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Roof Drains & Pipes


BLUCHER offers a stainless steel roof drainage system suitable for: * Flat roofs of all designs * Downpipes from roofs of all designs * Roofs with bitumen or single ply roof membrane * Equally suitable for gravity and siphonic systems.

Harmer Roof Drainage

Alumasc Water Management Solutions

The Harmer Roof range offers an unrivalled choice of rainwater outlets and channels which combine innovative engineering and high performance materials for use with all types of waterproofing systems and building construction.

Duratherm roof stabilisation

Isothane Ltd

Duratherm is an in-situ, HFO blown, spray applied stabilisation layer which contributes to the airtightness and watertightness of pitched roofs. It can be used as a repair medium on tiled or slated cold pitched roofs suffering from slippage or displacement of the roof covering, or nail fatigue. Duratherm is for internal application to the underside of pitched roofs without a roof tile underlay or sarking boards. It is applied directly under the tiles or slates between the rafters in a loft of existing domestic buildings in the UK.

Duratherm roof insulation

Isothane Ltd

Duratherm® is a Kiwa BDA Agrément approved (Certificate No’s 18-035,036 & 039) closed cell spray foam insulation. LABC Registered Details (EWWS 1196A) are available. LABC Warranty also accepts its use. Duratherm® is used to insulate pitched and flat roofs, timber framed walls, solid walls and suspended timber floors. Duratherm® is used extensively as insulation and condensation control on agricultural and commercial buildings and can be sprayed directly onto profiled steel or corrugated composite cladding panels. Duratherm® insulation is enhanced by effectively sealing all gaps and joints in a substrate, preventing air leakage and air infiltration. Duratherm® is a so called “4th Generation” spray foam that has zero effect on the ozone layer and a very low Global Warming Potential

Roofing Product Catalogue

Marley Ltd

Our latest roofing product catalogue features Marley's extensive range of tiles and slates, dry fix and ventilation systems, fittings and accessories.

Roofing Accessories Brochure

Marley Ltd

Our roofs are a complex blend of aesthetics and performance. Weathertight, but able to breathe from the inside out using integrated dry fix ventilation systems, theyre designed to perform and proven to last

BARDOLINE Roof Shingles

Onduline Building Products Ltd

BARDOLINE asphalt roof shingles provide a watertight and cost-effective roof. Recommended for small or medium sized shingle roofs. BARDOLINE roof shingles are available in different shapes and colours to match the needs of your customers. Fire resistant, BARDOLINE asphalt roof shingles are manufactured using specially formulated bitumen asphalt, reinforced with glass fibres and are guaranteed for 10-years. - Lightweight asphalt roofing shingle - Easy transportation and handling - 10-year warranty - AA Fire rated roof shingles suitable for any roof type

Lightweight Roofing Systems

Metrotile UK Ltd

Metrotile Lightweight Roof Tiles weigh up to one seventh of equivalent traditional materials while offering superior protection and benefits. This product brochure covers detail of all of our products alongside case studies and stunning photography. Metrotile: The Future Proof Roof

Glazed Roof Hatches

Surespan Ltd

All Surespan glazed roof access hatches are manufactured using thermally broken extruded sections as standard, offering clients excellent energy conservation properties and substantially reducing internal condensation or frost formation.

RCM Supertech Installation Guide

RCM - Roofing and Cladding Materials Ltd

Supertech Weatherboard is a simple to install, fully ventilated rainscreen cladding system which has an appearance similar to that of timber but the durability and strength of cement. A single facet autoclaved refined cellulose fibre cement plank, Supertech Weatherboard is lightweight, requires little maintenance, can be used in the same way as timber and allows you to create truly stunning façades. Offering two ranges of finishes, natural timber effect stained and natural timber effect painted, Supertech Weatherboard is an attractive alternative to traditional timber boarding and plastic effect PVCu cladding.

BAL External Tiling Solutions Range Brochure

Building Adhesives Ltd

Providing seamless solutions through innovative designs, BAL external tiling solutions with Gutjahr System Technology represents innovative drainage systems for terraces, balconies and external ground floors, ensuring a safe and stylish transition from internal to external tiles areas.

Carpet Collection - Glazed Clay Carpet Tiles


A new carpet tile collection Glazed Clay from Milliken takes as its starting point the subtle colours, finishes and textures of studio pottery: a rediscovered art form where traditional craftsmanship meets instinctive artistry. It is a form of creative expression where the process is as visceral as the outcome. Glazed Clay is available in a palette of 30 colours and features ECONYL 100% regenerated yarn and 90% recycled content cushion backing.

Carpet Collection - Artistic Liberties Carpet Tiles


Stylised interpretation historically clashes with artistic liberties. Historic references lead to twisted timelines. Beautifying abstractions are gilded with traditional woven patterns of damask and brocade. Spray-can embroidery stitches together ornate compositions with post punk influences. Timely or timeless, traditional designs are reinterpreted and colour clashes reinvented to change opinion.

Carpet Collection - Naturally Drawn Carpet Tiles


From natures calendar to the artists studio, from the outside to the inside, creative minds have joined to create three designs drawn from nature and reinterpreted through artistic expression. Watercolour Lesson, Drawing in Ink and Hand Sketched, each one lovingly crafted through its artists medium: watercolour, ink and pencil sketch. Three designs, each with a story to tell.

Carpet Collection - Laylines & Transitions Carpet Tiles


This modular carpet collection is a flurry of lines offering interest and fluidity, whilst a vast array of contrasting and complementary hues provide a plethora of colour options. Breathtaking and high energy brights are counter balanced by beautifully blended, rich neutrals. This collection is also offered with a transition design, allowing colour to effortlessly flow across the floor plane with out harsh lines or breaks.

Carpet Collection - Nordic Stories Carpet Tiles


Our travels have taken us to extreme environments: the surreal contrasts of Iceland, a country representing geological drama at its best, a place where isolation and dark winters create the backdrop to a unique breed of creativity. In contrast the gentle landscape of Denmark. A country peppered with archipelagos and home of 21st Century design, where form and function meet utopian ideology. The collection comprises three designs; Tectonic, Isograd and Hidden Plains.

Showing 181-216 of 777