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IsoClear - Images & Information

Planet Partitioning

For maximum clarity, IsoClear uses an all-glass 12mm thick toughened-glass door, compatible with our attractive range of aluminium system doorframes. One particular feature of the doorset is that it can achieve a UKAS laboratory tested sound reduction rating of up to 34dB Rw - particularly popular when combined with p20 single frameless glazing, due to the large expanse of glass, which compliments the minimalistic p20 styling.

p20 - Images & Information

Planet Partitioning

p20 stylishly captures the look of near-seamless glass frontages and, our slimline 20mm framework is the closest thing youll get to size zero partitioning. p20s equal perimeter dimensional framework provides a perfect, picture frame design, with no compromises made to strength or performance. The narrow frame allows for an incredible expanse of glass to be on show, creating a stunning flow of borrowed light throughout the building.

LOFT20 - Images & Information

Planet Partitioning

With its 20mm wide framework, Loft20 offers the specifier the opportunity to create the original, retro feel of the art-deco, New York loft style, banded glazing. Narrow format framing, combined with a variety of mullions and transoms, can be applied with banding to a range of weights, and provides an elegant feel to Planets partitioning screens - an excellent option for designers looking for an alternative aesthetic to slim framed office partitioning.

Eclipse - Images & Information

Planet Partitioning

Our Eclipse door range uses premium top mounted sliding door gear, to ensure reliable and smooth operation with a soft close function. Eclipse doors come in three versions: EclipseClear, which is an all glass 12mm toughened door; EclipseTec, with a minimal 16mm aluminium frame surround; and EclipsePro, which features a 54mm sliding double glazed leaf. With a wide range of permutations.

p100 - Images & Information

Planet Partitioning

p100 demountable partitioning systems are unsurpassed in acoustic performance and compatibility, achieving up to 54dB Rw acoustic attenuation. p100s 100mm framework offers unrivalled options for the specifier looking for high acoustics, available in both single and double-glazed formats. p100 is also the ideal partner for Planets modular and dry wall system, M100. The specifier has the option to configure both glazed and solid partitioning in one seamless run - even when using our comprehensive range of deflection heads +/- 15, +/-25 and +/- 40.

Technology Master Planning

Electrosonic Ltd

Outline of Electrosonic's design consulting solutions. A single point of coordination and accountability for multi-discipline technology design consulting, leveraging over 50 years of global experience to deliver innovative technology solutions.

RENZ Plan Brochure

The Safety Letterbox Company Ltd.

Conspicuously inconspicuous: The RENZ PLAN S generation of innovative mailbox units. Redefining mail boxes minimalist, restrained, flush-mounted, completely integrated in the building or adapted to the façade. Alongside mailbox models for integrated door panels, RENZ PLAN S is now also available as a surface mounted or flush-mounted unit, as a through-the-wall unit and also as a pillar. RENZ PLAN S comes in perceptibly solid V4A stainless steel with a sophisticated brushed finish or also in coated steel.

Optima XPC Extruded Plank

Sotech Ltd

A complete secretly fixed aluminium extruded plank rainscreen system which has set flat face moduals of 150mm, 200mm, 225mm and 250mm as well as 150mm module castellated extruded aluminium plank rainscreen. This system has been independently tested and certified to meet CWCT rigorous specifcation for rainscreen.

Site Assembled Rooflights - In Plane

Brett Martin Daylight Systems

Site assembled rooflights manufactured in both GRP and polycarbonate. Quick and easy to install into surrounding corrugated sheeting and achieve the highest levels of profile accuracy as well as providing a range of safety levels, U values and fire ratings. Single, double and triple skin rooflights available for a huge variety of applications from canopies to warehouses and factories to retail and leisure facilities.

GROHE Digital Planning Guide


GROHE Spa Tailor-Made Showering. Flexibility for your GROHE Spa. The bathroom was once merely functional. Today, it's a refuge, a place to refresh and renew. It's a sanctuary from the outside world; a haven of indulgence. Bathrooms are larger; different zones are now defined. Each is an investment in your health and wellbeing, a place where daily rituals become sensational experiences. With GROHE Spa, your home sanctuary can be completely tailor-made - from the basin to the bathtub, to the head showers, hand showers and handles, to the thermostats including light, sound and steam. Everything can be made your way, even down to GROHE Blue filtered water.

Planning and Designing Care Facilities

Arjo UK Ltd

We have a long history of collaborating closely with architects, healthcare facility executives, safe patient handling experts, residents and relatives. Our experience has taught us that to create efficient care facilities and to obtain a good working environment, the right combination of environment, equipment and care skills are needed. Therefore it is key to design for sufficient space early in the planning of a new facility. Arjo is a collaborative partner in many health care facility projects and we know that it is vital to plan for the right equipment and space from the very beginning in order to avoid unnecessary costs due to last-minute construction variations.

Billi Maintenance & Service Plans

Billi UK

Billi offers our customers the very best innovation, superior performance and reliability and support this with a world class customer service experience. Boiling, chilled and sparkling water systems do require maintenance. Our Billi Customer Care team includes a UK-wide network of trained service technicians and service agents to provide technically correct, prompt and reliable service. Billi offers 2 plans to suit customers requirements.

tivoli carpet tile and plank brochure

burmatex ltd

A vibrant recolouration of tivoli has introduced a selection of new, bright colours to enhance the core colour palette of the original offering. Work on the blue, grey and neutral colour groups has strengthened the options for timeless design, making the range suitable for both classic and creative floor design.

Blue Planet - External Timber Cladding

BCL Timber Projects Ltd

An overview of the external timber panel system installed at the ‘Blue Planet’. This provides project examples of BCL’s external timber panel systems for large commercial projects. Subjects covered include: secret-fixing panel design, sustainable timber cladding, pre-fabricated timber boarding.

Carpet Plank Collection - Fine Detail


Artistic embroidery and jeweled outlines combine with functional stitching and metallic expressions to create precious pieces with a decorative and hand crafted emphasis. This carpet plank has cushion backing and is available in a 10 different colours and 2 designs.

Optima IPC, Interlocking Pressed Plank System Details

Sotech Ltd

The optima IPC, Interlocking pressed plank can be fixed onto extruded aluminium support framework horizontally, vertically or diagonally in a variety of materials. As the longitudinal joint is not ventilated it can be used as a weathered screen introduced at cross plank joints by leaving a gap with the support structure behind creating a baffle. The plank is a simple, interlocking metal cladding panel that with an appropriate secondary support system may be used as part of a rainscreen system.

Optima IPC Pressed Or Extruded Interlocking Plank Cladding

Sotech Ltd

The Optima IPC system is available as a pressed plank in a variety of materials, often pre-finished or as an extruded plank available in post-finished aluminium. They are connected by a simple interlocking male/female joint, which offers either a recessed or hairline appearance. Optima IPC is secretly fixed onto extruded aluminium support framework horizontally or vertically in a variety of materials. This drained and ventilated system creates a weather shield in front of a primary structure. Optima IPC is engineered to seamlessly integrate with all other building façade elements such as windows, doors and louvres. The system has been independently tested and certified to meet CWCT rigorous specification for rainscreen cladding. All fixings used in the system are stainless steel.

Technical Planning - For Foundation-wall Protection, Drainage and Waterproofing

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Comprehensive technical planning information using products from Delta Membrane Systems for foundation wall protection, drainage and waterproofing, is given in this brochure. Included in the brochure are details on the efficient protection from damp and water for buildings, cellars, underground parking lots and tunnels. Also given are the important codes regulation waterproofing and drainage. Many Delta products are highlighted bringing protection and drainage solutions for compression-resistant and compression-sensitive vertical and horizontal waterproofing applications. Alternative sub-base course for floor slabs free from static loading, surface gas drainage systems, DPCs at the building’s basement, and a system for rehabilitating damp walls from the inside are detailed.

NBS supports you across the digital plan of work


Our specification, building product and construction knowledge services connect construction professionals and their project teams with the right tools and information at the right stage of the digital plan of work, in the right way, enabling them to deliver outstanding projects collaboratively, efficiently and with control.

Creation 55 - Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank (LVT) Flooring

Gerflor Ltd

Creation 55 Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks are available in wood and mineral effect and can enhance any interior décor. A popular choice for medium traffic areas as as well as suitable for domestic use. Creation 55 is a natural looking floor with a PUR+ surface coating. This makes it extremely durable and hardwearing and offers additional protection against impacts, stains and scratches.

ATELIER COLLECTION: Hand-Crafted Plank, Herringbone & Chevron Flooring

Listone Giordano

The traditional art of wooden craft meets the cutting edge technology empowered by the company that revolutionized the concept of hardwood flooring, combining the painstaking skills of woods craftsmen and the outstanding mechanical properties achieved by industrial company research. Listone Giordano's Atelier Collection interprets planks, chevron and herringbone patterns highlighting and expressing the intimate characteristic of wood as a natural material. The wavy wood grain is superbly complemented by special treatments carried out by hand to transform every piece of wood into unique surface.

Showing 37-72 of 78