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H Birch Plywood

Hanson Plywood Ltd

H Birch Plywood is a multi-ply, cross banded plywood made entirely from Birch veneer. With a selection of grading options on surface quality and array of thicknesses and sheet sizes, the product range allows a defined route to your specific requirements. Birch veneers are bonded with an exterior, phenol-formaldehyde glue, allowing panels to be used in most humid environments and, if fully sealed, in many exterior uses.

Hanson Plywood 2021 Brochure

Hanson Plywood Ltd

The Hanson Plywood 2021 Brochure equipped with Quick Specification Reference Guide for Architects and Specifiers. Now including in-depth data and information on Fire Ratings.

H Birch Laser Plywood

Hanson Plywood Ltd

H Laser Birch Plywood is a multiply, cross banded plywood made entirely from Birch veneers. The varied range of face qualities, thickness and sheet sizes available allows us to supply the ideal product to cover your needs. An interior glueline means that H Interior Birch Plywood is bonded with a colourless, urea-formaldehyde glue which allows clean, burnfree cutting when cut with a laser and also allows use where a clear end grain is required. Applications for this quality are wide and varied, ranging from packing cases through to high quality furniture.

H Poplar Lightweight Plywood

Hanson Plywood Ltd

Poplar / Ilomba construction giving significant weight saving and very high quality faces. Our H Hanson Light Weight Plywood offers stability, ease of cutting and machining and most importantly low density. H Hanson Light Weight Plywood is available in a number of thicknesses as either Poplar throughout or as an exotic Ilomba faced, Poplar core combi-product. Poplar throughout offers the user a light weight, light colour, high homogeneity with a barely perceptible grain. Whereas the pinker hue of the Ilomba face offers versatility and ideal support for decorative coating materials.

WISA-Birch Special & WISA-BirchLG Special Plywood

UPM Plywood

WISA-Birch Special and WISA-BirchLG Special are manufactured from birch veneers glued together in a cross-banded construction. WISA-Birch Special is with surface veneer grain in short dimension and WISA-BirchLG Special with surface veneer grain in lond dimension.

H Poplar Plywood- Pure Glue

Hanson Plywood Ltd

H Pure Glue Plywood is constructed using an innovative new bonding system as the result of a collaboration between Panguaneta SPA and Solensis LLC. The product is manufactured using Soyad technology; an environmentally-friendly adhesive that is formulated using a proprietary cross-linking resin and natural soy flour. This provides a strong and moisture resistant bond with no added Formaldehyde. The product is constructed from certified Poplar veneers and is light in weight with a barely perceptible grain. Formaldehyde emissions from the finished product meet numerous highly reputable and globally recognised standards for low emission rates and is the only plywood manufactured in Europe to comply with the California Air Resources Boards No Added Formaldehyde (NAF) regulation

H Birch Plywood - Special Coated

Hanson Plywood Ltd

At the heart of our H Special Coated Plywood is a core of strong, stable, cross banded, exterior glued Birch throughout plywood. Coated with a tough durable Phenolic overlay and in most cases acrylic edge sealing, the products are suitable for use in the most demanding of applications. The Phenol coating on our H Special Coated plywood comes in a range of colours and is hot pressed to give both smooth and patterned faces. These can then be used in a wide and varied range of applications where durability, toughness, slip-resistance and resistance to chemicals and other liquids are of the upmost importance.

H Birch Plywood - Special Thin

Hanson Plywood Ltd

Decorative, flexible and versatile thin birch throughout panels. H Hanson Special Thin Birch Plywood is a strong yet flexible cross banded plywood produced entirely from Birch veneer with joint free faces. This plywood is produced using both exterior and interior film glues The interior being the perfect partner for cutting with a laser. The ability to bend and the light appearance in a range of different face grades allow it to be used in a wide range of applications some of which are as below. Applications - Architectural models, Musical instruments, Toys, Furniture, Joinery, Shopfitting and Engineering.

H SP101 Flooring Plywood® literature Set

Hanson Plywood Ltd

SP101 Flooring Plywood literature data set with technical product information, information includes: SP101 Advert SP101 Code of Practice SP101 Comparison Sheet SP101 Product Data Sheet SP101 Application Guidelines SP101 Explaining Density, Face Quality and Performance.

Plywood - Garnica Poplar plywood

James Latham

Poplar Plywood is suitable for both interior and exterior applications and is well suited for the manufacturing of furniture, caravans, partitions, speakers, boats or exhibition stands.

Showing 1-36 of 64