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Water Filter

MIW Water Cooler Experts

Water filters provide clean, great tasting water for drinking fountains, water coolers and bottle fillers. All of our filters are made with activated carbon to improve taste and odor. These filters are easy to connect and are self-contained replaceable cartridges, limiting exposure to contaminated media.

Zip InLine instantaneous water heating

Zip Water

Why Zip InLine instantaneous water heating? Zip InLine water heaters are the most energy efficient means of directly heating water electrically. Using the very latest bare wire technology, Zip InLine offers a host of specifier, installer and end user benefits: Unrivalled energy efficiency - no standing heat loss Instant hot water on demand, Sophisticated electronic control, Easy to install, Neat, compact design, Tangible water savings

Aquatecnic Aquaproof Tanking System

Koster Aquatecnic Ltd

Brochure detailing the Aquaproof CE approved wetroom system. The Aquaproof system has been specifically developed to prevent water leakages from tiled areas, including wetrooms, shower area, bathrooms and kitchens. Aquaproof is compatible with a wide range of substrates including ply sheeting, shower tray formers, plaster, cementitious screeds and most commonly available waterproof construction boards.

Newton 403 HydroBond Tanking Membrane

Newton Waterproofing Systems

Newton 403 HydroBond is a very high performance composite sheet membrane that features a locking fleece to one side and a polymer hydrophilic coating to the other. When placed below the new raft or against permanent or temporary timber wall formwork, the fibres of the fleece inner core are encapsulated into the concrete, forming a close and intimate bond. The membrane becomes fully-engaged into the concrete to prevent water tracking and is suitable for all belowground and earth-retained structures, ranging from domestic basements to the largest civil engineering projects. The hydrophilic coating expands when in contact with water and seals small holes that may be accidentally formed during fixing of the reinforcing steel or the pouring and compaction of the concrete.

Water Based Epoxy

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Suitable for all applications where concrete or masonry require protection or waterproofing, Water Based Epoxy is a twin-pack coating available from Delta Membrane Systems. It can be used as a membrane to prevent rising damp in floors and walls, and can be used on concrete and block surfaces. It can also be used as a sealing coat for materials containing asbestos. Other potential applications include as a wall coating in areas of food manufacture and storage, as a tank lining for protection against mild chemicals, and as an anti-lime pre-treatment on new concrete. Preparation and application are particularly easy, with a tough cure being achieved in 4hr., hard dry in 12hr., and maximum cure in eight days.

Drinking Water Brochure

Heatrae Sadia Heating

In todays developed world, instant access to boiling and chilled water at the touch-of-a-button is something many of us expect. At Heatrae Sadia we design and engineer innovative systems that make it easier than ever for us all to demand smarter, cleaner, warmer and more efficient products every time.

GROHE Water Systems


Water, Reinvented. We live in an instant world. So why wait for perfectly chilled, sparkling or kettle hot water? GROHE Water Systems with GROHE Blue and GROHE Red deliver perfect taste and kettle hot water straight from the tap: Water reinvented.

Stonhard Tank/Bund Resin Lining System

Stonhard UK Ltd

Brochure showing the large range of resins and reinforcing options to provide protection from chemicals within tanks, bunds and floors. We would recommend that you contact Stonhard UK for specific advice on your application as there are so many options for lining systems

InLine Brochure

Zip Water

Zip is a leading supplier of hot water systems thanks to many years of experience within the water delivery market. Our passion for quality and stringent manufacturing standards mean each and every one of our products is built to deliver and last. You can also be sure that our products have been designed with the very best energy efficiency in mind, helping consumers and businesses to reduce their environmental impact. Easy-to-install, compact and convenient, our products are designed specifically for the specifier, installer and end-user.

Zip HydroBoil range

Zip Water

Instant boiling water heaters are a reliable go to system for the workplace. Saves time No more time wasted waiting for water to boil - the range delivers boiling water instantly at the touch of a tap. Saves energy No energy is wasted boiling more water than needed - fingertip control gives a cup or teapot full at a time. Saves space No cluttered worktops - the HydroBoil is a wall-mounted product, saving space. Saves money Energy-efficient technology works to minimise power consumption, reducing running costs. Sets a new standard Every working day in the UK, over eight million cups of tea and coffee are made using Zip's instant boiling water systems.

Zip HydroCare

Zip Water

All Zip systems are backed by a full warranty with the additional option of HydroCare, a service and maintenance plan offering comprehensive support after installation. Zip's HydroCare and HydroCare Plus plans can be tailored to meet your exact needs, ensuring products continue performing to the best of their ability throughout their lifetime. Zip has the largest growing service fleet in the industry, with over 90 fully trained, directly-employed engineers across the UK and Ireland to provide a prompt and efficient service. Zip also offer free commissioning for the HydroTap and HydroChill.

Water Management Industry UK

BASF Construction Chemicals (UK) Ltd

Whether you are dealing with the maintenance of channels, water tanks, water towers, wastewater plants or other systems containing water, they all require professional workmanship and fully compatible products that ensure a long service life. Wherever water is handled, extreme precision is called for. In this brochure, we have compiled some information on key reference projects from the UK.

Newton High Water Alarm

Newton Waterproofing Systems

The Newton High Level Water Alarm PA50 has been designed to detect high water levels within pump sump chambers and is included within the Newton Titan-Pro and Newton Titan pumping systems. The alarm is battery operated and uses a standard 9V PP3 battery.

Icopal Xtra-Load Tanking Membranes Systems Overview

BMI Icopal

Icopal is a world leader in building protection from roof down to basement. They offer one of the UKs most complete ranges of ground membranes and support services. Icopal manufacture a complete range of Structural Waterproofing Systems capable of achieving totally dry environments (Grade 4: Archive Status; BS 8102) on even the most complex below ground structures. A successful structural waterproofing solution requires good design, appropriate material specification and correct installation to ensure water does not enter the building. Failure to comply with any one of the above can lead to a waterproofing breach, resulting in substantial remedial measures and costs.

Cordek Puraflex Tank VOC Membrane Data Sheet

Cordek Ltd

The Cordek Puraflex Tank VOC membrane is a high performance hydrocarbon and chemical resistant barrier with exceptional resistance to a wide range of pollutants including hydrocarbons, industrial chemicals, toxic waste, natural and radioactive gases.

Water Management Industry Reference Guide

BASF Construction Chemicals (UK) Ltd

Whether you are dealing with the maintenance of dams, channels, aqueducts, water tanks, water towers, wastewater plants or other systems containing water, they all require professional workmanship and fully compatible products that ensure a long service life. Wherever water is handled, extreme precision is called for. In this brochure, we have compiled some information on key reference projects from the whole of Europe. These projects demonstrate which products are used to meet which requirements, how special challenges can be effectively mastered and how a variety of materials can be combined to generate durable and complete solutions.

Unvented Point of Use Hot Water

Heatrae Sadia Heating

Electric commercial hot water solutions for installation at the point of use. For light commercial and industrial organisations. Perfect for office buildings, washrooms, student accommodation, garages and out buildings.

CORE WATER Crate Specification Sheet

CORE Landscape Products

The CORE Water crate is ideal for use beneath gardens, pedestrian areas and vehicular traffic. These crates are now the most popular way to create soakaways in residential and commercial applications. Providing a safe and intelligent solution to rainwater management. Each individual water crate can hold just over 200 litres of water (0.216 cubic meters). 1 crate should be used for every 10-12m2 of the area to be drained. The crates are easily assembled and can be combined to form larger soakaways. The crate should be wrapped with the Geotextile Filtration Membrane provided. This will prevent soil & silt from entering the crate which can reduce the rate of infiltration.

P8ACY Wall Mounted Chilled Drinking Fountain

The Water Cooler Company

This high-quality drinking fountain from Oasis is one of our most popular units which supplies perfectly chilled drinking water. The wall-mounted fountain hosts four soft push pads and ensures a smooth flow of water. This unit is suited to all kinds of environments and can be installed at any height, meaning it is perfect for children and disabled users. This fountain provides a substantial chilled water volume of up to 60 litres per hour. Popularly installed in schools due to its high capacity, reliability and wheelchair-friendly access.

OASIS Drinking Fountain & Bottle Filling Station Brochure

The Water Cooler Company

Oasis's full range of floor standing and wall mounted drinking fountains and bottle fillers. Models suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The wall mounted series of fountains come with activation pads made from antimicrobial copper to help reduce the speard of bacteria. Bottle fillers have hands free sensor operated dispensing and a counter to show how many bottles have been filled. Moulded components shall contain Freshield, which utilises a silver-based antimicrobial compound that reduces the growth of micro-organisms and mildew to protect the surfaces from discolouration, odours and degradation.

Blupura City Outdoor Bottle Filling Stations Brochure

The Water Cooler Company

General Brochure: The City Range is suitable for all outdoor places such as squares, parks, school grounds, hospitals and waiting areas: These machines provide a high quantity of chilled still and sparkling water. The chillers can supply free drinking water or at a charge through insertion of cards or coins. A perfect cost effective way to provide a useful service to the public whilst contributing to the reduction of waste plastic.

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