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Interface tools

Gallagher Security (Europe) Ltd

Interface mechanisms extend the functionality and flexibility of the Gallagher system. Integration with other infrastructure and technologies deliver cost and time efficiencies, improve data integrity and can help you meet your occupational health and safety obligations. This document provides an overview of the integration tools available to external developers, both those that connect directly to the Command Centre server and those that communicate with the Controller 6000.

Acoustic panel for facade interface v4

Siderise Group

A high performance acoustic panel for use where an internal partition abuts a curtain wall. Consists of a 31mm thick multi-layered board that offers exceptional sound reduction. Up to 1 hour firestop.

Tactiles - Carpet Tile

Interface Europe Ltd, t/a Interface

TacTiles connect the carpet tiles to each other, creating a floating floor that doesnt shrink or expand. Thats how we eliminate the need for glue. No damage to the subfloor and no sticky mess during the installation. In short, TacTiles make carpet tile installation easy, quick and clean.

ReEntry - Carpet Tile

Interface Europe Ltd, t/a Interface

Every day, tonnes of carpet are discarded, mainly ending up in landfill. In the UK alone, its estimated that about 165,000 tonnes of carpet end up in landfill each year. By choosing ReEntry, you will ensure more social and environmental value is created with your used carpet, taking you one step closer to a circular economy.

Ice Breaker - Carpet Tile

Interface Europe Ltd, t/a Interface

Etched, scratched, scored. The subtle, seemingly random lines of Ice Breaker reflect the cracking and crazing of frozen water in colours as cool or warm as your space demands. Choose from greys or naturals. All providing neutral flooring that wont go unnoticed. Easy to work into your interior design scheme, and easy to fit within your budget.

Showing 1-22 of 22