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Readymix Paving


Readymix Paving is a strong and durable concrete that’s perfect for use in outdoor paved areas such as driveways, paths, patios, and pavements. Containing specially formulated admixtures it has been designed to withstand freeze-thaw damage in winter conditions. A high quality concrete, it can be finished in a variety of ways to offer a textured or smooth surface. Readymix Paving can also be laid to slopes and drainage falls.

Concrete Paving

Marshalls plc

An inspirational approach to concrete paving, exploring themes such as colour, plan size, textures, blends and laying patterns to provide inspiring better spaces.

Concrete Paving

Hardscape Products Ltd

Manufactured and tested at state-of-the-art facilities, Hardscape can now supply an extensive range of concrete flags, setts and kerbs suitable for every hard landscaping scheme, large or small. Designed for performance, safety and strength, the concrete paving range will meet the demands for all commercial, private and public applications. Our broad selection of durable and versatile flag, sett and block paving will provide solutions for every type of scheme. Whether you prefer stylish, low maintenance block paving, or traditional flags, our range of products offer quality, durable solutions that will last for years. Available in steps, paving, benches, cladding, kerbs.

Natural Paving Catalogue

Talasey Group Ltd

The Natural Paving collection offers an extensive range of natural stone landscaping products for gardens and driveways. With a wide choice in colour, finish and style, there is something to suit every project, home and budget. We are proud of the high quality natural stone paving and accessories that we have to offer. We can provide Designers, Landscape Architects and Landscapers with peace of mind in that all products are CE marked and rated in our independently approved Stone Standard Scale. All of our products are ethically sourced. They are also cared for at each stage of their journey, as our unique offering means that we handle the stone from quarry to garden.

Vitripiazza Porcelain Paving

Talasey Group Ltd

Vitripiazza is the UK's leading porcelain paving brand offering a high quality, vitrified, porcelain paving range second to none in breadth of product range. Vitripiazza offers 78 different colours across 25 beautiful ranges, with a wide selection of accessories to create the perfect finishing touches. Our bespoke service allows for our porcelain range to be cut to individual sizes and be profiled, ready for installation on site.

Inspiring Paving & Kerbs

Brett Landscaping

Inspiring Paving & Kerbs showcases the commercial paving range from Brett Landscaping. We offer an extensive portfolio of paving products from block paving, permeable paving, flag paving through to natural stone along with ancilliary products. All of our paving products are supported by our comprehensive technical support team.

Kellen Green Paving

Hardscape Products Ltd

Green pavers fit in perfectly with any street scene and they provide extra benefits when it comes to spatial effects, drainage and even traffic signalling. They have grown in popularity from the desire to enable grass growth by using pavers with large recesses. Water infiltration, modular dimensions, block paving and stretcher bond paving, low maintenance, budget-friendly, suitable for light vehicular traffic.

Prima Porphyry Paving

Hardscape Products Ltd

Aside from porphyrys remarkable physical characteristics, it is generally purchased or specified because of its beautiful colour tones and aesthetics. Even though it would be at the top of any list in terms of strength, durability, low impact quarrying and low coefficient of absorption, the overwhelming reason it is being used throughout the world is its endearing beauty. For more than 20 years Hardscape, together with certified northern Italian quarries, have been developing the production quality of Prima Porphyry through stringent selection processes including independent industry recognised monitoring resulting in an assured supply of the material to schemes throughout the UK.

Artscape Bespoke Paving

Hardscape Products Ltd

Artscape is a unique service that allows our clients the creative freedom to think big. Our techniques honour the craft of traditional workmanship but deliver the precision that modern technology affords. With an unrivalled resource of state-of-the-art machinery, Hardscapes in-house team of design technicians and specialist stonemasons creates beautiful, bespoke art features in both natural and man-made materials. Combining refined fabrication processes and the teams technical expertise, Artscape empowers designers, architects and clients to imagine their projects on a whole new scale. Regardless of design detail or material specification, we have the facilities and skills to bring even the most complex vision to life. Masonry, waterjet, CNC, laser etching, stencils, inserts, inlays

Carlow Limestone Paving

Hardscape Products Ltd

Carlow Blue Limestone Paving is a remarkable natural material. Specific to the Carlow/ Kilkenny region of South East Ireland, the value of this indigenous resource has been recognised since Neolithic times. Its durability and unique appearance make for an extremely versatile product that is regularly specified for both interior and exterior uses - anything from contemporary home design to large-scale urban regeneration projects. This balance of mechanical strength and aesthetic appeal ensures that Carlow Blue Limestone is as favoured today as it was all those millennia ago. Available in steps, paving, benches, cladding, kerbs

Kellen Educational Paving

Hardscape Products Ltd

A typical local street or avenue occupies a special place for us all who wish for a safe and secure environment for our children to play. The value of having your children play safely, within close range and making positive connections with other children in the area all adds to promote good neighbourly behaviour and above all, happy children! Playtime on flags, water, sand and bespoke paving


SureSet Permeable Paving

The EcoBatcher is an innovative machine that SureSet use on their installations to help reduce plastic waste. We designed a machine that would shape the industry and be an influence for the built environment and its future.

Showing 1-36 of 101