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Installation Guide & Detailing Data Sheet for Wet Rooms Vinyl Accessories

Quantum Flooring Solutions, a trading name of Quantum Profile Systems Ltd

These two profiles are used in conjunction with each other to allow for the floor covering to be continued up the wall for a short distance and then be covered by the wall covering. This helps to create a clean finish in wet and sanitised areas. The cove former is installed at the junction of the floor and wall which provides a hidden radiused support for the floor covering as it is curved up the wall. The bevel strip then provides a tapered trim for the wall covering to ramp over the floor covering edge capping without the creation of a step or ridge.

Harlequin Cascade vinyl dance floor designed for loose-lay or permanent installation

Harlequin Floors (British Harlequin plc)

Harlequin Cascade™ is a reinforced sheet vinyl, which is specified worldwide for loose-lay and permanent installation in dance studios. For a minimum quantity, Harlequin Cascade™ can be produced in a colour of your choice. Harlequin Cascade™ has delighted a generation of stage managers and professional dancers as the ultimate heavy-duty stage floor, which is ideal for dance. The surface has a silky smooth emboss which gives deceptively good grip and provides a good base for lighting designers. Harlequin Cascade™ conveys a soft feel, which is described as ‘warmth’, and this gives dancers an unmatched confidence for demanding choreography. It also withstands general stage use, heavy props and sets, etc.

Harlequin Standfast hardwearing and extremely durable permanently installed vinyl dance floor

Harlequin Floors (British Harlequin plc)

Harlequin Standfast™ is extremely hardwearing, contract-quality flooring. It is intended for permanent installation into adhesive; where the joins are heat welded to form a continuous performance surface. Harlequin Standfast™ has a slip-resistant surface and is ideal as a permanent multi-purpose dance and stage flooring for heavy-duty use.

Polyflor Technical Information Manual - Specification, Installation and Maintenance of Polyflor Vinyl Floorcovering

Polyflor Ltd

British Standard Code of Practice BS 8203 provides detailed recommendations for the installation of sheet and tile flooring on both new and existing floor constructions and is endorsed by Polyflor for the installation of Polyflor vinyl and rubber flooring. This technical manual is intended as a guide to all parties involved in the specification, installation and maintenance of Polyflor vinyl floorcovering. It will not replace the skills of a floor layer and Polyflor always recommends the use of reputable flooring contractors, whose experience will prove invaluable at all stages of a project.

Harlequin Studio slip-resistant foam-backed vinyl dance floor to protect against hard sub-floors

Harlequin Floors (British Harlequin plc)

Harlequin Studio™ is one of our special hardwearing floor coverings designed for dance, studio and stage use. It is a complex vinyl construction incorporating a strong mineral fibre interply and a firm foam backing. The surface is produced from a hard-wearing vinyl and its formulation focuses on the demands of dancers. The result is a slip-resistant floor to reassure performers and a predicable surface to give confidence to dancers for demanding choreography and movement. The firm but lightweight foam backing helps to protect against hard sub-floors. It is available as a loose-lay or permanent floor. Harlequin Studio™ stays firmly in place on the floor and is excellent for touring or as the surface for a sprung sub-floor.

Harlequin Fiesta vinyl dance floor that looks like real wood but without all the associated cleaning and maintenance issues of real wood

Harlequin Floors (British Harlequin plc)

Harlequin Fiesta™ was developed because we saw a clear need for a floor for dance and drama studios which looked exactly like wood, but without all the associated problems of cleaning and maintenance. Harlequin Fiesta™ is for permanent installation, when the joins are welded to provide a continuous performance surface. It can be laid on any hard smooth sub-floor and is an excellent multi-purpose surface for our sprung floor systems. Harlequin Fiesta™ stands up to the rigours of percussive dance, such as tap and Irish dance, but is great for social dancing and for all kinds of general activities. It is not recommended for ballet at intermediate or professional level.

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