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Pendock Radiator Guards


Pendock's radiator guards protect residents, children and patients by reducing the risk of burning from radiators. A standard and a plus range are available. The plus has a lockable drop down front cover that is easily removed for deep cleaning of the radiator and cover. A sloped top is also available along with bullnose corners for added safety. Ligature resistance is available with a fine mesh fitted behind the grilles. All radiator guards are powder coated with an anti-bacterial paint as standard. All guards are bespoke and manufactured to customers' requirements PPC white as standard however other RAL colours are available.

Aestus Contemporary Radiators

Aestus Ltd

The finest collection of contemporary radiators - from flat designer radiators and glass radiators to radiators with an undulating design. Hand applied finishes available.

Vasco Niva Bath Radiator

Vasco Group nv

How do you make a bathroom radiator just that little bit more than a stylish heat source? Vasco has the answer with the new Niva Bath! Inspired by the successful Niva radiator, the new Niva Bath stands further back from the wall (at a distance of 325 mm). Allowing more space at the rear of the radiator for additional functionality such as shelves for towels. Niva Bath is available in 55 colours and the shelves come standard in black (RAL 9005), or white (S600).

Electric Bathroom Radiators with Blower

Vasco Group nv

Many modern homes are so well insulated that heating is hardly necessary anymore with the exception of specific spaces such as the bathroom. An electric radiator is the ideal solution to heat these rooms quickly and efficiently. Especially if you generate your own electricity with solar panels. In addition to its well-known range of electric designer radiators, Vasco has developed a series of electric bathroom radiators with a premounted Blower. The Blower works with a selfprogramming, intelligent control unit that is based on presence detection. Thanks to this feature you can keep your consumption to a minimum!

Electric Oil Filled Radiator - ThermoSphere


This is a programmable, oil filled electric radiator with built in energy monitor. Its accurate, fast acting control reduces temperature overrun and maximises energy efficiency. It learns the optimum heat up time for a room, with the additional benefit of open window detection to help with energy efficiency. A customised 7 day heating schedule can be set up to fit around lifestyles as well as the option to manually boost the temperature on demand. These smart electric radiators are also Lot20 compliant and have a 10 year warranty.

Beams & Bryce Mono - Aluminium Design Radiator

Vasco Group nv

What happens if you reduce two vertical designer radiators to their extreme essence, completely removing the connections from sight and harmoniously integrating the suspensions? Vasco put it to the test with the aluminium designer radiators Beams and Bryce, two renowned members of Vasco´s aluminium line. Result? The epitome of pure simplicity and architectural freedom.

Radmat Introduction

Radmat Building Products Ltd

Radmat Services include: • CPD seminars • Design and Specification support • NBS and Bespoke Specifications • CAD Details • Roof Surveys • Condition reports and remedial proposals • In progress inspections • Guarantee inspections • Comprehensive guarantees.

IRISS (Integrated Radiant Image Solar Shading)

Renson Fabrications Ltd

With IRISS, a building can be equipped with a dynamic transparant video image system, with minimal impact on the architectural design. In fact, the IRISS video image enhance sun shades, are part of the architectural look of a building. It is the best of several worlds. It provides design (opinion) and dynamic imaging.

BBA EshaFlex Total Green Roof Waterproofing Systems

Radmat Building Products Ltd

This Agrément Certificate Product Sheet(1) relates to EshaFlex Total Green Roof Waterproofing Systems, a range of polymer-modified bitumen waterproofing membranes and vapour control layers for use on inverted, warm and cold, pitched, flat and zero falls roofs in green roof or roof garden applications.

Introduction to Esha RBM Membranes

Radmat Building Products Ltd

Esha Total Care provides a complete roofing solution for the specifier and/or building owner, taking away many of the traditional roofing headaches and delivering quality where it counts: Quality in Service, Products, Systems, Design and Workmanship. All backed by a confidence inspiring guarantee.

ProTherm Quantum

Radmat Building Products Ltd

Demand for terraces and balconies have never been greater, but with thickness limitation of traditional products there is a difficulty; How to comply with the thermal requirements of Building Regulations Part L whilst meeting the Building Regulations Part Ms requirements for a level threshold and meet NHBCs Chapter 7.1 requirement to provide a 75mm drainage clearance. In these, and many other applications, ProTherm Quantum stands alone as the premium choice for inverted roof insulation. 5 times thinner than traditional XPS board it offers a significant reduction in height without the loss of thermal performance. From a construction perspective its already being used as a get out of jail solution for level access requirements on existing designs with onerous U Value requirements.

ParaFlex - Cold resin waterproofing

Radmat Building Products Ltd

ParaFlex is a fast curing, cold applied polyester resin waterproofing system. It is ‘wet on wet’ between layers so it doesn’t need to be left to cure between coats. This means a faster application to give a continuous monolithic material.

Showing 1-36 of 36