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Static Shelving System Brochures

Accessible Storage Solutions By Rackline

Rackline offer a range of static shelving system designed for a range of environments. Profile shelving for general storage. Proform double sided shelving for libraries and museums. Prospan shelving for large and/or bulkier items. All products are available in a wide range of sizes with optional accessories.

Product Brochure - shelving, racking, mobile, rotary products

Accessible Storage Solutions By Rackline

When it comes to innovative storage solutions, Rackline have a whole host of options for you. With almost 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing steel storage, we are one of the UK’s leading shelving and filing solutions providers. Our headquarters, manufacturing and showroom facilities are based in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, with a combined workforce of over 70 people.

Bruynzeel Library: Be Inspired - A range of library shelving and accessories

Bruynzeel Storage Systems Ltd

Sysco Library Shelving is an adjustable, flexible solution for libraries. Offering a full range of accessories, finishes and way-finding options provides aesthetic shelving for any library. The range includes mobile shelving for Library repositories. A high degree of dimensional flexibility ensures that the optimum shelving solution can be designed for any room, providing efficient use of space. Thanks to a modular construction, the library shelving can easily be altered or extended. Library Shelving runs can be finished with glass, steel, wood / timber or acoustic end panels, to complement the interior.

Bruynzeel Office: Space for inspiration, a range of mobile shelving for offices

Bruynzeel Storage Systems Ltd

Compactus Mobile Shelving - high quality aesthetic mobile shelving cabinets & storage systems for the main office - is the ultimate in office filing and document storage. Consisting of mobile cabinets or mobile shelving mounted on roller racking carriages. Most modern offices adhere to a Clear Desk policy at night, which requires that sufficient storage capacity is provided for all of the users’ information and equipment. Information that is used by several people should be placed in a central location within the office. Information stored for retrieval at a later date, or as reference material, should also be filed centrally. Placing the storage in the centre of the office, where it can be easily and quickly accessed by everyone who uses it makes sense and frees up floor space.

Bruynzeel Static Shelving: Sysco® - ideal for offices and static storage

Bruynzeel Storage Systems Ltd

This modular aesthetic shelving and cabinet system offers a wide range of dimensions to suit any office. Easily adjustable shelves with open-access or made secure with doors or roller shutters, Sysco shelving offers a wide range of useful accessories. Sysco steel shelving offers multiple lengths, depths & heights, to allow the system to be tailored into an area and around obstructions. It is suitable for single runs along a wall or for double sided shelving runs in the middle of the floor. The system uprights are either closed or with perforations for ventilation. Sysco shelving can also be mounted onto mobile carriages at any time to provide high-density mobile storage. A version for libraries exists with special wayfinding accessories and book supports.

Made-to-measure Stainless Steel - Stainless Steel Sinks, Worktops, Cabinets, Panels, Doors and Shelving are Produced to Meet Precise Requirements, Dimensions and Specifications

Anderson, GEC Ltd

GEC Anderson's made-to-measure stainless steel sinks, worktops, cabinets, panels, doors and shelving are produced to meet precise requirements and dimensions using brushed satin finish stainless steel. Optionally, textured finish and acid-resisting grade stainless steel are available. Worktops are produced in one continuous piece with no joins at sink bowls, edges or upstands. Panels and splashbacks with folded edges and waterproof particle board backing as standard are available in any size or shape. Shelving is the V90 wall-fixed, 3-part system with brackets located to stepless, unslotted uprights and solid shelves; perforated and barred shelves are also offered. Base/wall cabinets have one vertically adjustable shelf; drawer cabinets have 2, 3 or 4 drawers.

AOV Smoke Vent 140° SHEV Ventilation System EN12101-2

Surespan Ltd

Smoke Vents AOV provide smoke ventilation fully compliant to EN12101-2. The SHEV Opens to 140° degrees to allow quick smoke extraction. The smoke ventilators feature 50 mm insulation offering 0.43 W/m²K. A glass AOV smoke vent can also be offered under EN 12101-2 regulation. Surespan custom manufacture to your required size from 1050 x 1050 up to 3000 x 1800. Systems can use single or double actuators and can also be offered with a concealed design so actuators are not visible from below.

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