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SAS Mesh

SAS International Ltd

An increasingly popular material option, mesh is an ideal choice to achieve contemporary design aesthetics and is an alternative option to exposed soffit. Across commercial, transportation, retail, leisure and educational sectors, we work directly with architects, designers and contractors to meet the desired aesthetic and functional needs of the project. SAS Mesh has a wide range of pattern and finish options and can be manufactured to the specifiers shape and design.

SAS Timber

SAS International Ltd

The use of natural textures and materials by architects and interior designers often governs the feel of warmth and wellbeing in internal spaces. SAS Timber ceilings offer the natural aesthetic of wood, as a key design influence within on-trend interiors, whilst offering acoustic control, service integration and meeting the rigorous demands of fire safety. In collaboration with architects and acoustic engineers SAS International have integrated wooden panels within a wide range of systems with a choice of multiple finishes and veneers. The acoustic panels are ideal for use in auditoriums, conference centres, theatres, schools, restaurants, shops and offices.

SAS Lighting Brochure

SAS International Ltd

SAS International® has a global reputation for outstanding integrated metal ceilings installed in the most prestigious buildings worldwide. We are design and integration experts, achieving the complex balance between performance and aesthetics. This expertise includes the integration of lighting within the ceiling plane, delivering excellence in manufacturing and engineering quality. Our lighting offer is the result of 50 years of design collaboration with the worlds most discerning and innovative clients. Pioneers in our field, we understand the smallest error in detailing can undermine success. Designed in-house and manufactured by SAS International, our integrated lighting products ensure design intent where only the best will suffice.

Personal Space Management Desk Screens

SAS International Ltd

As governments around the world start to ease the rules around lockdown, the agenda for organisations will now be to look at ways in minimizing the transmission of Coronavirus within the workplace. In light of this, the SAS team have developed a range of Personal Space Management products including Desk Screens. Designed to be retrofitted into current commercial spaces, the screens contribute to the practise of social distancing without the occupier having to physically change the layout of the workplace.

Open Cell Ceiling Range

SAS International Ltd

SAS800 Trucell and SAS810 Tricell are decorative open cell ceilings, for airflow and smoke extraction applications. The metal ceiling system comprises a series of open cell modules designed to lay onto a suspension grid. The ceiling tiles can integrate within other metal ceiling systems and plasterboard ceilings. The open cell ceiling range is ideal for retail, transport or leisure applications with high human traffic flow. Rapid and safe smoke extraction is critical in such environments.

Linear Ceiling Range

SAS International Ltd

A simple to install, the range of premium linear profile systems are ideal for budget applications requiring aesthetic treatments or integral design feature.

Acoustic Baffle Ceiling Range

SAS International Ltd

Acoustic baffles offer a visually engaging alternative to suspended acoustic ceiling systems, ideal for exposed soffit areas. Baffles offer good sound absorption, effectively controlling reverberation within these highly sound reflective interiors. Available in numerous colours and sizes, the baffles can be suspended at a range of heights for further visual interest.


SAS International Ltd

Ceiling Rafts offer a variety of applications from the purely aesthetic to high performance acoustics with service integration. The rafts and modules are available in a range of curved, flat or angled profiles as standard. Bespoke designs can be achieved to realise highly aspirational interiors. The flexibility of rafts and modules makes them ideal for both new build and retrofit acoustic solutions.

Polynodal Ceiling

SAS International Ltd

SAS900 Polynode is an adjustable nodal ceiling system used to create multi-faceted ceiling designs. This polynodal system meets the demand of specifiers who desire a free-form ceiling surface which contributes to modern building design. Simple equilateral triangle tiles can create a near infinite variety of polyhedral ceiling forms. Our patented nodal system can also be used to transition from ceiling to wall.

Cavity Trays Ltd Type LTT Level Threshold Tray

Cavity Trays Ltd

The Type LTT is a product specifically designed for isolating and protecting masonry at level thresholds. This detail sheet explains the issues associated with level thresholds and provides a robust solution. Further reading in Product Guide Volume 22.

SAS Window Brochure

Senior Architectural Systems Ltd

All our window products are designed with meticulous attention to detail and are available either in aluminium, Hybrid timber/aluminium composite and fibreglass. Privately-owned, the ongoing mission at Senior Architectural Systems is to offer high performance window solutions to meet the needs of each project so that the fabricator is competitive and the client is totally confident.

SAS Unit - SkySas EV

Gunnebo UK Ltd

The sleek, streamlined design of the SkySas EV harmoniously integrates into its existing surroundings, fitting in discreetly whether installed inside or on the facade of the building. Fitted with two sliding doors, it features the most accurate metal detection system on the market, compliant with NILJEC international standards. SkySas EV guarantees security perimeter continuity and meets the highest standards for ballistic resistance. In its swing door version, it is the only security airlock to be totally certified for ballistic resistance of up to level FB4 (EN 1522). A broad range of detection systems can be installed, meeting the requirements of most client security issue. Some versions of the SkySas EV are compliant with BS EN 179 emergency exit regulations.

Showing 1-36 of 5526