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Hydrotech Hot-Melt Waterproofing Brochure

Alumasc Roofing

Hydrotech is the ultimate hot-melt structural waterproofing - with a proven track record dating back 50 years. Hydrotech's unique formulation of modified bitumen, synthetic rubbers and anti-oxidants is enhanced by an additional reinforcement layer to guarantee lifetime performance when specified as the waterproofing for protected roofs, plaza/podium decks, green roofs, water features or access roadways. Hydrotech has been extensively specified and installed in the UK, including major developments such as Canary Wharf, The Shard and Heathrow.

Euroroof Bituminous Membranes Brochure

Alumasc Roofing

Euroroof bituminous membranes, underlays, vapour barriers and adhesives offer flexible specification options for installation time and cost efficiencies. With options for traditional torch-on, self-adhesive and thermo-adhesive techniques, consistently high performance specifications can be tailored to the project's requirements.

Derbigum VAEPLAN Single Ply Brochure

Alumasc Roofing

Vaeplan has built up a solid reputation as producer of high-end (Vinyl Acetate Ethylene) synthetic roofing of which the durability has proven itself in practice. Some of the benefits of our single ply system includes the avoidance of using naked flame and the speed of application, especially useful when meeting school holidays or factory shut down timescales and deadlines. Because of its vapour permeability, the risk of condensation problems in comparison with other synthetic membranes is astonishing 5 to 15 times less. This can be useful if the use of the building changes. The same advantage also applies in the case of captured humidity in the build-up during installation as it dries out up to 15 times faster.

Derbigum Bituminous Membranes Brochure

Alumasc Roofing

Derbigum high performance membranes have a proven track record of success stretching back 40 years. With enhanced flexibility, reinforced strength and excellent fire ratings, Derbigum combines lifetime performance with strong sustainable technologies, including new cold adhesives and Derbigum CO neutralising membrane.

Monoscreed - PMMA Quick Curing Screed

Alumasc Roofing

Monoscreed is a fast curing PMMA based compound screed (solvent and isocyanate free) comprising of resin + filler + aggregate mix. The cold applied compound can be mixed at roof level and applied at 3-50mm on concrete decks in order to bring deck levels back to tolerance i.e. zero falls' thus reducing deck deflection/back-falls. The compound can also be applied to a slope in order to introduce localised falls.

Building Services Supports and Edge Protection

Alumasc Roofing

Roof-Pro non-penetrative, free-standing supports for building services are tailored to individual project requirements and are fully warranted. Every Roof-Pro support and/or access solution meets the requirements of the specific roof structure of the project. Roof-Pro systems also ensure that damaging design details to the roof's waterproofing are avoided. Also available is the Sure-Foot standard range of roof plant and services supports, meeting the growing demand for off-the-shelf, lightweight support solutions. Sure-Foot provide various edge-protection systems that help maintain 'working at height' health and safety regulations and offers solutions that do not compromise the buildings' long term appearance with fold-down systems available.

Caltech QC (Quick Cure) Liquid Waterproofing Brochure

Alumasc Roofing

Caltech waterproofing systems offer specifiers and installers a versatile range of cold-applied waterproofing solutions for flat roofs, walkways and existing low-pitched sheet roofs. Suited to both refurbishment and new build applications, Caltech flame-free solutions ensure the integrity of the waterproofing is maintained whilst opening up opportunities for time and cost efficiencies. The Caltech range offers a choice of application methods such as anti-slip surfacing for site safety requirements. The range also includes low-odour solutions, UV stable and quick curing variants dependant on the project requirements.

Vent turbine certification

Alu Roofing

Construction Technical Certificate 202-STO-B-02927-19 of 2019-10-17. Certification scheme applied: CSN EN lSO/lEC 17067:2014, Scheme 1a.

Alumasc Rooflights Brochure

Alumasc Roofing

Alumasc's modular and bespoke rooflights are available in a choice of design, making them the ideal choice for providing natural daylight into commercial, industrial and domestic buildings.

BluRoof Brochure

Alumasc Roofing

The Alumasc BluRoof system is designed to alleviate flood risk by reducing and controlling the peak rate of discharge from roofs in compliance with design requirements. This facilitates the temporary attenuation of stormwater up to a prescribed maximum hydraulic head for subsequent controlled discharge over an elongated period of time. Alumasc BluRoofs apply internationally adopted sustainable urban drainage systems techniques.

Neo Plain Tile


The unique 3-in-1 Neo clay plain tile provides house builders and specifiers with a new innovative solution to the standard 265 x 165mm clay plain tile. With an economical, cost effective coverage of 19.5 to the metre and a low 30 degree roof pitch guarantee, the Neo in 3 eye catching colours offers a real alternative.

ReEntry - Carpet Tile

Interface Europe Ltd, t/a Interface

Every day, tonnes of carpet are discarded, mainly ending up in landfill. In the UK alone, its estimated that about 165,000 tonnes of carpet end up in landfill each year. By choosing ReEntry, you will ensure more social and environmental value is created with your used carpet, taking you one step closer to a circular economy.

Tactiles - Carpet Tile

Interface Europe Ltd, t/a Interface

TacTiles connect the carpet tiles to each other, creating a floating floor that doesnt shrink or expand. Thats how we eliminate the need for glue. No damage to the subfloor and no sticky mess during the installation. In short, TacTiles make carpet tile installation easy, quick and clean.

Loft Carpet Tile

danfloor UK Ltd

Loft is a modern and stylish range that combines superior performance with key trend colours. Loft also receives a Class 33 Wear Classification Heavy Commercial Use, making it a durable option for any interior scheme. The Loft Tile provides you with the flexibility to structure your space and create a designed interior by using a combination of the 9 available colours from across the range.The Loft Tile also offers you flexibility and ease when it comes to installation and replacement.

Ashdowne Handcrafted Tiles

Marley Ltd

ASHDOWNE HANDCRAFTED Now with subtle, distressed edges. Each tile is uniquely beautiful but with all the benefits of machine-made clay tiles.

Clay Interlocking Tiles

Marley Ltd

A range of clay interlocking tiles to suit every sector, pitch, geographical location and aesthetic requirement: at the same time complying with BS 5534 and BS 5250 and fully integrating with our base layers and dry fix systems to create a complete roof system.

3D Ceiling Tile

Autex Acoustics Ltd

3D Ceiling Tiles takes our popular wall tiles to all new heights; literally. Our creative and stylish tiles are available in a ceiling tile that can sit within any standard ceiling grid. Choose from five original styles and 15 colours to create three-dimensional ceiling features that not only look good but are specially designed to reduce and control echo, for a more focused and productive space. And you dont have to be restricted by a ceiling grid, as 3D Ceiling Tiles can be directly fixed to the ceiling, or used in a bespoke ceiling design; its completely up to you. 3D Ceiling Tiles are super lightweight, semi-rigid and easy to install. Just like the rest of the interior acoustics range, durability, longevity and performance are assured.

3D Tiles Brochure

Autex Acoustics Ltd

3D Ceiling Tiles takes our popular wall tiles to all new heights; literally. Our creative and stylish tiles are now available in a ceiling tile that can simply sit within any standard ceiling grid. Available in all our original styles and colours, you can create three dimensional ceiling features that not only look good, but are specially designed to reduce and control echo creating a more focussed and productive space. As 3D Ceiling tiles are super light weight and semi rigid, they are easy to install and, just like the rest of the Interior Acoustics range, durability, longevity and performance are assured, leaving nothing left but your creative licence.


Onduline Building Products Ltd

ONDUVILLA Tile Strip ONDUVILLA from Onduline is a corrugated roofing tiles to replicate a traditional clay tile. Available in a 3-tone shading for an aesthetically pleasing roof. ONDUVILLA tiles are the ideal solution to cover a variety of buildings, including, stables, sheds, garden rooms, car ports, orangeries, home offices and other outdoor buildings. SAFE MATERIAL Bitumen, which is well known for its use in the composition of roads, is also one of the most well used raw materials in the roofing industry, thanks to its perfect sealing performance. Cellulosic fibres derived from wood give the Onduline roofing sheets their mechanical strength. The Onduline roofing material is manufactured using 50-60% recycled cellulose fibres, so is also good for the environment www.onduline.co.uk

SIGnature Clay Tile

SIG Design & Technology

Made from one of the most historic, continuously used construction materials, high quality natural clay tiles, fired correctly, will enhance any project, even in the most severe climate. As a natural material, clay will vary in quality, colour and appearance. Whilst some variation is normal, particularly in the handmade range, SIGs experienced craftsmen ensure that quality remains consistent. Warranties and approvals All SIGnature Clay Tiles come with a 30 year warranty* and are fully backed by SIG Roofing, the UKs largest distributor of roofing materials. The performance of the tile is warranted for the stated period, subject to installation in accordance with prevailing British Standards and good roofing practice. *Terms and conditions apply

Double HP20 Clay Tile


Combining small format aesthetics with large format economy. The result of imaginative product design and state of the art technology, the Edilians Double HP20 combines the appealing aesthetics of a small format tile with the economy and ease of installation of a large format model. High visual appeal is ensured by the presence of a discretely tapered leading edge and exceptional water tightness is assured on roof pitches as low as 17.5° thanks to high performance double interlocks.

Showing 73-108 of 777