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Newton 809-DPC High Load Physical Damp Proof Course

Newton Waterproofing Systems

BBA certified, high performance damp proof course that will not extrude under extreme load, and will not affect the ability of a well designed and built wall to sustain and transmit compression. Compatible with all common building materials and suitable for all designs for different damp proof courses.

Pentaflex KB Structural Waterproofing System

J & P Building Systems

PENTAFLEX KB® metal water bars are fully coated on both sides with a special coating to provide reliable waterproofing at concrete joints. The bond between the special coating and new concrete prevents water infiltrating the joint and an embedment depth of 30 mm is enough to withstand water pressure of up to 5.0 bar. The high elasticity of the coating ensures reliable sealing when the concrete structural components shrink. PENTAFLEX KB® units are typically supplied in 2m lengths with a choice of 167 mm or 80 mm widths. The bonding surfaces are protected with a film on both sides that is only removed immediately before concreting. Units are simply lapped along the concrete length and without the need to plan day joints for concrete pours. NHBC recognition. ETA-15/0003

HR Wallingford waterproofed by PUDLO

PUDLO Waterproof Systems & Cemfree Zero-Cement Concrete, part of the DB Group Ltd

Built at a cost of £3.5 million, the 11,200m2 Froude Modelling Hall, named after the Victorian pioneer of hydraulic scale modelling, extends the world-class test facilities at the UK headquarters of leading engineering research specialist, HR Wallingford. The purpose-built and environmentcontrolled hall contains a series of state-of-the-art wave flumes, basins and tanks for the physical modelling of structures and hydraulic features.

PUDLO Waterproof Concrete Brochure

PUDLO Waterproof Systems & Cemfree Zero-Cement Concrete, part of the DB Group Ltd

The PUDLO System provides the highest standard available of watertightness, hydrostatic pressure resistance, and ease of construction. With an unrivalled global record of product performance in service spanning 130 years, the PUDLO system has been continually specified where watertightness and corrosion resistance is critical, and moisture leakage is not an option.

Tunnel Waterproofing Systems

Soprema UK

CivilRock® is a range of SOPREMA products designed to support the requirements of civil engineers for all types of structures including tunnels, underground and basement structures, bridges, car parks and much more.

Royal Albert Hall waterproofed by PUDLO

PUDLO Waterproof Systems & Cemfree Zero-Cement Concrete, part of the DB Group Ltd

PUDLO concrete additive has played a vital waterproofing role in the major extension and refurbishment programme at Londons Royal Albert Hall, which was completed in 2004. The terrace of steps leading from the Albert Hall to Prince Consort Road was excavated to provide an underground car park, storage and air handling equipment and offloading facilities with direct access through a tunnel, to the performing arena within the Albert Hall.

Precast waterproof concrete at Vauxhall Tunnel

PUDLO Waterproof Systems & Cemfree Zero-Cement Concrete, part of the DB Group Ltd

The construction of a pedestrian tunnel beneath Vauxhall Bridge, using precast box culverts, required PUDLO as a high performance waterproofing and corrosion-resistant solution in order to meet the aggressive saline soil conditions in the Thames tideway. PUDLO was used in the casting process primarily as a waterproofing agent, but also as additional protection against the corrosive effects of the soil, as described in BRE Digest 363 Concrete and Concrete Products in Aggressive Ground.

PUDLO waterproofs Kings Cross, the Triplets

PUDLO Waterproof Systems & Cemfree Zero-Cement Concrete, part of the DB Group Ltd

There are only a handful of gasholders remaining around the UK, most of these hulking structures have been demolished to make way for new developments. They may not be everybodys idea of beauty, but gasholders are a rapidly disappearing reminder of our countrys proud Victorian heritage; so its rather refreshing to see that the cast iron frames surrounding four of Londons Kings Cross gas holders are being saved and re-used in a huge, new, mixed-use Argent development. PUDLO has been involved with this project from the design phase and, since the basement construction phase commenced. The PUDLO onsite guidance has proved valuable along the way for the podium deck, basement car park and lift pits which are all being poured using PUDLO concrete.

Cavity Membrane Membranes for structural waterproofing

Triton Systems

A concise instruction manual, giving the principles and guidance for the installation of Isola Platon cavity drainage membranes, drainage channels and sump pump systems, in accordance with BS8102(2009) The Protection of Buildings From Moisture From The Ground.

Axter Waterproofing Systems Brochure

Axter Ltd

Axter is a dynamic team of waterproofing design and manufacturing specialists with a passion for innovation. Our extensive waterproofing system range, product quality and technical expertise give us the flexibility and reliability needed to specify your roofing projects. Whether it is a reinforced bitumen, single ply, hot melt, cold applied liquid or completely flame free waterproofing solution, a green roof, blue roof, solar PV or a combination of all, we can help provide the most suitable system and sustainable roof finishes. By building successful relationships with our customers, clients and Axtershield installer network, and by following our core values of integrity, collaboration, service and respect, we ensure the right system is specified for each application.

Flagon PVC Waterproofing Systems

Soprema UK

Flagon PVC waterproofing systems are suited to both new build and refurbishment projects. A wide range of systems have been developed for exposed flat roofs, inverted roofs, barrel roofs and building facades. With such a wide range of systems available, even the most complex designs can be achieved with Flagon PVC waterproofing systems. Bespoke and hybrid systems can be specified to achieve complex projects.

Duoflex Structural Waterproofing Systems

Soprema UK

The Duoflex Structural Waterproofing System is a bituminous hot-melt system, which provides a strong, durable, flexible, light weight and self healing monolithic barrier to the transmission of water and water vapour. Designed to last the lifetime of the structure on which it is applied to, it eliminates future maintenance and gives rise to particularly low lifecycle costs. Applications: Protected and inverted roofs Green roofs Plaza and podium decks Water features Plant and equipment bases

PUDLO waterproofs Basildon Sporting Village swimming pool

PUDLO Waterproof Systems & Cemfree Zero-Cement Concrete, part of the DB Group Ltd

Public construction is always subject to close scrutiny, especially during times of austerity cuts and economic recession. Whether procurement is via public or private initiative, local authorities are in search of long-term value for money, starting with high quality design and durable construction. Basildon Sporting Village is no exception. The largest sports project in the Thames Gateway development, the Village provides state-of-the-art facilities for sports, leisure and education on 250 acres at Gloucester Park, Basildon. The multi-million pound, 25-year PPP contract was awarded by Basildon Council to Community Solutions for Leisure, with Morgan Sindall Plc as main contractor.

Showing 73-108 of 1981