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Multi-Flex Rubber Gym Tiles


The DYNAMIK Multi-Flex tiles are interlocking premium fitness flooring tiles perfectly suited to fitness suites and gyms with specialist biometric, plyometric or weight training areas. It is designed and engineered to be easy to clean, and to maximise comfort, durability functionality and visual appearance. At 30mm thick, the tiles provide superior sound insulation and shock absorption, making them an ideal solution for those areas where sound reduction and floor protection is required, especially in gym areas above a solid ground floor. The tiles also offer exceptional resilience in helping to prevent muscle and joint injuries.

The Imerys Phalempin Clay Plain Tile


Continuing a tradition of excellence in clay plain tiles. The 17x27 Plain Tile is a highly appealing traditional clay plain roof tile produced at Phalempin in the north of France. The mellow, textured surface combines the beautiful appearance of mature handmade tiles with affordable prices. Unique anti-capillary channels ensure enhanced performance and peace of mind at pitches as low as 30°. The Phalempin 17x27 integrates perfectly with the IMERYS PV System of photovoltaic panels.

The Imerys Beauvoise 20 Clay Tile


Economical interlocking plain tile and clay slates. The Beauvoise 20 is the original interlocking clay plain tile and clay slate,and provides an affordable economical alternative to traditional plain tiles or expensive natural or composite slate. Its unique design not only reduces material and labour costs but over 50% batten savings combined with significant reduction in CO2 emissions and overall weight per square metre installed. This is all achieved by its coverage of only 20.5 tiles per m2 and nominal variable batten gauge of 245mm making the Beauvoise 20 a natural choice for your next project.

The Imerys Huguenot 20x30 Clay Tile


The 20x30 clay plain tile is manufactured at St Germer de Fly in the Beauvais region. This innovative tile combines the larger economical size of 200 x 300mm with a discreetly shouldered cross camber and unique anti-capillary channels. Available in seven attractive colours, the 20x30 offers installation cost savings over traditional premium concrete or clay plain tiles without compromising aesthetics.

AMF Thermatex Ceiling Tile Range

Knauf AMF Ceilings Ltd

AMF THERMATEX® functional and innovative The tiles, produced using a wet-felt process, are considered to be an international benchmark for quality standards and functional product properties. AMF THERMATEX® sets pioneering trends in the functional-aesthetic concept of modular ceilings.

Kinley Atria External Porcelain Tiles


Create seamless living spaces with matching 10 mm internal and 20 mm external porcelain tiles. Atria tiles allow you to create a free-flowing design that begins inside and carries through to outdoor spaces, creating one beautiful place to enjoy whatever the weather. Atria tiles offer a perfect blend of Italian style, with excellent slip resistance and tremendous durability that most tiles cant compete with. The tiles also work well in conjunction with our Support Structures.

Balanced Hues Carpet Tile Collection

IVC Commercial

Inspired by characteristic British tweed, Balanced Hues instantly invokes that same timeless classic feel. This modern flooring twist on a stylish fashion fabric adds a touch of the upper classes to any space. With Balanced Hues, you can practically smell the warm fires, hearty cup of tea or tasty scones coming from its fibres. And the best part? Balanced Hues was created using the same colour bank as IVCs Art collections, meaning it can be combined with almost limitless possibilities!

Expedition I Carpet Tile Collection

IVC Commercial

Throughout its history on earth, humankind has witnessed various phenomena, often leaving us in awe of natures beauty. Inspired by these wonders, the four Expedition I styles offer stunning solutions for corporate offices and healthcare environments. Moreover, eight coordinating ColorBeat designs add an additional splash of serene colours to your project, allowing your creativity to roam free.

Street Thread Carpet Tile Collection

IVC Commercial

The Street Thread collection gives you the flexibility to define unique visual spaces in open environments. Its contrasting colours and patterns together generate street smart designs, fit for any interior. Inspired by the work of leading street artists, the collections three designs blend bold geometric and gradient shapes into a distinctly urban, modern aesthetic. Moreover, eight coordinating ColorBeat designs add an additional splash of vibrant colour to your project, allowing your creativity to roam free.

Earth to Sky Carpet Tile Collection

IVC Commercial

Inspired by the universes radiant beauty, the Earth to Sky collection conjures up textures, colours and patterns found in raw, wild environments. The collection reveals breathtaking changing hues and deep shadowy tones, mirroring the depths of the earth and the far reaches of the cosmos. Lustrous metallic yarns and innovative tufting technology enhance the colour palettes even more, offering glimmers of natural light and a dense, chromatic feel. Earth to Sky comes in two modular sizes, 24 x 24 square and 12 x 36 plank, for a floor that bursts with tonal colours and surprising texture shifts.

Art Style Carpet Tile Collection

IVC Commercial

Expose your creative potential with the three elegant products in Art Style: Shared Path, Disruptive Path and Metallic Path. Shared Path: Designers often chose the path less taken to create memorable spaces. Art Styles product duo makes the journey more exciting with Shared Path, a nuanced textured pattern with universal appeal. Disruptive Path: Art and design can occasionally be an unexpected, yet extraordinary, journey. Art Styles Disruptive Path supports this notion with a neutral solid ground pattern that reveals electrifying bright accents. Metallic Path: With metallic path a luminous metallic accent yarn was added to the nuanced textured pattern of shared path, revealing a luxurious appeal.

Expedition II Carpet Tile Collection

IVC Commercial

As long humankind has lived on this planet, our quest for new frontiers has never ended. The Expedition II collection builds on humanitys adventures in uncharted territory, with its shifting planes of light and swirling celestial bodies. Pushing the boundaries of commercial flooring design, the three styles allow you to blend intense colours and surprising hues from the deep seas to the far reaches of the cosmos, to create a truly unique visual language. Moreover, our coordinating ColorBeat design adds an additional splash of vibrant colour to your project, allowing your creativity to roam free.

Art Fields Carpet Tile Collection

IVC Commercial

The beauty of Art Fields lies in its ability to achieve a gradual and organic transition between colours. Its natural colour flow is not only peaceful and soothing, but functional as well: it creates a natural border between two functional spaces. How? Its secret is the combination of three different carpet tiles, each with a specific yarn composition. The textured grey surface of Shared Path serves as the base, Organic Shift mixes this grey base with sporadic colour accents patterned throughout, and finally transfers into Full Shift. Here the balance is shifted and colour takes the upper hand. Perfect for highlighting functional zones! With Art Fields, you get to pair the performance and beauty of the Art carpet tile collections with even more design possibilities.

Get Smart Carpet Tile Collection

IVC Commercial

Heavy-use facilities, like schools, libraries and offices, require highperforming and durable carpets. The Get Smart collection innovates through smarter design, creating top-quality carpets that combine graphic design with eclectic and subtle colour blends. Moreover, our coordinating ColorBeat design adds an additional splash of deep accent colour to your project, allowing your creativity to roam free.

Carpet Collection - Clerkenwell Carpet Tiles


A rich and diverse community once known for its traditional craft-making skills. A secret village of passageways and ancient buildings, with a history of political intrigue twisting around every corner. The collection features five designs; Three Corners, Triangular Path, EC1, Time Piece and Circle Top View which are made up of bold geometric shapes layered on to complex textural backgrounds.

100TiXi20TML - single slot tile insert

Stormtech Pty Ltd

The 100TiXi20TML linear drainage system is an ultra minimal, 100mm wide Tile Insert drain. The Stormtech 100TiXi20MTL allows tiles of up to 10mm, offering a shallow channel profile of just 23mm total depth. Made-to-length in Australia from 316 marine grade stainless steel, all Stormtech drainage can be finished in a range of vibrant metallic and powdercoat colours. Some of the product features include: made-to-length unit, marine grade stainless steel; and Greentag + Watermark certified.

Icopal Roof Project Roof Leak Detection System

BMI Icopal

The wide and varied uses of todays flat roof construction can lead to damage of the waterproofing. Even the best roofing systems can sustain damage from construction, maintenance or pedestrian traffic through its lifetime. Undetected, the smallest puncture, membrane split, or mechanical breach can be devastating, causing severe and costly structural decay, interior damage, wet insulation with loss of thermal performance and mould. FOCUS ON PREVENTION Finding a leak can be a hit-or-miss process as well as costly and time consuming, particularly when the roofing membrane is covered by a green roof or ballast. Removal of such is labour intensive and can create more problems than the original leak itself.

Showing 145-180 of 777