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Smooth, seamless acoustic plaster ceilings - BASWA planning documentation

BASWA acoustic AG

BASWA acoustic plaster systems are used to reduce reverberation time whilst maintaining a discrete appearance. The standard BASWA Phon system consists of two elements: the pre-coated acoustic panel that is glued to a stable, airtight substrate such as plasterboard or concrete; and the smooth crushed marble surface coating. The microporous surface coatings are seamlessly coated in single or double trowelled operations, depending on the design and acoustic requirement. Due to the combination of high acoustic absorption (up to Class A) and timeless aesthetics, BASWA Phon creates new design possibilities for architects and acousticians.

AK-INST-NA-007 - Installation Guide 7. Retro Fit Logisitics plan

Ambar Kelly Ltd

Each individual RiserSafe® unit will be designed for the intended environment, such as cast into an RC floor slab, sitting on a steel frame, connected to a core wall and fitting into an existing opening. Each floor will have a GA floor plan and a setting out drawing clearly indicating its location from grid and top of unit level.

Guide to Dance Floors, a useful guide taking you through all areas of planning a dance or rehearsal space

Harlequin Floors (British Harlequin plc)

This helpful guide has been written with dancers and dance teachers in mind. It contains useful information for fitting out a new dance studio including a helpful planning and preparation guide, an explanation of the different sprung and vinyl dance floors types and information about ballet barres, accessories, cleaning, storage and much more.

Showing 73-78 of 78