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Timber Frame Systems

James Hardie Building Products Ltd

For over 40 years European timber construction companies have been using fermacell board for a professional and economical finish. This wealth of experience and close working partnerships has led to Fermacell UK developing constructions and applications for timber-frame methods, while the boards characteristics, such as stability, density and ease of installation make it ideal for high-performance timber constructions.

Superglass Timber Frame Insulation

Superglass Insulation Ltd

Superglass Timber & Rafter Roll is a high performance, non-combustible glass mineral wool insulation roll. Superglass Timber & Rafter Roll is designed to provide thermal and acoustic insulation for timber frame roofs, walls and floors.

ARC T-Barrier Timber Frame

ARC Building Solutions Limited

The ARC T-Barrier® achieves a zero U-value at the party wall junction by sealing the party wall cavity. This minimises the effect of thermal bypass as well as reducing flanking noise in the cavity. The ARC T-Barrier for Timber Frame provides a 1 hour fire integrity at the party wall junction and meets the Robust Detail's requirement for a barrier where a separating party wall meets an external cavity wall, significantly reducing sound transmission along the cavity. Provides effective edge seal to the party wall cavity Zero U value at the party wall junction can be achieved Reduces flanking noise Minimises thermal bypass Easy to install

Insulation solutions for timber frame walls

Knauf Insulation Ltd

Insulated external timber frame walls can provide better insulation performance than masonry walls of comparable thickness. Timber frame is also widely recognised as the most environmentally friendly construction method a construction with extremely low embodied energy. Earthwool FrameTherm Rolls and Slabs are lightweight glass mineral wool products available in a range of thermal conductivities, their manufacture has a very low impact on the environment.

Duratherm timber framed wall insulation

Isothane Ltd

Duratherm® is a Kiwa BDA Agrément approved (Certificate No’s 18-035,036 & 039) closed cell spray foam insulation. LABC Registered Details (EWWS 1196A) are available. LABC Warranty also accepts its use. Duratherm® is used to insulate pitched and flat roofs, timber framed walls, solid walls and suspended timber floors. Duratherm® is used extensively as insulation and condensation control on agricultural and commercial buildings and can be sprayed directly onto profiled steel or corrugated composite cladding panels. Duratherm® insulation is enhanced by effectively sealing all gaps and joints in a substrate, preventing air leakage and air infiltration. Duratherm® is a so called “4th Generation” spray foam that has zero effect on the ozone layer and a very low Global Warming Potential.

Insulation for Steel and Timber Frame (SR/FB)

Xtratherm UK Ltd

Safe-R Framing Board SR/FB is designed for use with steel or timber frame applications up to 18m in height. With a Euroclass B Fire Classification the framing board can be used between studs or as an insulated sheathing board. Using SR/FB provides excellent U-Values and improved thermal bridging detailing.

Insulation for Steel & Timber Frame (XO/FB)

Xtratherm UK Ltd

XtroLiner Framing Board XO/FB is designed for use in a wide range of construction including steel or timber frame applications up to 18m in height. The framing board can be used between studs or as an insulated sheathing board.

Earthwool Timber Frame Party Wall Slab Insulation

Knauf Insulation Ltd

Earthwool Timber Frame Party Wall Slabs are non-combustible Glass Mineral Wool slabs, manufactured using our evolutionary ECOSE® Technology and are designed for use in timber frame separating (party) walls providing a full-fill insulation solution which is installed as walls are being built

FastSlab Foundation System. Screw Pile, ring-beam and insulated ground floors for fast, lightweight builds in timber frame, light gauge steel and SIPs

CDI Innovative Construction Materials Ltd

The FastSlab Foundation System is a combination of the successful Lewis® FastSlab ground floor system with the addition of a steel lattice ring beam and geoLOGIC steel helical screw piles. This gives an extremely fast build system that can deal with the most demanding and difficult of sites to provide the foundation and ground floor for lightweight building systems including Timber Frame, Light Gauge Steel and SIPs.

Timeless Timber

BSW Timber Ltd

The new Timeless Timber range has been developed by BSW Timber for all your landscaping and construction needs.

British larch external cladding timber

Vastern Timber

Technical specification for British larch cladding. Contains full data for the completion of H21 specification as well as information about the use and fixing of the cladding boards. British larch offers a cost effective timber cladding for rustic dwellings or barn conversions. British larch is grown is sourced from woodlands in England and Wales.

Siberian larch external timber cladding

Vastern Timber

Siberian larch makes for a hard wearing external timber cladding and a relatively cheap option when compared to other species such as Canadian cedar. Larch cladding is naturally durable and consistent in colour. Available in two grades and a range of profiles Siberian larch is suited to both traditional and contemporary properties.

Brimstone poplar modified timber external cladding

Vastern Timber

Brimstone is the first range of thermally modified British hardwoods. Brimstone poplar is extremely stable when compared to non-modified woods as well as being naturally durable and colour consistent. Brimstone poplar is even in colour and weathers quickly and evenly when left untreated. Brimstone poplar can be used externally as well as internally and can be orientated vertically and horizontally. Brimstone is produced from logs grown only in Great Britain supporting management in our local woodlands. GIB third party certified.

Brimstone sycamore modified external timber cladding

Vastern Timber

Brimstone is the first range of thermally modified British hardwoods. Having a silky grain and being relatively free of knots Brimstone sycamore makes for an attractive exterior cladding. Being thermally modified Brimstone sycamore also has the benefits of stability, durability and colour consistency. Brimstone poplar is produced from logs grown only in Great Britain supporting local woodland management. GIB third party certified.

Brimstone ash modified external timber cladding

Vastern Timber

Brimstone is the first range of thermally modified British hardwoods. Being stable, durable, colour consistent and relatively knot free Brimstone ash is ideal for contemporary external timber cladding. Brimstone ash can be used externally and internally and can be orientated as vertical cladding or horizontal cladding. Brimstone ash is produced from ash trees grown in Great Britain supporting the management of our local woodlands. GIB third party certified.

Brimstone ash modified timber cladding at Lighthouse Mews

Vastern Timber

Modern Arc, a design and build company based in London, have collaborated with Vastern Timber on many projects. This project was possibly the most challenging, being in a tight spot in the centre of London. The client had decided upon a timber clad exterior but understood that many species can react badly to the pollution and shading common in the capital. Collectively the decision was made to use Brimstone ash because of it's natural durability, stability and it's tendency to weather well even in challenging conditions. Brimstone ash is thermally modified, British grown ash produced by Vastern Timber. The cladding on this project consisted of a 20mm board and a 33mm fin fitted alternately. Doors and joinery were also produced from Brimstone ash.

IRO heat enhanced architectural timber

BSW Timber Ltd

IRO is a revolutionary, exciting new range of products developed by BSW Timber. Each and every piece of IRO architectural timber is crafted using an intricate seven-step process that combines an eye for detail with the latest timber technology. The result is a beautiful unique product that adds charm and character to a range of spaces. Created using the traditional Japanese method of Yakisugi, IRO is available in a range of 15 colours to complement every environment.

Case study - Canadian cedar timber cladding on Fir View

Vastern Timber

Self build in forest setting, designed and built by two architects, Liam and Mark. The two chose Canadian western red cedar cladding to wrap the entire building. Originally oak had been chosen but the contractors favoured cedar because of the ease of fitting> Liam and Mark are now sold on cedar and have since completed another build named Powers House which is also clad in cedar.

British western red cedar profiled external timber cladding

Vastern Timber

British cedar cladding offers a British grown and cheaper alternative to Canadian cedar. Although British cedar is more knotty, it's stability and natural durability make it ideal for external timber cladding. British cedar is sourced exclusively from woodlands in England and Wales.

Acoustic Curved Timber Ceilings

BCL Timber Projects Ltd

This case study gives an overview of the acoustic timber ceiling system installed at Leicester High Cross Mall. The secret-fixing panel system, designed and manufactured by BCL involves complex curved geometry. The ceiling has been manufactured to provide Class C acoustical absorbency and Class 0 SSF fire resistance. Subjects covered include: creating curved ceilings in timber, manufacturing secret-fixing panels, designing acoustic systems.

Showing 1-36 of 196