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Liquid Gutter Liner. Gutterseal seamless gutter lining.

Liquasil Ltd

Gutterseal from Liquasil is a seamless liquid gutter liner system for metal, asbestos cement and concrete gutters on commercial / industrial buildings. Each component in the system has a specific purpose: 1) SWT Primer is a true wet and surface tolerant metal treatment that primes any metal within the gutter (fixings or gutters) and prevents further rusting. 2) Non-Sag Sealer is a highly thixotropic silicone polymer with 1400% elasticity, to easily cope with thermal movement at the gutter joints. 3) Liquasil One provides the lining to the entire gutter once rust has been treated and joints have been sealed and forms the seamless gutter lining.

Conway Gutter Range

Bailey - Total Building Envelope

A range of extruded aluminium half round gutters with beaded edges. The deep flow options fulfils the need for a high capacity half round system. Installed in fascia or rafter brackets jointing is achieved with internal butt straps, with slots to allow for expansion, bolted through the sole making a very neat joint. Available in two half round sizes plus the deep flow option these gutters are normally supplied with outside face polyester powder coated ensuring an extremely long low maintenance life.

Bailey Monsoon Concealed Gutters

Bailey - Total Building Envelope

Bailey Atlantic Monsoon is a steel box gutter lined with a seamless modern polyolefin membrane. The result is a cost effective, factory fabricated rainwater disposal solution which, when incorporated into an aluminium eaves assembly, provides the benefits of polyolefin lining with the strength and cost effectiveness of steel.

PVCu Rainwater Gutter Systems

Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage

A complete range of quality PVCu Rainwater Systems in a gloss finish, including Roundstyle, Squarestyle, Prostyle and Deepstyle domestic system with round or square downpipe options and an industrial gutter option, Deepstyle 170 with the latest CLIP & SEAL technology. Available in up to six colour options, including the latest Anthracite Grey, the range has been designed to facilitate fast and efficient installation and deliver exceptional reliability and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Aluminium Gutters And Rainwater Pipe Systems

Dales Fabrications Ltd - Aluminium Eaves Products

Dales offer a wide range of standard sectional gutter profiles in standard polyester powder paint finishes in less than two weeks. The same profiles are available in the full range of anodised colours on our Colours and Finishes web page but these are on a longer delivery period. Dales operate a project management system with suitably qualified and experienced technicians. These project managers will provide a gutter system designed to suit your individual project requirements incorporating gutter and outlet and positioning advice in accordance with BS EN 12056-3 for a given design rate of rainfall. To use this service please contact a member of our project management team on tel: 0115 930 1521.

Sharmans roof and gutter coating systems

HD Sharman Ltd.

Learn more about our market leading commercial roof and gutter refurbishment systems. Whether it be full roof coatings, gutter coatings, cut edge corrosion treatment or rooflight refurbishment, we have the tried, tested and trusted solutions that are guaranteed to extend building life cycles.

T-Pren - The Gutter Expansion Joint

Matthew Hebden

The Gutter Expansion Joint T-Pren is a waterproof expansion joint for metal gutters. It eliminates the need for the traditional step detail, and reduces the number of outlets required. It is available in all metals – aluminium, copper, lead, stainless and zinc. T-Pren was developed to overcome the thermal expansion problem of long gutters. It consists of two metal strips connected by a high quality neoprene expansion joint, and by using a special bonding process it has been proved in 30 years of service to have a long life in all atmospheric conditions.

Heat Mat Roof and Gutter Heating Datasheet

Heat Mat Ltd

Heat Mat is an expert in roof heating systems and has national experience in specification and installation. This datasheet provides information on the heating cables and accessories available for roof and gutter protection, to prevent dangerous ice and snow build-up.

Corrosion primer and rust treatment, component of Liquasil's cut edge corrosion treatment and liquid gutter liner

Liquasil Ltd

Liquasil SWT is a marine-grade Surface and Wet Tolerant primer can be applied directly to rust, even in wet conditions. It is a two-part epoxy resin that cures harder than the original substrate. By bonding to the surface, rust is stopped in its tracks for at least 15 years. Specify with 100% confidence in metal gutters and for treating cut edge corrosion in conjunction with Liquasil's Flexlap silicone top coat, which is available in any RAL colour. SWT Primer, when used as component parts of other Liquasil systems qualifies for our Latent Defects insurance guarantee, which includes cover for Professional Design.

Showing 1-17 of 17