Ideally suited for refurbishment contracts and listed buildings, our conservation casement windows also bring an evocative timelessness to contemporary developments. This premium product boasts time-honored details, including traditional putty; and is offered in a choice of hardwood and softwood frames, plus RAL finishes. Single or double Slimlite glazing means these casement windows deliver both historic styling and modern thermal and acoustic performance. A versatile choice, our heritage casement windows are available as inward or outward opening, side-hinged or top-hung.

Tilt & Turn Windows

TRC Windows

Our timber tilt turn windows combine style, versatility and security. A practical mid-range choice, they are rich in features and deliver tremendous value for money. For those seeking to impress, these windows provide a lavish operable sash size of up to 3m in height, conveying grandeur and natural light in abundance. Discreet internal beading aids both aesthetics and security, and they hold Secured By Design (SBD) approval. Our tilt turn windows are inward opening and side hinged, although we offer the option of tilt-only hinging too. Double and triple glazed options are available as standard, with a choice of glass types, frame timbers and colours. They are thoroughly tested for thermal, acoustic and weather containment plus wind resistance.

Traditional Box Sash Windows

TRC Windows

These timber sash windows embrace the all style and function of traditional box sash windows, yet are enhanced with modern construction and materials. Smooth-running and robust, they feature a classic weight-and-pulley mechanism. Suitable for non-listed buildings and contemporary developments, our sash windows come in a selection of hardwood and softwood frame finishes, plus RAL colours, to provide freedom of design. With the option of safety glass, obscured glass, acoustic glass or solar control glass, our wooden double-glazed sash windows can be tailored for every situation. These box sash windows offer impressive technical performance too, demonstrated by wind load testing, water permeability and air tightness test results.

Alu Clad Pivot Windows

TRC Windows

Our centre pivot windows are remarkable not only for their technical performance, but for their size. Offering the largest operable sash width on the market (up to 3 metres) these aluminium clad timber windows make a clear design statement, while allowing natural light and air to flood in. With feature stays, they are a perfect choice for offices and public sector buildings such as healthcare and education. Their external colours and clean styling make them equally well-suited to multiple-occupancy buildings such as apartments and hotels. With first-class air and water tightness ratings, our centre pivot windows come double or triple glazed with numerous glass and finish options.They can be rotated a full 180° for easy cleaning from within the building.

Alu Clad Passivhaus Windows

TRC Windows

Designed specifically for the growing UK Passive House market, were proud to present these cost-effective Passive House windows engineered from aluminium clad timber. These windows combine all the natural style of timber internally with the practical ease of maintenance of external aluminium cladding. Side-hinged, they offer a choice of inward opening styles - either tilt only or tilt and turn. With first-rate performance for air and water tightness, this window system is certified and compliant with the German Passivhaus Institute standards. To maximize solar gains these triple glazed windows can be created in sizes up to 3 metres high; and we offer a choice of four glass types, hardwood or softwood frames and RAL colours.

Traditional Spring Sash windows

TRC Windows

pring sash windows offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional box sash designs. They deliver classic style, but incorporate a simpler, more compact and modern spring balance mechanism in place of weights and pulleys. In other respects, spring balanced sash windows display all the benefits of our traditional timber sashes, with unrivalled quality, design and engineering. Double-glazed as standard, they are available with safety glass, obscured glass, acoustic glass or solar control glass. Triple glazing is also available for larger contracts. Twin gasketing ensures reliable weather containment. These spring sash windows are well chosen for mid-range new developments, as well as replacing classic windows on non-listed buildings.

Fully Reversible Window

Spectus Window Systems

Fully Reversible Window - Especially designed for high-rise and inaccessible locations, the Spectus fully reversible window will revolutionise the industry with its innovative ”Aeroframe” thermal wall technology and its striking deep bevelled appearance. After extensive market research, our new fully reversible window has been manufactured using low carbon technology. Designed with five chambers in all profiles and fully compatible with Elite 70 suite, it can also incorporate triple seals to maximise thermal performance. The Spectus fully reversible windows is the perfect combination of optimised thermal performance and outstanding aesthetics.

Alu Clad Tilt & Turn Windows

TRC Windows

These tilt and turn timber windows are overlaid with durable aluminium just on the external face. This reduces maintenance and opens up a wealth of design and colour possibilities. The technical performance for these tilt and turn windows is impressive. They boast the top rating in water tightness and air permeability tests; and an achievable Uw value as low as 0.8.For peace of mind they also carry Secured By Design approval. The huge operable sash size (up to 3m high) gives scope for stunning feature windows which deliver natural light and flexible ventilation. We offer these alu clad windows with either double or triple glazing, a choice of four glass types, and hardwood or softwood frames plus RAL paint finishes.

Alu Clad Flush Casement Windows

TRC Windows

With smooth lines, our alu clad timber windows unite the best of traditional timber flush casements with a modern, practical aluminium exterior all in a very affordable package. Side or top hung, these flush casement windows open outwards in the traditional way. They come with the choice of double or triple glazing, and four glass types to satisfy every design challenge. Alu clad flush casement windows are particularly suited to high-rise developments, due to the fully-reversible panes which enable easy cleaning from the inside. With a Uw value as low as 0.79 thermal performance is strong; and effective weather containment is achieved with double gasketing. Rest easy: with their internal beading they are also Secured By Design approved.

Crittall Windows Residential Brochure

Crittall Windows Ltd

For over 160 years, Crittall has been enhancing homes with its stylish, state-ofthe-art steel windows and doors. As different housing styles continue to emerge Victorian to Art Deco, classical to contemporary, gothic to modern Crittall remains at the forefront of this design evolution, strongly committed to the heritage and values on which the brand was established.

Reynaers Master Line 8 Window and Door System

TRC Windows

These aluminium thermal windows exhibit clean external lines, yet conceal a sophisticated insulation system. Reynaers Masterline 8 windows are available in three options to suit high-insulation, low-energy, or Passive House buildings (certified by the Passivhaus Institute). The frame shape remains constant, with varying insulation levels being achieved with internal thermal break materials and seals. Benefitting from top-class air and water tightness and Secured By Design (SBD) approval, Masterline 8 windows allow excellent daylight ingress thanks to the slimline frame.

Reynaers Ultra Slim SL38 Window and Door System

TRC Windows

These slimline aluminium windows come in a choice of three external profiles to complement the architecture of any modern building. Beneath the ultra-slim styling, however, the structure remains the same. Highly insulated, and with a thermal break, the water and air tightness tests give superb results, plus an impressive acoustic performance of 45 dBRw. The hinging options could hardly be more varied, with choices of inward and outward opening, side or top hinged, tilt or tilt and turn all available. Double or triple glazing is offered, with a choice of four glass types. The frames can be anodized or finished in a choice of RAL colors. These Reynaers slimline aluminium windows are ideal for new-builds or replacing steel windows.

Clement EB16 steel window technical specification

Clement Windows Group

A very slim, elegant suite providing a conventional appearance for all configurations of traditional metal windows, EB16 steel windows have been created specifically for use in sensitive fenestration projects where a traditional steel window look is required. The advantage of EB16 windows is that they are available externally glazed with a 16mm unit and consequently they are frequently specified for use in Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings and dwellings of historic interest. EB16 windows can be suitable for new build projects or refurbishment projects, where the appearance of the original fenestration is to be maintained and windows may be manufactured to fit existing apertures. The 16mm glass option can allow for a thicker safety glass.

Clement EB20 steel window technical specification

Clement Windows Group

Clement EB20 windows have been created for fenestration projects where a traditional steel window appearance is required, replicating the appearance of original or existing windows while simultaneously providing all the advantages of 21st century technology. EB20 windows are manufactured with exceptionally slim frames. The 20mm double glazed units mean that the largest possible glazed area is provided, thereby optimising solar gain and saving energy through reduced use of artificial lighting. A most versatile and popular product, EB20 windows are appropriate for both refurbishment and new build projects. The 20mm glass offers an increased shadow line which can be required for some heritage projects.

Clement SMW steel window technical specification

Clement Windows Group

The Standard Metal Window (SMW) F Series window range has been manufactured since the early 20th century. Available only single glazed, SMW windows are primarily used today for highly sensitive replacement work in Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings, where a precise geometric match is required and double glazing is not an option.

Clement W40 steel window technical specification

Clement Windows Group

An advanced steel window introduced in the 1990s, W40 windows are ideal for larger projects such as schools and public buildings, but equally may be used in all types of property where strong, durable frames, efficient opening casements and robust fittings are required. W40 windows are suitable for new build or refurbishment projects, where the pattern of the original fenestration is to be maintained.

Clement Brooking steel window technical specification

Clement Windows Group

Developed in collaboration with the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust and other conservation bodies, the Brooking range of windows takes its name from The Brooking National Collection of historic windows and doors whose Founder, Charles Brooking, is an internationally renowned collector and conservationist. Providing a traditional appearance, these windows are specifically for use in very sensitive fenestration projects.

Clement EB24 steel window technical specification

Clement Windows Group

Clement EB24 windows have been created for fenestration projects where a traditional steel window appearance is required, replicating the appearance of original or existing windows while simultaneously providing all the advantages of 21st century technology. EB24 windows are manufactured with exceptionally slim frames. The 24mm double glazed units mean that the largest possible glazed area is provided, thereby optimising solar gain and saving energy through reduced use of artificial lighting. Our most versatile and popular product, EB24 windows are appropriate for both refurbishment and new build projects.

Ventrolla Bespoke New Timber Windows

Ventrolla Sash Window Restoration

Original timber sash and casement windows embody the charm and heritage of any period property, however, with rising heating bills many homeowners are looking for a solution that provides maximum energy efficiency whilst still maintains the authentic look and charm of a period timber window. Ventrolla hand craft complete new timber windows using a slim double glazed unit and traditional joinery methods and expertise to match the profile of the existing windows.

The Window Film Company - Commercial Brochure

The Window Film Company UK Ltd

The Window Film Company is proud to have been at the forefront of the industry since being established in 1998. We supply and install a substantial range of window film products, providing cost efficient, effective solutions for issues such as solar control, safety, privacy and glass decoration. We have continued to invest in our staff, facilities and equipment, which in turn allows us to provide the best products, the best finish and the best customer service possible.

Alu Clad Lift & Slide Doors

TRC Windows

Our aluminium clad sliding doors offer the best of both worlds - the character of timber inside, and the durability of aluminium outside. These alu clad sliding doors have a lift and slide mechanism to easily carry glass panes up to 3m x 3m and doors weighing 400kg. Narrow door frames allow light to pour in; and fixed panels of glass can be installed down to the threshold and below for a seamless appearance. A low-profile threshold plate is also available, presenting smooth lines coupled with ease of accessibility. These sliding doors deliver supreme energy-efficiency, with double or triple glazing to reduce condensation, plus double gasket sealing for weather tightness. Versatile, stylish and tremendous value, these doors are well suited to hotels, restaurants and apartments.

Period Doors

TRC Windows

Our period timber doors are carefully styled to suit heritage and conservation projects. These period doors are the optimum choice for replacement doors for listed buildings; while also complementing high-specification new-build designs. Available as heritage French doors and single timber doors, these period doors preserve the original design integrity while fulfilling todays acoustic and thermal containment demands. Original design touches add distinction, such as traditional putty for the optional glazing panels. Please browse our range to be inspired; or contact us to discuss bespoke door design options.

Showing 1-36 of 332