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ARDEX Fast Track Floor Screed Brochure

Ardex Ltd – Flooring, Tiling & Screeding products

With enhanced performance properties, an ARDEX Ultra Rapid Drying Screed can receive floorcoverings in as little as 4 hours, significantly shortening installation times. As a result, our products have been specified on many time critical projects where minimal disruption and fast turnarounds were essential; including multiple stations on the London Underground and retail outlets such as Selfridges Foodhall, where work can be completed overnight and areas reopened to the public the following morning.

Ronafix for Screeds

Ronacrete Ltd

Ronafix screeds are site batched screeding mortars and fine concretes. The mix design for each is Ronafix admixture, cement, medium grade sharp sand, aggregate as determined by the mix design, plus water. The components are measured by weight or by volume on site and mixed to form the screed. They are used with a primer of Ronafix and cement which achieves monolithic adhesion to correctly prepared concrete or screeds. Ronafix screeds are used to lay new screeds and toppings as thin as 6mm bonded or 35mm unbonded or floating. The cured mortar bonds securely to suitably prepared surfaces and is water resistant.

FS Screed

Conren Ltd

FS Screed is a three-pack solvent free epoxy resin screed which provides an impervious, chemically resistant floor topping. FS Screed is suitable for almost every building environment due to its excellent resistance to mechanical damage. FS Screed can be used as a high strength epoxy screed or as a general repair material for concrete both internally and externally. The advantages of using FS Screed include, durability, excellent abrasion resistance, low maintenance costs and a seamless finish which eliminates potential sources of failure. FS Screed is impervious providing a hygienic finish with an easy to clean surface. It is available in a limited range of colours however; it may also be overcoated with Conren epoxy resin coatings to extend the range of colours and finishes available.

Screed Solutions


Cemex Sand Cement screeds are branded as Readyscreed and include Readyscreed Original, Reinforced and Early Strength. Other permutations can be designed to suite specific applications such as SBR. All Readyscreed products are available in several strengths. With cement contents equal to volumetrically proportioned mixes 1:3, 1:4 and 1:5 (eg 1 part cement to 4 parts sand). Sand Cement screeds supplied by CEMEX are Factory Produced and Quality Controlled, they and delivered to site ready to use and retarded for one working day. All constituents comply with the current British and European Standards, thus, providing our customers with a Quality Assured product over and above that available from site mixing which often contain constituents of varying amount and quality and are mixed in a

Topflow Screed A Free-flowing flooring screed


Topflow Screed A is a quick drying, pump applied, free-flowing floor screed suitable for most applications,including underfloor heating. Designed to provide a smooth level surface in both commercial and domestic buildings prior to the application of floor finishes, Topflow Screed A can be used bonded, unbonded or floating. It is particularly suitable for use with underfloor heating. For advice on specifications and for proprietary systems contact your Tarmac representative. Suitable for all residential and commercial floors carrying pedestrian traffic within BS8204 classification. Compatible with the majority of timber frame construction systems due to its density at 40mm thickness (80kg/m2).

GYPSOL Modular Screed


GYPSOL Modular is designed specifically for use in Modular construction systems and where dovetail steel deck systems such as Lewis Decking are used. GYPSOL Modular screed uses GYPSOL anhydrite screed binder and is suitable for the encapsulation of an underfloor heating system, either electric or warm water. GYPSOL Modular is suitable for use in both residential and commercial including apartments, schools, prison units, hospitals and single dwellings where light weight and durable modular floors are required. GYPSOL Modular screed also improves the environmental and durability characteristics and gives a concrete feel to a light weight steel floor.

Linear Screed Drain

CCL Wetrooms

At a marketing leading depth of only 55mm, the Linear Screed Drain is the ideal drainage solution for shallow concrete floors.

Isocrete K-Screed

Flowcrete UK Ltd

Award-winning Isocrete K-Screed combines consistency, high strength, rapid installation and excellent noiusture control with compatibility to a number of bolt-on subfloor systems including underfloor heating and acountic insulation. Find out more...

Sureflo Bagged flowing screed


Sureflo is a bagged screed which incorporates high quality GYPSOL anhydrite binder with specially selected sand to produce a preblended mixture in 25kg bags. Simply add the requisite amount of water to produce a high quality flowing floor screed. Sureflo is perfect for small areas and for use in regions where flowing screeds are impossible to source due to readymix plant locations.

GYPSOL Classic Flowing Screed


This is the most commonly used of the GYPSOL Calcium Sulphate Floor Screed range. GYPSOL Classic is a general purpose flowing screed, using synthetic anhydrite harvested from the waste material of the chemical industry, and is for use in all interior non wearing floors whether heated or unheated, bonded, unbonded or floating and where no special strength or durability requirements are present.

Drying of Gypsol Anhydrite Screeds


This data sheet is a record of independent test data compiled by Action Dry Ltd which identifies and quantifies drying times, moisture test methods and other moisture related information on Gypsol Screeds. It shows that the drying time based on environmental conditions of 20 degrees C and 60% RH Gypsol screed at 50mm dries in 28 days and when force dried using underfloor heating dries in 13 days. Drying times are affected by site conditions, suitability of the site and depth of screed.

Hush Screed Panel 30

Hush Acoustics

Hush Screed Panel 30 is a high mass acoustic floorboard that has been developed to increase both airborne and impact acoustic performance in new build, conversion or refurbishment developments when the floor structure is deemed to be too lightweight for a standard acoustic panel.

Gyvlon ECO Flowing Screed

Anhydritec Ltd

This is our go flowing screed for most situations. ECO can save 92% carbon footprint on your projects and the binder is made for 98% recycled material.

Adhesives, Grouts, Waterproofing, Screeds

Fassa UK Ltd

The Fassa Bortolo system for laying floor and wall coverings adheres to LEED and has been awarded GEV-EMICODE EC 1 Plus and CSTB certification for some or all of the relevant products. It includes screeds, levelling and other substrate preparation products, waterproofers, adhesives for tiles, wooden and resilient flooring and tiling grouts.

Isocrete Self Level Screeds

Flowcrete UK Ltd

A general all-purpose self levelling floor screed. Designed for the all-purpose levelling of surfaces prior to the installation of floor finishes including carpet, vinyl, tiles or resin.

Showing 1-36 of 155