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Sliding Doors for Disabled Access

Eclisse UK

Eclisse pocket sliding door systems are a stunning alternative to traditional hinged doors, used to create more usable space and a modern light ambience without compromising reliability and strength. Adaptable for use in both new buildings and refurbishments, the Eclisse system is a practical and beautiful alternative to traditional hinged doors. The strongest of its type, the Eclisse steel framework becomes part of the stud wall, thus allowing the doors to slide effortlessly into the wall offering the maximum opening without encroaching upon room space. Eclisse UK offer full technical advice and support, both pre-sales and after-sales, and are happy to discuss your individual requirements. All Eclisse products are guaranteed for a full 15 years.

Play Brochure

Evergreens UK Ltd - LazyLawn®-EverRoof™

Playground Surfaces Our range play area surfaces are ideally suited to replace current turf areas that get muddy during the winter and dusty during the summer, with the benefits of providing a clean, safe, soft area for children of all ages to play year round. With our unique CAD cutting service, we can design your playground with exciting ideas and ensure a quick trouble-free installation. Inspiring surfaces Teach Road Safety using road design inlay Outdoor play area flooring is essential for a childs health, development and wellbeing. The National Curriculum has placed greater emphasis on outdoor activities, and Evergreens have been transforming play spaces for many years to help maximise outdoor play and learning for schools and nurseries.

Neo Plain Tile


The unique 3-in-1 Neo clay plain tile provides house builders and specifiers with a new innovative solution to the standard 265 x 165mm clay plain tile. With an economical, cost effective coverage of 19.5 to the metre and a low 30 degree roof pitch guarantee, the Neo in 3 eye catching colours offers a real alternative.

Technology Master Planning

Electrosonic Ltd

Outline of Electrosonic's design consulting solutions. A single point of coordination and accountability for multi-discipline technology design consulting, leveraging over 50 years of global experience to deliver innovative technology solutions.

RENZ Plan Brochure

The Safety Letterbox Company Ltd.

Conspicuously inconspicuous: The RENZ PLAN S generation of innovative mailbox units. Redefining mail boxes minimalist, restrained, flush-mounted, completely integrated in the building or adapted to the façade. Alongside mailbox models for integrated door panels, RENZ PLAN S is now also available as a surface mounted or flush-mounted unit, as a through-the-wall unit and also as a pillar. RENZ PLAN S comes in perceptibly solid V4A stainless steel with a sophisticated brushed finish or also in coated steel.

Pay Windows

Safetell Ltd

Protect staff securely and enhance the ticketing, information and payment process with Safetell Pay Window units.

B-38030 TrimLine 3in1 Combination Unit

Bobrick Washroom Equipment Ltd

The B-38030 will change the way we dry our hands by offering the best of paper towels and warm air dryers in one ingenious unit. Sleek and sophisticated, B-38030 includes flush locks, a space-saving 100mm cabinet depth, concealed flange and drawn satin-finished stainless steel doors. The minimalist characteristics of the TrimLine Series complement any washroom, from Class-A offices to fine restaurants.

Heavy Traffic Brochure

Bobrick Washroom Equipment Ltd

Architects, developers and facility managers have selected Bobrick's performance-engineered restroom accessories with confidence for more than a century. As the market leader, we deliver building owner value through design excellence, compliance, sustainability and economical cost-in-use. This brochure is designed to aid in the selection of products for heavy traffic environments. Typically, these are public access buildings where large crowds require the use of washroom facilities, over short periods of time. In this case, washrooms and the accessories within them have to withstand extremely high usage. Durability and extra-large capacities become essential design considerations and vandalism and abuse can be expected.

Products for Healthcare Facilities

Bobrick Washroom Equipment Ltd

Architects and designers acknowledge that healthcare projects are among the most complex. Accommodating patron and staff requirements vary from one environment to another. Bobrick answers these needs with a collection of new and specialised products in concert with a comprehensive line of accessories. This brochure is divided into four specialised healthcare envoirnments that provide routine and sensitive medical services to patients with a variety of treatment requirements and physical challenges. Joining Bobrick's new design-integrated medical products collection are also many models from the Company's extensive line of accessories. The four healthcare environments are: Patient Restroom, Individual Restroom, Examination Treatment Room, and Assisted Care Restroom

Planning and Designing Care Facilities

Arjo UK Ltd

We have a long history of collaborating closely with architects, healthcare facility executives, safe patient handling experts, residents and relatives. Our experience has taught us that to create efficient care facilities and to obtain a good working environment, the right combination of environment, equipment and care skills are needed. Therefore it is key to design for sufficient space early in the planning of a new facility. Arjo is a collaborative partner in many health care facility projects and we know that it is vital to plan for the right equipment and space from the very beginning in order to avoid unnecessary costs due to last-minute construction variations.

Billi Maintenance & Service Plans

Billi UK

Billi offers our customers the very best innovation, superior performance and reliability and support this with a world class customer service experience. Boiling, chilled and sparkling water systems do require maintenance. Our Billi Customer Care team includes a UK-wide network of trained service technicians and service agents to provide technically correct, prompt and reliable service. Billi offers 2 plans to suit customers requirements.

GROHE Digital Planning Guide


GROHE Spa Tailor-Made Showering. Flexibility for your GROHE Spa. The bathroom was once merely functional. Today, it's a refuge, a place to refresh and renew. It's a sanctuary from the outside world; a haven of indulgence. Bathrooms are larger; different zones are now defined. Each is an investment in your health and wellbeing, a place where daily rituals become sensational experiences. With GROHE Spa, your home sanctuary can be completely tailor-made - from the basin to the bathtub, to the head showers, hand showers and handles, to the thermostats including light, sound and steam. Everything can be made your way, even down to GROHE Blue filtered water.

The Imerys Phalempin Clay Plain Tile


Continuing a tradition of excellence in clay plain tiles. The 17x27 Plain Tile is a highly appealing traditional clay plain roof tile produced at Phalempin in the north of France. The mellow, textured surface combines the beautiful appearance of mature handmade tiles with affordable prices. Unique anti-capillary channels ensure enhanced performance and peace of mind at pitches as low as 30°. The Phalempin 17x27 integrates perfectly with the IMERYS PV System of photovoltaic panels.

Goxhill Handmade Plain Tile with Double Camber

Sandtoft Roof Tiles

The Goxhill handmade clay plain tile is one of the most distinctive and characterful roof coverings available. Each Goxhill tile is unique – made by our team of dedicated experts, from the finest alluvial clay. At Sandtoft, we are passionate about beautiful roofs and Goxhill is a testament to this passion – creating a visually stunning roof that combines character and charm with quality and durability.

Technical Planning - For Foundation-wall Protection, Drainage and Waterproofing

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Comprehensive technical planning information using products from Delta Membrane Systems for foundation wall protection, drainage and waterproofing, is given in this brochure. Included in the brochure are details on the efficient protection from damp and water for buildings, cellars, underground parking lots and tunnels. Also given are the important codes regulation waterproofing and drainage. Many Delta products are highlighted bringing protection and drainage solutions for compression-resistant and compression-sensitive vertical and horizontal waterproofing applications. Alternative sub-base course for floor slabs free from static loading, surface gas drainage systems, DPCs at the building’s basement, and a system for rehabilitating damp walls from the inside are detailed.

NBS supports you across the digital plan of work


Our specification, building product and construction knowledge services connect construction professionals and their project teams with the right tools and information at the right stage of the digital plan of work, in the right way, enabling them to deliver outstanding projects collaboratively, efficiently and with control.

Humber Machine Made Plain Tile with Double Camber

Sandtoft Roof Tiles

The Humber plain tile combines beauty with hands-on practicality. Clean lines and a double cambered design deliver striking aesthetics whilst the use of Sandtoft’s easy-to-cut alluvial clay, provides higher levels of on-site flexibility. Available in four rich colours and offering exceptional durability, the Humber tile will never fade; weathering and maturing naturally to create a roof of character and elegant charm.

20/20 New Generation Interlocking Clay Plain Tile

Sandtoft Roof Tiles

The 20/20 is a New Generation interlocking clay plain tile that makes a clay plain tile roof more affordable through an innovative design that reduces labour and material costs, and cuts completion times. This tile has a single lap design providing coverage of approximately 20 tiles per square metre instead of the usual 60 when using traditional plain tiles. This economy of materials together with Sandtoft’s use of 100% green electricity combines to offer a 50% saving in CO2 per roof when compared with traditional clay plain tiles.

Smooth, seamless acoustic plaster ceilings - BASWA planning documentation

BASWA acoustic AG

BASWA acoustic plaster systems are used to reduce reverberation time whilst maintaining a discrete appearance. The standard BASWA Phon system consists of two elements: the pre-coated acoustic panel that is glued to a stable, airtight substrate such as plasterboard or concrete; and the smooth crushed marble surface coating. The microporous surface coatings are seamlessly coated in single or double trowelled operations, depending on the design and acoustic requirement. Due to the combination of high acoustic absorption (up to Class A) and timeless aesthetics, BASWA Phon creates new design possibilities for architects and acousticians.

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