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Delta Podium Deck Brochure (Waterproofing & Drainage Protection)

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

This 44-page, full colour brochure presents design and build philosophy, project detailing and specification/selection of the correct waterproofing and drainage protection systems for podium decks, buried roofs, blue roofs, green roofs, warm roofs, cold roofs, hybrid roofs, car parks and terraces & balconies. Deltas Podium Deck Brochure is divided into key sections and features an array of easy-to-read text, technical drawings, detailing and 2D graphics.

HODY Composite Steel and concrete Deck Floor System

CDI Innovative Construction Materials Ltd

Hody composite steel deck floor system consists of a modified trapezium shaped profile sheet, 60 mm in height. With additional reinforcement and concrete it is ideal for low composite steel decking, provides a floor height of only 110 mm 290 mm. It is used on free spans of up to 8 m. Hody provides designers to detail floors of minimum thickness of 110 mm, low own weight, spans of up to 8 m, high permissible loads, high point loading, flexible, simple and fast assembly.

Neaco's new balcony decking concept - Neatdek HW


Neaco, one of the UKs leading manufacturers of modular balconies, has introduced an innovative new decking concept to its well-established Neatdek balcony flooring range. The Neatdek HWs cutting-edge design incorporates a unique U-shaped concealed drainage channel. This channel sits beneath the discreet gaps in the decking surface and directs water in the chosen direction. This affords a level of protection for the balconies and removes the need for balcony soffits and downpipes. It also provides a safe, anti-slip surface for residents. The hidden drainage system makes Neatdek HW aesthetically pleasing and offers high levels of privacy by restricting the view from above and below, making it ideal for balconies.

Lewis Deck acoustic floors using CDM resilient strips

CDI Innovative Construction Materials Ltd

The Lewis Deck system is a steel and concrete composite floor that is used to produce very high performing acoustic and fire separating floors in all types of buildings, but typically residential. Buildings can be new-build or renovation/conversion. CDM resilient strips are very high performance strips that further enhance the impact sound performance of the floors.

Lewis Deck acoustic floors using CDM MTA resilient strips

CDI Innovative Construction Materials Ltd

The Lewis Deck system is a steel and concrete composite floor system that is used to produce very high performing acoustic and fire resistant floors in all types of buildings, with the CDM MTA resilient strips these are usually either conversion to apartment projects or high load commercial floor applications. The CDM MTA resilient strips greatly enhance the impact sound performance of a floor.

Wallbarn Catalogue for Pedestals, Decking, Green Roofs, Waterproofing, Geotextile & Drainage

Wallbarn Ltd

Full Product Brochure for 2019 - with updated technical data The most extensive pedestals range - for paving and timber decking - on the market. Adjustable pedestals available in heights from 10 mm up to 1020 mm and able to withstand over 2,000kg in weight. Fixed height rubber and plastic discs for paving. See details of M-Tray® green roof system; iDecking superior composite & hardwood decking system; Protecto-board protection membranes; Protecto-drain cavity drainage membranes roof Outlets and geotextile fabrics.

IKO Permatec Hot Melt In-situ Concrete Decks to Receive Technical Data Sheet

SIG Design & Technology

Manufactured in the UK, IKOs PermaTEC is a hot-applied monolithic waterproofing system with excellent environmental credentials and longevity. Suitable for use in most protected membrane roofs (e.g. Inverted or paved roof areas) and structural waterproofing applications PermaTEC is ideal when the deck has no fall. Its lightweight zero waste wrapper dissolves into the compound during the melting process and so eliminates any packaging waste on site. Two main products are available. PermaTEC Ecowrap is a specially formulated combination of refined bitumen, synthetic rubbers, fillers and other additives. Specifically designed for green roofing applications, PermaTEC Anti-Root is the worlds first monolithic root resistant hot melt waterproofing system.

LEWIS Deck, steel and concrete floors for Acoustic separation, underfloor heating, load bearing and wet rooms

CDI Innovative Construction Materials Ltd

As part of a joisted floor construction, LEWIS® Dovetailed metal decking provides a first class solution for ACOUSTICS, FIRE PROTECTION and works well with UNDERFLOOR HEATING AND COOLING systems. LEWIS® Dovetailed metal decking solutions are used in a range of applications including renovations and conversions, traditional new build, timber frame, steel frame and other off-site building systems, ICF and modular construction and mezzanine floors. These are low height concrete or screed suspended floors on top of joists or beams.

OP-DECK - Insulated and load bearing floors and roofs for car parking roofs, green roofs and large spanning concrete floors

CDI Innovative Construction Materials Ltd

OP-DECK is a lightweight, insulated composite floor deck system. It has unique characteristics dramatically reducing the weight of buildings, reduces cost, improves thermal efficiency and reduces installation time. It is made up of an insulated sandwich panel and specially designed EPS profiled blocks ensuing weight reduction whilst providing optimum solutions based on a concrete T beam principle. The result is a lightweight pre-cast concrete floor with large free spans and shallow build up height, provides minimum 60 minutes fire protection, un-supported spans of up to 10 m, high permissible loads, min U Value 0.25 w2K, flexible construction and easy installation.

Showing 145-166 of 166