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Smoke Vents

Surespan Ltd

Surespan SRHE/AOV automatic ventilators are designed to open in a variety of formats from standard 140° through to 160°. All our standard AOV ventilators are manufactured to meet the requirements of Building Regulations, Approved Document B, BS9999 and EN12101-2 and are supplied CE marked.

Vent turbine certification

Alu Roofing

Construction Technical Certificate 202-STO-B-02927-19 of 2019-10-17. Certification scheme applied: CSN EN lSO/lEC 17067:2014, Scheme 1a.

Opening Vents Brochure

Standard Patent Glazing Company Ltd

Our low profile thermally broken aluminium framed opening vents are suitable for installation in both sloping and vertical applications and are generally manufactured to a maximum size of 750mm wide by 1500mm deep. In a typical roof application, its recommended location will be at the top of the patent glazing, although in certain instances these vents can be positioned in the centre or lower parts of the glazing by using alternative top and bottom panel sections. Depending on the size of opening vent and gearing type used the general maximum stroke length achieved will be in the region of 400mm.

Seefire natural louvred vent

Colt International Ltd

Seefire is a natural louvred ventilator suitable for natural day to day and smoke control ventilation. Seefire conforms to EN 12101-2 and is CE marked. It can provide inlet or extract ventilation as well as permit the entry of natural daylight for most kinds of industrial and commercial buildings. Seefire is manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management standards.

Capral Aluminium Trickle Vents

Capral Aluminium

The Renson Invisivent is a thermally broken window ventilator that can be installed above Capral Futureline 440TB and 419TB sub frames, providing an almost invisible installation. Trickle Vents are a natural ventilation solution for healthy and energy-efficient homes. This catalogue covers two trickle vents provided by Capral Aluminium: Renson Invisivent and Renson Slotvent.

JUTA GP® Void Vent

Juta UK Ltd

JUTA GP® Void Vent is a cuspated HDPE core with a geotextile filter/separator bonded to a single side, in either 25mm or 40mm depth. The intended use of the Void Vent is to provide a means of ventilation when used in conjunction with an approved Gas Protection Barrier, in accordance with the recommendation(s) contained within NHBC Guidance and BS8485:2015 + A1 2019.

Airlite louvred natural smoke vent

Colt International Ltd

The Airlite ventilator provides exceptionally high insulation and low air leakage as well as excellent aerodynamic and acoustic properties. It can provide both inlet and extract ventilation as well as allow the entry of natural daylight. It is suited to most industrial and commercial buildings, and conforms with EN 12101-2.

Smoke Vent Rooflight - Mardome Trade

Brett Martin Daylight Systems

Mardome Trade Smoke Vent Rooflights are individual polycarbonate domes intended for easy installation on flat roofs of all modern building types to provide natural smoke and heat exhaust, as well as comfort ventilation. Designed, fully tested and certified in accordance with EN 12101-2, they meet standards for safety, security, non-fragility and fire safety and we offer the full guarantee of an established, accredited UK manufacturer.

Smoke Vent ESW-50REM 1260x1260mm

Bilco UK

ESW-50REM natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator for use above stairwell. This product is CE mark to comply with Construction Products Regulation 2013

Cast Iron Conservation Cowled Vent

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

Mainly used as an exterior vent to extract damp and moist air from inside a building. Hob extractors, kitchen extractors, cloakrooms, wc, bathrooms, ensuites and tumble dryer outlets are the main uses. It does suit period properties although its quite a statement piece even on contemporary buildings. It has been used on a significant number of listed buildings and properties in conservation areas. The conservation vent has been instrumental in improving extractor efficiency as installers have been able to extract close to where the fan is positioned whereas in the past theyve ducted metres and metres of flexi pipe to terminate on a back wall to comply with building consent. It can also be used as an interior vent to allow air in for combustion especially with regards to stoves.

Cast Iron Vent and Drainage Grilles

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

S[pecifcation of a range of British made cast iron vent and drainage grilles. Huge range of styles and sizes ranging from 70mm square up to 530mm square. These grilles are used across a wide range of period properties across the country and also overseas. Drilled, they are often used as vent grilles, whilst undrilled grilles are used to replace missing or damaged drainage gratings. The situations where these grilles have been and are being used is almost limitless and includes extractor outlets, natural ventilation, air inlets, combustion air supply, cupboard vents, kitchen unit kick board vents, floor vents, door step grilles, basement ventilation, drainage grilles and drainage channels.

Round Vents, Grilles and Drain Grates

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

These round grilles are used across a wide range of period properties across the country and also overseas. They are suitable for ventilation or for drainage. Drilled they are often used as vent grilles, whilst undrilled grilles are used to replace missing or damaged drainage gratings. A large number find their way into country estates and farms. One of the farms that might be especially familiar to many is Emmerdale Farm, the fictional TV soap on ITV whose cobbled streets are now drained using one of our 12 cast iron slotted grilles. Larger properties, especially Georgian and Victorian manor houses had numerous round grilles fitted when they were built and we see a number of like for like replacements.

Cellar, Basement, Soil and Sewer Vent

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

Cast iron stand alone vent, used for centuries in properties around the country and now very much in vogue. This charming vent has two functions, either to connect to the stack of a sewar pipe to prevent loss of water traps when WC are flushed or to allow air down into cellars and basements. The sewar vent function prevents smells escaping from sewars by an ingeneous and simple non return brass flap fitted onto the removable front panel. For basement and cellar ventilation this flap is replaced with mesh to allow a flow of air in either direction. Both options use the same cast iron cellar/soil vent body with 4" (100mm) spigot and are available with aluminium or brass front plates.

Aluminium Parallel Opening Vent Window

Metal Technology Ltd

Metal Technology have developed an aluminium framed Parallel Opening Vent (POV) Window. This design of window offers double the airflow of a traditional top hung window with its utilisation of both high and low ventilation zones. The system also incorporates High Insulation Thermal Break Technology.

JUTA GP® Vent Box & Components

Juta UK Ltd

JUTA GP® VENT BOX Is a ground level ventilation unit designed to work in combination with JUTA GP® VOID VENT products to provide passive inflow and outflow of air and ground gas. The Vent Box is a fully modular system which provides a practical and aesthetic method of venting ground gases from beneath a building, to the external atmosphere. The vent boxes are designed to be installed within the external landscaping.

Walk on glass floor cover and Pavement Vent

Surespan Ltd

Walk on glass floor cover and ventilated frame. PaveVent walk-on panels incorporate a multi-laminated upper loaded leaf designed in accordance with FACTA requirements. A specially formed anti-slip ceramic is permanently tempered onto the glass. Where light transmission is not required a plain floor access covers with a non-slip applicant infill can be provided.

cast Iron Stove and Log Burner Vents

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

The Stove and Fire Vent is the ideal interior vent to compliment a log burner or stove. The cast iron body is available in a polished pewter effect, which has been hand finished by us in our workshop or can be purchased bare metal for contractors or property owners to finish on site. The pewter finish stove vent will certainly enhance any interiors but is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also functional as well. When the 100mm spigot is connected to an air source it provides 3000mm2 of free area for combustion air for a room fitted with a log burner or stove up to 10KW. For larger burners up to 15KW simply use 2 Stove vents for 6000mm2 of free area.

Cast Iron vents and Grilles - Made To measure

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

We have created grilles for hundreds of projects and buildings over the ten years we've been making them. We've replicated cast iron square hole grilles for Kier constructions restoration of the 13th century college of Peterhouse at Cambridge university and other more recent buildings across the country. Cast iron made to measure grilles are cut to order from 3ft long grey iron grilles we have in stock. Using these grilles (nine different widths) we then cut them to create over 250 different sized grilles. We can supply them drilled or undrilled in the corners, with or without copper fly screen and paint them before delivery. The made to measure grilles are normally ready for dispatch the following week after the customer has placed the order.

Cordek Gas Venting Bollards Data Sheet

Cordek Ltd

The Cordek Gas Vent Bollards provide an efficient and economical method of venting ground gases from beneath a building to the atmosphere when connected to a suitable venting system e.g. Cordek Ventform or Cellvent.

NOX filter for single-unit vent systems

Siegenia-Aubi Ltd

The NOx Filter gives a fresh air supply, offering protection against nitrogen dioxides, fine dust and pollen. In this flyer, you will find benefits and features of the filter and an overview of its compatible SIEGENIA ventilation units.

Technal Crown Flush Vent Casement Window Brochure


The flexibility of the Crown Flush vent suits a wide range of residential applications, from classic cottage aesthetics to sleek, modern designs. Externally, the suite offers two discreet styles - a traditional flush line mullion and transom or a slim flush line mullion and transom. With the traditional style providing a uniform exterior in keeping with the original flush window profiling is simplified allowing the window vent meeting style to have reduced sightlines as well as the flush appearance. Internal aesthetics are equally as important, so a choice of four profile styles is available. These are a traditional softline vent, contemporary square line vent both of which can be combined with full or step framing as well as full or flat central mullion.

Cordek Ground Level Vent Box Data Sheet

Cordek Ltd

The range of ground level vent boxes offered by Cordek, are designed to provide a practical and aesthetic method of venting ground gases from beneath a building, to the external atmosphere.

MemTech Pro Void Vent 25 Ancillary Brochure

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

The MemTech gas protection range provides a comprehensive spectrum of gas protection products and ancillaries to protect buildings and structures from ground gases such as Radon, Methane Carbon Dioxide and VOCs conforming to the requirements of BS 8485:2015+A1:20019, for both above and below ground applications. MemTech Membranes offer solutions to properties, construction sites and land which is affected by contamination. Our ground gas protection ventilation products are suitable for a variety of construction methods. Gas venting systems such as the Pro Void Vent 25 range will safely release harmful ground gases from beneath structures into the atmosphere.

MEDITE VENT MDF - Breathable external sheathing panel


MEDITE VENT MDF is a high performance breathable external sheathing panel suitable for use in all types of timber frame structures. Combining high racking strength in excess of Category 1 requirements with excellent vapour permeability and high weather resistance, it is the perfect choice for the outer layer in "diffusion open" wall and roofing applications. The very low water vapour diffusion factor is designed to prevent interstitial condensation in wall and roof structures. Potential LEED® 2009 credit support:MRc4, 5,7 Potential LEED v4 credit support: Materials & Resource Zero added formaldehyde

Showing 1-36 of 45