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RonaScreed Fast Drying Underfloor Heating Screed Additive

Ronacrete Ltd

RonaScreed Fast Drying Underfloor Heating Screed Additive is an additive for site batched screeds is used to quickly reduce the level of retained moisture within the screed allowing floor coverings to be laid over the screed much sooner than with conventional screeds. It also promotes high early strength, permitting early access by following trades. RonaScreed Fast Drying Underfloor Heating Screed Additive is supplied in concentrated form and used in low dilution. It provides rapid drying and early laying of floor coverings such as sheet vinyl, tiles, carpet etc. When laying onto insulation the minimum screed thickness is 65mm. Heating pipes require a minimum cover of only 30mm of screed. Time to reach 75% RH 15 days

Gira System 3000 Lighting, Blind and Heating via Bluetooth

Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co KG

The Gira System 3000 offers maximum flexibility and optimum convenience for advanced light and blind control: with five different operating top units, which can be universally used for both areas of light and blinds, this offers easy operation and a functional aesthetically pleasing solution for every desired level of comfort. The top units are characterised by intuitive operation.

energiSava 250 Brochure (MVHR / Heat Recovery Ventilation System)

EnviroVent Ltd

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is a whole house ventilation system that both supplies and extracts air throughout a property. The energiSava 250 MVHR unit provides optimum ventilation for a property with a minimum loss of energy. Ideal for smaller houses and apartments the energiSava 250 is one of the most compact and lightweight MVHR unit on the market, achieving a high thermal efficiency of 91%.

LEWIS Deck, steel and concrete floors for Acoustic separation, underfloor heating, load bearing and wet rooms

CDI Innovative Construction Materials Ltd

As part of a joisted floor construction, LEWIS® Dovetailed metal decking provides a first class solution for ACOUSTICS, FIRE PROTECTION and works well with UNDERFLOOR HEATING AND COOLING systems. LEWIS® Dovetailed metal decking solutions are used in a range of applications including renovations and conversions, traditional new build, timber frame, steel frame and other off-site building systems, ICF and modular construction and mezzanine floors. These are low height concrete or screed suspended floors on top of joists or beams.

Showing 145-161 of 161