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Teckentrup Steel Door & Steel Doorset Guide - Fire Doors, Security Doors, Acoustic Doors, Ballistic Doors, External Enveloping Steel Doors, All Glass Fire Doors

Teckentrup UK Ltd

Steel Door Sets, Steel Fire Doors, All-Glass Fire Doors, Acoustic Doors, Security Steel Doors, External and Internal Steel Doors - Teckentrup’s range of steel doors and all-glass doorsets is capable of meeting the application requirements of fire resistance, smoke protection, prison cells, sound insulation and acoustic attenuation, multi-purpose performance and internal use on commercial and industrial projects of regional, national and international size and scope. Teckentrup is committed to compliance at all times with statutory and mandatory requirements of UK Building Standards and Harmonized Product Norms. Products are certified in accordance with the Environmental Product Declaration. BREEAM is also fully adopted

Flameguard Fire Resisting Hinged Steel Doors

Bolton Gate Company

Bolton Gate Flameguard hinged steel doors have been successfully tested to BS476 Part 22 and EN 1634-1 for up to four hours fire resistance. The flush faced design combines smoothness with outstanding aesthetic appeal while the consistently high standard of performance makes Flameguard suitable for a diverse range of industrial and commercial applications.

Profab Access Steel Doors Product Guide 2020

Profab Access Ltd

The Profab Access Steel Doors Product Guide 2020 features the full range of steel doors available from Profab. GLAS-DOR - Glazed fire resistant steel profile and doorsets PRO-OUTA-DOR - External steel doors PRO-INNA-DOR - Internal fire doors TUFF-DOR - LPS 1175 certified security doors SECUR-DOR - Certified intruder and blast resistant door LOUVRED DOORS VENT-DOR - Steel and aluminium louvred doors TUFF-VENT - PAS 24 certified security louvred door You can also find detailed information on the range of hardware and finishes available.

Steel Doorset Acoustic Door Selector Rw 57dB DIN EN 20140

Teckentrup UK Ltd

Acoustic rated steel doorsets and steel doors achieve high levels of sound attenuation performance by combining steel skin leaves and frames with open cell insulated cores and fillings to eliminate resonances and torturous sound paths between leaf edges and frame rebates on all four sides. Single or multi-layer peripheral seals combine to prevent high frequency escape. Teckentrup dw67, Rw 57dB, acoustic steel doors and steel doorsets achieve exceptional low frequency attenuation performance from a door 67mm thick. Teckentrup acoustic steel doors are available as fire rated and non-fire rated doorsets with test performance from Rw 33dB to Rw 57dB. They are available in galvanized or stainless steel and with low profile threshold sealing arrangements that conform to Building Regulations.

Steel Fire Doorset & Fire Door Selector I60 E120 EN1634-1

Teckentrup UK Ltd

Teckentrup's expertise is the manufacture of steel fire doors and steel fire doorsets. It has left its mark in on fire protection in Germany for decades. The UK & Ireland are the only major European markets where it is NOT mandatory to specify steel personnel fire doorsets and fire doors with both insulation and integrity fire ratings. In a fire situation an un-insulated, hollow metal fire doorset will contain a fire but offer little resistance to the passage of radiated heat. The Teckentrup T60-FSA Fire Resistant steel doorset and fire door is tested to EN1634-1. It provides up to 120 minutes integrity and up to 60 minutes insulation, increasing the safety of any people in proximity to the fire door in a fire situation. The Teckentrup 62 modular door is available with LPS1175 SR3 rating.

Steel Doorset Security Door Selector LPS 1175 SR3 & RC4 Rating EN1627

Teckentrup UK Ltd

Security rated steel doorsets and steel doors are designed to provide security against physical attack for varying periods of time, with a variety of attack tools. It is expected that the European Standard, EN1627-30 (RC ratings), will become the Harmonised standard for security steel doors and doorsets; currently this is a voluntary standard and, as such, Teckentrup has already adopted it in anticipation of it becoming mandatory. UK private company standards PAS24, BRE LPS1175 (SR ratings) and Exova STS202 (BR ratings) ratings are currently used. Teckentrup dw62 XL security steel doorsets and steel doors are tested to anticipated European and others standards: EN1627: RC2, RC3 & RC4 STS202: BR1, BR2 & BR3. Teckentrup dw62 doors are also certified to LPS 1175 Security rating 3 SR3

Made-to-measure Stainless Steel - Stainless Steel Sinks, Worktops, Cabinets, Panels, Doors and Shelving are Produced to Meet Precise Requirements, Dimensions and Specifications

Anderson, GEC Ltd

GEC Anderson's made-to-measure stainless steel sinks, worktops, cabinets, panels, doors and shelving are produced to meet precise requirements and dimensions using brushed satin finish stainless steel. Optionally, textured finish and acid-resisting grade stainless steel are available. Worktops are produced in one continuous piece with no joins at sink bowls, edges or upstands. Panels and splashbacks with folded edges and waterproof particle board backing as standard are available in any size or shape. Shelving is the V90 wall-fixed, 3-part system with brackets located to stepless, unslotted uprights and solid shelves; perforated and barred shelves are also offered. Base/wall cabinets have one vertically adjustable shelf; drawer cabinets have 2, 3 or 4 drawers.

"Teckentrup DF iso+ dw 62-1 thermally broken steel door and doorset to RC2 and 38dB

Teckentrup UK Ltd

Teckentrup DF iso+ dw 62-1 is a thermally broken multi-purpose steel doorset suitable as an external door for any application where energy performance is important within the private and commercial sector. Teckentrup DF iso+ dw 62-1 steel door is designed to exceed energy efficiency guidelines and in comparison to conventional multi-purpose doors it improves thermal insulation by up to 40%. Both frame and door leaf are insulated and the frame is thermally separated. The door fulfils the specifications of DIN EN 14351-1 and it is labelled with a CE mark as per building product guidelines for external doors. Thanks to additional sound insulation (max. 38 dB) the door manages to achieve an outstanding UD value of 1.0 W/(m²k). iso+ is optionally available in a burglar-resistant RC 2 version.

Steel Doorset Multi-Purpose External Enveloping Door Selector EN14351-1 Max size 3000mm x 4000mm

Teckentrup UK Ltd

Multi-purpose and external enveloping steel doorsets and steel doors, general purpose steel doorsets and steel doors. Teckentrup dw62 & 62 XL multi-performance 62mm insulated steel doorsets and steel doors are heavy-duty products suitable for high traffic and exposed external, high wind locations. They are constructed from galvanized steel, with insulated cores and supplied with heavy-duty hinges, security bolts and captive seals in PPC finish, either in white primer or any RAL colour, dw62 steel doors are available in optional stainless steel constructions and with vision panels. Teckentrup FE50 is an insulated folding sliding door that meets Building Regulations requirements for thermal insulation on new commercial properties.

Teckentrup Insulated Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors, Steel, Aluminium and fully glazed 40mm and 80mm sections U value 0.58

Teckentrup UK Ltd

The 40 series Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors: The industrial sectional overhead doors from the 40 series are based on a double-walled and 40mm thick door leaf design. As standard, they are equipped with a special PU hard foam core and are thus commonly used in logistics and production centres, agricultural enterprises or warehouses. The 80 series insulated industrial sectional doors: The SW 80, SL 80 and SLW 80 industrial sectional doors have a door leaf thickness of 80 mm. They are thus the first choice for all areas that require high-quality thermal separation. With the SL 80 and SLW 80 door types, heat insulation including glazing elements are possible.

Teckentrup Stainless Steel Door & Doorsets for Fire, Security, Smoke and Acoustic applications in architectural settings, clean environments, high stress & chemical sites.pdf

Teckentrup UK Ltd

In addition to steel doors and doorsets, Teckentrup also offers its door range in stainless steel. Products with Fire, Smoke, Acoustic, Pressure, Security and Thermal performance capability are all certified in both steel and stainless steel for full compliance. Stainless steel provides remarkably versatile solutions - popular in architectural settings for its contemporary, pure aesthetic yet hardworking in industry for its durability. For wet, heat, cold, chemical and high stress environments stainless steel doors provide high reliability: Hygiene: food technology, medicine, laboratories, pharmacy, sanitary rooms, etc. Wet rooms: indoor pools, saunas Environment with aggressive agents: chemical industry, paint shops, etc. At high stress: rail stations, schools and service areas

Modular Steel Security Doors LPS 1175 Issue 8 A1 (SR1) to D10 (SR4) & LPS 2081 A & B Ballistics BS EN 1522 FB4

Teckentrup UK Ltd

Most companies talk about their steel security door and doorset range or their steel fire door and doorset range. At Teckentrup we talk about the Teckentrup 62, one door configurable to multiple performance characteristics. Security, fire, smoke, acoustics, pressure, escape all certified in one door. Tested to the new LPS 1175 issue 8 standard, the Teckentrup 62 Secure range covers security ratings A1 (SR1), B3 (SR2), C5 (SR3), D5 and D10 (SR4) ratings. Doors are also available to meet stealth ratings LPS 2081 A & B and BS EN 1627-1 RC2 & RC3. BS EN 1627-1 RC4 steel doors and doorsets are also available. Ballistic and bullet proof ratings to BS EN 1522 FB4. Fire performance is certified to BS EN 1634-1 achieving 120 minutes fire integrity and 60 minutes fire insulation. U value 1.1W/m/K

Fire performance of pre-finished steel cladding systems

Tata Steel

The focus of this fire performance technical document is specifically on the building envelope and understanding how to comply with Building Regulations and Insurance requirements. Included is an assessment of the current regulations in England and Wales as well as an overview of the main UK insurance requirements. Guidance is also provided about what to specify in terms of pre-finished steel, insulation and cladding system as well as information about the main UK, European, and insurance fire tests used to ensure compliance.

Colorcoat® pre-finished steel for the building envelope

Tata Steel

We are able to offer a wide range a products and services specifically developed for the construction market, these include Colorcoat® pre-finished Steel products. Colorcoat® is the internationally recognised mark of quality and metal envelope expertise exclusively manufactured by Tata Steel and covers a range of pre-finished steel products specifically developed for the roof and wall cladding system for the building envelope. This brochure gives an overview of our products, guarantees, and services as well as our commitment to sustainability.

Acoustic performance of pre-finished steel cladding systems

Tata Steel

This guide has been prepared to give advice to architects, designers and other construction professionals on the wide range of acoustic solutions available when using a pre-finished steel building envelope and demonstrates the steps that can be taken to improve the acoustic performance of buildings. Find out more at https://www.tatasteelconstruction.com/en_GB/

The effect of gauge on pre-finished steel roof and wall cladding performance

Tata Steel

This Colorcoat® technical paper advises on the relevant standards and tolerances which should be used and how they should be applied. The properties of the profiled pre-finished steel cladding can be affected by the choice of the nominal gauge and the impact of this extends beyond basic structural implications. This technical paper seeks to explain this along with any limiting criteria which must be satisfied. This paper combines knowledge from Tata Steel and the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) with practical considerations from leading pre-finished steel profilers.

Speed Doors

HAG Ltd. - The Door Specialists

Speed Doors, VR & VL Door Rapid operation vertical lifting door and rolling Speed Door. With stand high wind loads (80kph), minimal maintenance requirements and temperature resistance -25°C to +75°C.

Industrial Doors

HAG Ltd. - The Door Specialists

HAG industrial doors range covers all types from industrial roller shutters, industrial sectional doors, bi folding industrial doors and horizontal sliding folding doors. Applications range from industrial units, supermarket loading bays and aircraft hangers. HAG can advise which industrial door suits your needs.

Garage Doors

HAG Ltd. - The Door Specialists

Insulated roller shutter garage doors. HAG domestic garage door range covers roller garage doors, sectional garage doors and traditional "up and over" georgian garage doors With a choice of operation, finish and security level we can match your garage door requirements to your home and budget. All Products can be supplied for self installation if required

Sectional Doors

HAG Ltd. - The Door Specialists

The Z Door - Industrial vertical stacking sectional doors available with full panoramic curtain. Space saving design with a max width 8000mm. Also The S Door - A vertical opening sectional overhead industrial door system.

Forza Defining Doors: Timber Veneer & Laminate Doors, Panels and Doorframes

Forza Doors Limited

Throughout our brochure and website we offer an insight into the extensive range of Timber internal flush doors , frames , panels and fire screens manufactured at our factory in West Sussex, England. Face finished with totally bespoke hand crafted real wood veneers or commercially available decorative laminates, Forza doors and panels will ,when installed, be a perfect partner with other chosen finishes to complete a fully co-ordinated project design.

Gilgen FFM Automatic Folding Door

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd

Folding Doors are synonymous with making room. While requiring a minimum of installation space the Gilgen FFM automatic folding door offers a maximum clearance width. Proven component modules guarantee optimal user comfort and and first class quality.

Gilgen SRM Curved Sliding Door

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd

GILGEN SRM curved sliding doors lend the entrance area a particular distinction. This touch of elegance is especially attractive in curved façades. Thanks to the curved shape, convenient passage proportions can be created even in situations where space is restricted.

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