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Bike Racks

Cycle-Works Ltd

We supply a range of horizontal bicycle racks in different shapes and finishes. Our range includes the classic flat top Sheffiels stands, as well as the popular Rounded A rack and many other different styles. All racks can be supplied in a galvanised only, galvanised and powder coated or stainless steel finish. The can be supplied for embedding into the ground, surface mounting onto concrete or as toast racks (on metal rails).

Bike Rack - Two Tier Rack Specifiation Sheet

The Bike Storage Company

The Two Tier Bike Rack is the ultimate for achieving excellent space saving bike storage whilst ensuring a usable system for your users. Offering superb usability and exceptional value it has become the bike rack of choice for any area requiring high density bike storage such as stations, universities,shopping centres, car park and offices. The Two Tier Bike Rack accommodates all types of bicycles which are securely supported in the tyre channel. The rack also offers high security as both the wheels and the frame are able to be locked to the rack. BREEAM Compliant.

Magply Racking Test


Black Mountain Insulation Ltd supplied MagPly sheathing boards to be installed onto timber frame panels made at Lucideon, to establish racking resistance in accordance with BS EN 594:2011 Timber Structures – Test Methods. Racking strength and stiffness of the panel were determined according to Section 6.5 of BS EN 52681-6.1:1996.

Bike Rack - Two Tier Cycle Rack Specification Document

The Bike Storage Company

SITE AND STREET FURNITURE CYCLE STANDS TWO TIER CYCLE RACKS Manufacturer: The bike storage company. Product reference: Single Two tier cycle rack . Type: Single (not-back to back version). Material: Steel. Finish: Hot-dip galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461. Colour: None. Optional Accessories: Easy Grip Red Handle, Gas assisted upper level, Lower level channels (rack is provided as standard with sheffield hoops for lower level), Integrated back to back channel arrangement. Method of fixing: Proprietary anchored base

Bike Rack - Semi Vertical Cycle Rack Specification Sheet

The Bike Storage Company

The Semi Vertical Bike Rack is designed for areas where space is at a premium. The cycle racks can be infinitely extended making them ideal for commercial applications; both internally and externally. They are extremely flexible, either being placed against a wall or back to back, creating a central island and drastically increasing the usage of space. The secure locking hoop allows for additional security with the use of a D-Lock to secure both the frame and wheels. This product has been designed to be BREEAM Compliant, for further information please contact us.

Josta 2-tier Cycle Racks

Cycle-Works Ltd

The Josta 2-tier rack is a high capacity 2-tier cycle racking system. This space-efficient racking system stores one bike directly above the other and can therefore fit the maximum number of bikes into a limited space. The racks are safe and easy to use, mainly due to the big low handles and the special gripping mechanism. This mechanism stops the bike from rolling back and injuring the user a unique patented safety feature that is particularly important for heavy bikes. These high density double decker racks are also designed for a long tough life of constant heavy use, with minimum maintenance.

Product Brochure - shelving, racking, mobile, rotary products

Accessible Storage Solutions By Rackline

When it comes to innovative storage solutions, Rackline have a whole host of options for you. With almost 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing steel storage, we are one of the UK’s leading shelving and filing solutions providers. Our headquarters, manufacturing and showroom facilities are based in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, with a combined workforce of over 70 people.

Gas Assisted Two Tier Cycle Rack - Specification Sheet

The Bike Storage Company

The Gas Assisted Two Tier Cycle Rack is the ultimate for achieving excellent space saving bike storage whilst ensuring a usable system for your users. Offering superb usability and exceptional build quality, it has been designed from the ground up within our UK based factory. Utilising only the highest quality UK made components, allowing us to offer an industry first 10 year product warranty. This rack has been designed with two key functions in mind: Security; both wheels as well as frame lockable to individual hardened steel locking points. Usability; from its easy grip handle the upper level is lowered to ground level where it can be efortlessly lifted into position. Allowing for use by each and every cyclist.

The new CE3F Fixed Size 3 Rack and Pinion Door Closer

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions UK & Ireland

Introducing the new CE3F fixed size 3 rack and pinion door closer. Fixed size 3 rack and pinion door closer Maximum door width 950mm EN size 3 130° maximum angle of opening (controlled closing) Adjustable closing speed from 130° open to 15° open Adjustable latch action for final 15° Adjustable arm set for regular, transom and parallel arm installation Additional bracket included for parallel arm mounting Silver finish, which allows it to blend in with any application where other traditional door closers are installed.

Licata Rock Wall Insulation

Licata Building Systems Ltd

High density rock wool panel (120 kg / m3 or 90 kg / m3 – double density 155/80), ideal for use in thermal / acoustic coatings, in compliance with the ETICS standards. Thermal conductivity ?: 0,036 W / mK Steam permeability µ: 1 Reaction to fire: A1

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