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Roof Drains & Pipes


BLUCHER offers a stainless steel roof drainage system suitable for: * Flat roofs of all designs * Downpipes from roofs of all designs * Roofs with bitumen or single ply roof membrane * Equally suitable for gravity and siphonic systems.

Firestop Pipe Wrap

FSi Limited

PipeBloc PWP Wraps are designed and tested to seal service penetration apertures containing plastic pipes using thermoplastic composites based on graphite intumescent technology. They have been developed to provide a high volume expansion and pressure seal during a fire. They are compatible with polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and polyvinylchloride (PVC) pipes. PipeBloc PWP wraps are tested with end capping configurations that cover U/C & C/C pipes. PipeBloc PWP wrap is used around combustible pipes to form a penetration seal to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor constructions.

Pendock Pipe Boxing


Manufactured in pre formed plywood with a white melamine face or laminated to customer's request. Pendock also supply pipe boxing in metal and uPVC. Items include Pendock MX range with a 90 degree bend in either 5mm or 8mm thickness. Three sided profiles are available to conceal pipes running horizontally down walls these are supplied in white melamine or laminate. Pendock's TK range has a 115 degree return which is available in a selection of sizes. The TKD a three sides profile is also available is a selection of sizes. Bespoke profiles are available on any of the MX, CH, TK and TKD ranges.

ACO Stainless Steel Pipe

ACO Technologies plc

The ACO PIPE range provides our customers with access to high quality stainless steel pipe and fittings in sizes ranging from 50mm to 315mm. We also have a comprehensive range of more than 2,000 stainless steel accessories and our stock levels mean we can normally deliver upon receipt of order, enabling market-leading customer service.

Fire Stop Pipe Collar

FSi Limited

PipeBloc PCP Collars are designed and tested to seal service penetration apertures containing plastic and metallic pipes with insulation or cables. They are developed to provide a high volume expansion and pressure seal during a fi re. The PipeBloc tested results to EN1366-3, the maximum diameter available being 250mm. The ultra thin design of PipeBloc PCP Collars means the collar shell can give a depth of 30mm and 40mm ensuring that they can be installed into the tightest of locations. PipeBloc PCP Collars can be installed on flexible wall, rigid wall, rigid floor constructions and in Stopseal Batt seals. PipeBloc PCP Collars is used around combustible pipes to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor constructions.

Firestop Endless Pipe Wrap

FSi Limited

PipeBloc EL is designed and tested to seal service penetrations & apertures containing plastic, and metallic pipes with insulation, using thermoplastic composites based on graphite intumescent technology. Developed to provide a high volume expansion and pressure seal during a fire. PipeBloc EL is tested to EN1366-3, the maximum diameter being 250mm, the ultra thin design of PipeBloc EL ensures that they can be installed in to the tightest of locations. Can be used to close off various types of insulation around metallic pipes and comes on a 25m roll for ease of use.

Aluminium Gutters And Rainwater Pipe Systems

Dales Fabrications Ltd - Aluminium Eaves Products

Dales offer a wide range of standard sectional gutter profiles in standard polyester powder paint finishes in less than two weeks. The same profiles are available in the full range of anodised colours on our Colours and Finishes web page but these are on a longer delivery period. Dales operate a project management system with suitably qualified and experienced technicians. These project managers will provide a gutter system designed to suit your individual project requirements incorporating gutter and outlet and positioning advice in accordance with BS EN 12056-3 for a given design rate of rainfall. To use this service please contact a member of our project management team on tel: 0115 930 1521.

Delta Aquaduct Drainage Pipe Product Data Sheet

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Delta Aquaduct is a drainage channel which acts as a perimeter conduit bedded in at the floor/wall angle. Where appropriate, it can be laid under the slab to take off ground water to a sump or soak away and reduce floatation pressures from being on the slab. Designed for long life and maintenance-free service in even the harshest environments. Tough and durable with exceptional resistance to abrasion and cutting for use on a wide variety of ground conditions. No corrosion or scaling. Resistant to heat, fuels, chemicals, UV, ozone, weathering, hydrolysis and microbiological attack. No contamination of drinking water supplies.

Single Pipe Hot Water Temperature Maintenance - Control Panel- HWAT System

nVent Thermal Management

The nVent RAYCHEM SBS-XX-HV-ECO-10 control panel for hot water temperature maintenance systems provides a totally integrated solution for the control of RAYCHEM self-regulating heating cables for single pipe hot water temperature maintenance applications.These panels switch up to 9 circuits and also includes electrical circuit protection devices (C-type circuit breakers and RCD protection) for safety and peace of mind.

Plastic piling


A surprisingly strong alternative to traditional steel or timber piling, the Liniar range of PVCu piling is lightweight, minimising health and safety concerns when carrying and installing on site. Low maintenance, durable and easy to install, Liniar piling and retention systems are eco-friendly and made from recycled PVCu. With 6 styles available, it is ideal for landscaping, new build projects, land and water retention and a host of other uses. Download the brochure to find out more information, including engineering values.

Plastic piling


Ideal for ground stabilisation, bank retention and flood defence, Liniars range of plastic piling offers a cost effective alternative to timber or steel with a whole host of additional benefits for construction projects and building sites all over the UK.

JUTA PHS - Pile Head Sealer

Juta UK Ltd

JUTA UK Pile Head Sealer (PHS) is a crystalline cementitious waterproof slurry which creates a monolithic bond to the structure and seals the pile head. When mixed with clean water and applied correctly, it is designed to form a permanent waterproof coating to concrete piles in accordance with BS8102:2009.

FastSlab Foundation System. Screw Pile, ring-beam and insulated ground floors for fast, lightweight builds in timber frame, light gauge steel and SIPs

CDI Innovative Construction Materials Ltd

The FastSlab Foundation System is a combination of the successful Lewis® FastSlab ground floor system with the addition of a steel lattice ring beam and geoLOGIC steel helical screw piles. This gives an extremely fast build system that can deal with the most demanding and difficult of sites to provide the foundation and ground floor for lightweight building systems including Timber Frame, Light Gauge Steel and SIPs.

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